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Results » Road » 2007
Brooklyn Grand Prix
Brooklyn, NY
Saturday, July 14, 2007
Brooklyn Grand Prix Presented by Kissena Sports Brooklyn, NY Saturday, July 14, 2007
These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

promoted by Kissena Sports
Pro-1-2-3  (44 miles)
RIDER			Team
1	Stephen Dioslaki	Team Metra/Ideal Tile
2	Jon Erdelyi		    YSG Racing
3	Jermaine Burrowes	Team United Homes
4	Will Schneider		Gotham
5	Rafael Diaz-Granados	Target Training
6	Luis Schimmