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2004 Tour of Connecticut
Sunday, May 23, 2004

2004 Tour of Connecticut
Stage 5
May 23, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

2004 Tour of Connecticut - Stage 5 Results
150 Starters - 100 Miles
Place   Name                  Team                              Time
1       Chris Horner          Webcor Builders                   4:02:45
2       Charles Dionne        Webcor Builders                   at :40
3       Ciaran Power          Navigators Insurance
4       Mark McCormack        Colavita Olive Oil
5       Shawn Milne           Fiordifrutta
6       Ian Dille             Team Snow Valley
7       Chris Wherry          Health Net
8       Kirk Albers           Sharper Image - Jelly Belly
9       Melito Heredia        Toga Bikes
10      Joe Papp              Team Holland
11      Alexandre Nadeau      Volkswagen TREK
12      Robbie King           Louis Garneau Racing
13      Stu Gillespie         TIAA-Cref/5280 Magazine
14      Imanol Ayestaran      Webcor Builders
15      Jacob Erker           Team Seasilver
16      Bruno Langlois        Volkswagen TREK
17      Roman Kilun           McGuire Pro Cycling Team
18      Eneas Freyre          Team Holland
19      Erik Saunders         Team Ofoto
20      Zak Grabowski         TIAA-Cref/5280 Magazine
21      Neil Shirley          Team Seasilver
22      Joshua Dillon         Louis Garneau Racing
23      Mark Walters          Navigators Insurance
24      Aaron Olson           Colavita Olive Oil                1:20
25      Danny Pate            Health Net                        1:55
DNF     Amos Brumble          CCB/Volkswagen
DNF     Conor Coffey          CCB/Volkswagen
DNF     Dmitri Buben          CCB/Volkswagen
DNF     Jeff Craddock         CCB/Volkswagen
DNF     Tyler Wren            Colavita Olive Oil
DNF     Todd Herriott         Colavita Olive Oil
DNF     Sebastian Alexandre   Colavita Olive Oil
DNF     Gustavo Artacho       Colavita Olive Oil
DNF     Juan Jose Haedo       Colavita Olive Oil
DNF     Will Frischkorn       Colavita Olive Oil
DNF     Nathan O'neill        Colavita Olive Oil
DNF     Ivan Dominguez        Colavita Olive Oil
DNF     Chris Rozdilsky       CRCA/Sakonnet Technology
DNF     Kevin Molloy          CRCA/Sakonnet Technology
DNF     John Loehner          CRCA/Sakonnet Technology
DNF     Karl Rahn             CRCA/Sakonnet Technology
DNF     Stephen Badger        CRCA/Sakonnet Technology
DNF     Greg Montello         Essex County Velo
DNF     Jon Bruno             Essex County Velo
DNF     Eric Sheagley         Essex County Velo
DNF     Nate Kokinda          Essex County Velo
DNF     Eric Sakalowsky       Essex County Velo
DNF     Eric Fleming          Essex County Velo
DNF     Kevin Dille           Essex County Velo
DNF     Victor Taormina       Essex County Velo
DNF     Mike Friedman         ESSM/GPOA
DNF     Boyd Johnson          ESSM/GPOA
DNF     Ryan Leech            ESSM/GPOA
DNF     Colin Sandberg        ESSM/GPOA
DNF     Mark Nicoll           ESSM/GPOA
DNF     Louis Secreto         ESSM/GPOA
DNF     Jon Hamblen           Fiordifrutta
DNF     Mike Dietrich         Fiordifrutta
DNF     Josh Gewirtz          Fiordifrutta
DNF     Peter Hult            Fiordifrutta
DNF     Philip Wong           Fiordifrutta
DNF     Chris Peck            Fiordifrutta
DNF     Curt Davis            Fiordifrutta
DNF     Justen Peters         GS Mengoni
DNF     Aiden Charles         GS Mengoni
DNF     Jason Schneider       GS Mengoni
DNF     Jason Bremer          GS Mengoni
DNF     Alain Ferry           GS Mengoni
DNF     JP Partland           GS Mengoni
DNF     Mike Jones            Health Net
DNF     Gord Fraser           Health Net
DNF     Jason Lokkesmoe       Health Net
DNF     Mike Sayers           Health Net
DNF     Kurt Hackler          Ibex
DNF     John Funk             Ibex
DNF     Tim Unkert            Ibex
DNF     Seth Hosmer           Ibex
DNF     Zack Soucy            Ibex
DNF     Jason Baer            Louis Garneau Racing
DNF     Ian Beilby            Louis Garneau Racing
DNF     Alec Donahue          Louis Garneau Racing
DNF     Mukunda Feldman       Louis Garneau Racing
DNF     Andrew Knight         Louis Garneau Racing
DNF     Damon Parke           Louis Garneau Racing
DNF     Ian Stuart            Louis Garneau Racing
DNF     Devon Vigus           McGuire - Saunier Duval
DNF     Pat Dunaway           McGuire - Saunier Duval
DNF     Jamiel Danesh         McGuire - Saunier Duval
DNF     Tim Johnson           McGuire - Saunier Duval
DNF     Vassili Davidenko     Navigators Insurance
DNF     Siro Camponogara      Navigators Insurance
DNF     David McKenzie        Navigators Insurance
DNF     Marty Nothstein       Navigators Insurance
DNF     Burke Swindlehurst    Navigators Insurance
DNF     Jeff Louder           Navigators Insurance
DNF     Phil Zajicek          Navigators Insurance
DNF     Ron Fantano           ReMax
DNF     Mike McGinnley        ReMax
DNF     Anthony Alessio       ReMax
DNF     Chris Pile            ReMax
DNF     Adam Hodges Myerson   Sharper Image - Jelly Belly
DNF     Matt Svatek           Sharper Image - Jelly Belly
DNF     Larry Perera          Sharper Image - Jelly Belly
DNF     Jeremy Powers         Sharper Image - Jelly Belly
DNF     Ernie Lechuga         Sharper Image - Jelly Belly
DNF     Oscar Pineda          Stelvio TEAMWEAR-Orbis Properties
DNF     Craig Upton           Stelvio TEAMWEAR-Orbis Properties
DNF     Greg Wolf             Stelvio TEAMWEAR-Orbis Properties
DNF     John Conroy           Stelvio TEAMWEAR-Orbis Properties
DNF     Gavi Epstein          Stelvio TEAMWEAR-Orbis Properties
DNF     Bobby Lea             T.E.A.M. Fuji
DNF     Kyle Wamsley          T.E.A.M. Fuji
DNF     Craig Dodson          T.E.A.M. Fuji
DNF     Tim Gernitis          T.E.A.M. Fuji
DNF     Tom Nelson            T.E.A.M. Fuji
DNF     Wim Botman            Team Holland
DNF     Roland Stenekes       Team Holland
DNF     Florian Smits         Team Holland
DNF     Bjorn Cornelissen     Team Holland
DNF     Dave Somerville       Team Ideal Tile/Brielle Cyclery
DNF     Jared Bunde           Team Ideal Tile/Brielle Cyclery
DNF     Juan Pablo Castro     Team Ideal Tile/Brielle Cyclery
DNF     Scott Zwizanski       Team Ofoto
DNF     Jon Erdeyli           Team Ofoto
DNF     Nieko Busuker         Team Ofoto
DNF     Jason Bausch          Team Ofoto
DNF     Pete Lopinto          Team Ofoto
DNF     Dominique Perras      Team Ofoto
DNF     Matt Sadauckas        Team Seasilver
DNF     Peter Knudsen         Team Seasilver
DNF     Brian Sheedy          Team Seasilver
DNF     Daniel Ramsey         Team Seasilver
DNF     Peter Baker           Team Snow Valley
DNF     Jon Wirsing           Team Snow Valley
DNF     Cameron Holland       Team Snow Valley
DNF     Ryan McKinney         Team Snow Valley
DNF     Ryan Dewald           Team Snow Valley
DNF     Ian MacGregor         TIAA-Cref/5280 Magazine
DNF     Sheldon Deeny         TIAA-Cref/5280 Magazine
DNF     Ang Sheldrake         TIAA-Cref/5280 Magazine
DNF     Andrew Manart         TIAA-Cref/5280 Magazine
DNF     Nathan Mitchell       TIAA-Cref/5280 Magazine
DNF     Samuel Acevado        Toga Bikes
DNF     Sergio Rolando        Toga Bikes
DNF     Steve Mlujeak         U.S. Armed Forces
DNF     Sean Cahill           U.S. Armed Forces
DNF     Alexandre Lavall�e    Volkswagen TREK
DNF     Martin St-Laurent     Volkswagen TREK
DNF     Kevin Lacombe         Volkswagen TREK
DNF     Ben Stafford          Webcor Builders
Sprint #1
32      Siro Camponogara      Navigators Insurance
Sprint #2
71      Matt Sadauckas        Team Seasilver
Sprint #3
5       Mike Sayers           Health Net
Sprint #4
49      Dominique Perras      Team Ofoto
Sprint #5
21      Chris Horner          Webcor Builders
Sprint #6
49      Dominique Perras      Team Ofoto
Sprint #7
21      Chris Horner          Webcor Builders
Sprint #8
21      Chris Horner          Webcor Builders
KOM #1
43      Scott Zwizanski       Team Ofoto                        7
49      Dominique Perras      Team Ofoto                        4
2       Mike Jones            Health Net                        2
KOM #2
49      Dominique Perras      Team Ofoto                        7
21      Chris Horner          Webcor Builders                   4
KOM #3
21      Chris Horner          Webcor Builders                   7
49      Dominique Perras      Team Ofoto                        4
4       Jason Lokkesmoe       Health Net                        2
Women Open                             51 Starters                            22.4 Miles
1     Lauren         Franges           Victory Brewing                        59:05
2     Katheryn       Curi              Rona                                                                                              161894
3     Laura          Van Gilder        Genesis                                at 1:11
4     Ashley         Kimmet            Colavita Bolla
5     Catherine      Powers            LaGrange                                                                                          165347
6     Sarah          Uhl               Quark
7     Sabdy          Espeseth          Victory Brewing
8     Hellen         Kelly             Rona                                                                                              AUS19710807
9     Bronwyn        Law-Viljoen       Global Locate                                                                                     861824
10    Caryl          Gale              CRCA/Aquafina                                                                                     6059
11    Jessie         Peil              Sportsbook.com
12    Marianne       Stover            Independent Fabrications/SMRT Inc                                                                 150507
13    Paula          McNamara          Verizon Wireless-Wheelworks                                                                       18788
14    Lisa           Jelleff           Team Bicycle Alley
15    Nicole         Freedman          Team Basis
16    Julie          Upton             CRCA/Aquafina                                                                                     100380
17    Alicia         Genest            Verizon Wireless-Wheelworks                                                                       70220
18    Anna           Milkowski         Rona                                                                                              145201
19    Elisa          Gagnon            CRCA/Aquafina                                                                                     CAN1978084
20    Emma           Rickards          Victory Brewing
21    Lisa           Maxwell           Independent Fabrications/SMRT Inc                                                                 108458
22    Ann Marie      Miller            Verizon Wireless-Wheelworks
23    Heather        Peck              Independent Fabrications/SMRT Inc                                                                 98712
24    Sinead         Fitzgibbon        CRCA/Aquafina                                                                                     173808
25    Marielle       Aunave            Unattached
26    Brenda         Nevins            Verizon Wireless-Wheelworks
27    Julie          Monagle           Verizon Wireless-Wheelworks                                                                       111369
28    Janine         Verstraeten       Verizon Wireless-Wheelworks
29    Hiroko         Shimada           Velo Bella                                                                                        154705
30    Kathryn        Wilder            Bicycle John's Seroius Cycling
31    Leah           Toffolon          Verizon Wireless-Wheelworks
32    Mary           Georgetti         Mystic Velo                                                                                       13069
33    Mackenzie      Hickery           Team Bicycle Alley
34    Lenore         Imhof             Colavita Bolla                                                                                    60527
dnf   Jane           Berger            CRCA/Aquafina                                                                                     164775
dnf   Leslie         Jennings          CRCA-Radical Media                                                                                167524
dnf   Jane           Kenyon            CRCA/Aquafina                                                                                     62400
dnf   Becky          Koh               CRCA-Radical Media                                                                                180479
dnf   Katherine      Lambden           CRCA/Aquafina                                                                                     196134
dnf   Robin          Read              CRCA/Aquafina                                                                                     162322
dnf   Laura          Summers           Hudson Valley Velo                                                                                41711
dnf   Brenda         Bahnson           Independent Fabrications/SMRT Inc                                                                 79762
dnf   Lauren         Gaffney           Team Basis
dnf   Tara           Parsons           CRCA/Aquafina                                                                                     98565
dnf   Sarah          Chubb Sauvayre    CRCA/Sanchez Metro                                                                                118465
dnf   Kathleen       Shaw              Benidorn Createx
dnf   Michelle       Smith             IF/SMRT
dnf   Lauretta       Caran             Aquafina
dnf   Nanci          Medica            CRCA
dnf   Sheba          Farrin            Hub Racing
dnf   Nancy          Jadatz            Annapolis Bicycle Racing
Junior Men                             25 Starters                            22.4 Miles
1     Elliot         Gaunt             Main Line                              55:32                                                      169515
2     Kirk           Carlsen           Peerless/HNECC                                                                                    138681
3     Michael        Wickman           Peerless/HNECC                                                                                    128976
4     Taylor         Brown             Tri State Velo                                                                                    166664
5     William        Dugan             BCA/Tosk                               1:35                                                       203975
6     Mike           Bucuk             Watchubng Wheelmen                     1:40                                                       188765
7     Matt           Reale             NECSA                                  2:13                                                       188965
8     Scott          Jackson           Watchubng Wheelmen                     2:25                                                       189553
9     Devin          Laherty           NECSA/ACT                                                                                         187959
10    Tim            Doud              CCB/Volkswagen                                                                                    198782
11    Zachary        Rice              Swamp Yankee Road Club                                                                            189783
12    Christopher    Worden            Watchubng Wheelmen                                                                                191069
13    Yuri           Whitehead         Housatonic Wheel Club                                                                             202100
14    Pascual        Caputi            Caf� Teros
15    Noah           Harwood           NECSA/Mike Fraysee Sports                                                                         187142
16    Philip         Brunjes           Ridgefield Bank                        2:43                                                       196690
dnf   Jeff           Buckles           NECSA/ACT                                                                                         179529
dnf   Julian         Fernandes         Colavita-Bolla                                                                                    198202
dnf   Colin          Coates            Coyote-Hill                                                                                       One Day
dnf   Erik           Mills             Swamp Yankee Road Club                                                                            201264
dnf   Chris          Kohnle            NECSA                                                                                             186430
dnf   Graham         Lang              Bethel Cycle                                                                                      211421
dnf   Will           Cox               Bethel Cycle                                                                                      192539
dnf   Joe            Murphy            Murphy
dnf   Connor         Sellee            Zephyr
Master 35+                             84 Starters                            21 Miles
1     Stephen        Krisko            Maxxis-Spokepost.com                   51:28                                                      70777
2     Leigh          Sorrells          Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank                                                                      48161
3     Morgan         Stebbins          Westwood Velo
4     Aubrey         Gordon            Team Squiggle                                                                                     45388
5     Chris          Guglielmo         CTS/Velocity                                                                                      51231
6     Stephen        Gray              Bethel Cycle                                                                                      45397
7     Gene           Petrella          Gearworks/Spin Arts                                                                               46462
8     Abdul          Kabia             CTS                                                                                               18392
9     Arik Jon       Holm              Union Velo                                                                                        16575
10    John           Morales           Cafeteros                                                                                         158221
11    Edward         Agnelli           Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank                                                                      91227
12    Robert         Lattanzi          Unattached                                                                                        157989
13    Greg           Pelican           Bethel Cycle                                                                                      56831
14    Ted            D'Onofrio
15    Oscar          Osorio            Cafeteros                                                                                         154843
16    Scott          Bodin                                                                                                               45094
17    Kirk           Catnutt
18    John           Interlandi        Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank                                                                      57611
19    Jay            Gaunt
20    Bryan          Atwood            Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank                                                                      2049
21    Wade           Summers           Benidorm/Createx Colors                                                                           60566
22    Matt           Murphy
23    Ed             Scheetz           CTS                                                                                               174447
24    Hugh           Reed              Geonges                                                                                           208363
25    Kevin          Fitzmaurice       Zephyr Cycling
26    Turgut         Balikci           CTS                                                                                               170477
27    Brian          Wirtz             Bethel Cycle                                                                                      55742
28    Patrick        McNamara          Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank                                                                      23776
29    Ted            Neu               CRCA
30    Walter         Risse
31    Monte          Frank             Zephyr Cycling
32    Rick           Kotch             Union Velo                                                                                        54408
33    Miguel         Pagan
34    Robert         Burstein          GS Europea                                                                                        45142
35    Carlos         Quintero          Cafeteros                                                                                         180582
36    Paul           Nyberg
37    Alvaro         Betancur          Cafeteros                                                                                         74124
38    Jeff           McKay             Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank                                                                      23587
39    Ken            Harris            CRCA
40    Brian          Wolf              Bethel Cycle                                                                                      47710
41    Dan            Kane              Maxxis-Spokepost.com                                                                              90690
42    Johan          Koserius          Fiordifrutta                                                                                      125973
43    Tom            Officer           CYBC/Richard Sachs                                                                                45751
44    Charles        Hanson                                                                                                              167198
45    Dave           Ebeling           Westwood Cycle                                                                                    73536
46    Keith          Kelly             Northeast Bicycles
47    Fernando       Ferreira          Northeast Bicycles                                                                                53209
48    Chris          Romero            CRCA/Sakonnet                                                                                     50391
49    Tom            Toal              Bethel Cycle                                                                                      62870
50    John           Tomlinson         CRCA-Conrad's                                                                                     46672
51    Dennis         Foster            Hudson Valley Velo                                                                                78513
52    Diego          Atehortua         Cafeteros                                                                                         120949
dnf   Chris          Barba             CCB/Volkswagen                                                                                    158022
dnf   Brian          Cohen             Powder Ridge                                                                                      63434
dnf   Jim            Escobar           Honeywell                                                                                         51385
dnf   Jon            Furminger         HVVC                                                                                              160095
dnf   Greg           Hall              Laurel                                                                                            173338
dnf   Mark           Hill              Bethel Cycle                                                                                      120080
dnf   Edward         Hook              Bethel Cycle                                                                                      56515
dnf   Scott          Klion             Cranford Bike Shop/CTS                                                                            152618
dnf   Scott          Knight            Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank                                                                      201896
dnf   Claudio        Mucci             Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank                                                                      67179
dnf   Michael        Norton            Cyclonauts                                                                                        51860
dnf   Vincent        Oliver            Global Locate/CRCA                                                                                54732
dnf   Roman          Paczka            Main Line Cycling                                                                                 181880
dnf   Jeff           Papineau          Cyclonauts                                                                                        27188
dnf   David          Parrillo          Cox Communications                                                                                200397
dnf   Brian          Ploufee           Powder Ridge                                                                                      28302
dnf   Mckenzie       Dickey            Team Bicycle Alley                                                                                199987
dnf   Pascal         Fernandez         Unione Sportiva Italiana                                                                          2003667
dnf   John           Funk              Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank                                                                      12562
dnf   Steven         Henderson         Laurel                                                                                            61753
dnf   Davis          Myers             Ford Cycling/Quick Release                                                                        45980
dnf   Kurt           Nelson            Northeast Bicycles                                                                                193523
dnf   Eugene         Pringle           Tri-State Velo                                                                                    126649
dnf   Richard        Sachs             CYBC/Richard Sachs                                                                                45884
dnf   Todd           Sammann           CRCA/Deutsche Bank                                                                                161171
dnf   Rick           Spear             Northeast Bicycles                                                                                60296
dnf   Ian            Stanley           Team Squiggle                                                                                     102279
dnf   Dennis         Williams
dnf   John           Wiekman
dnf   Anthony        Cipola
dnf   Jon            Monsan
dnf   Laura          VanGilder         Genesis

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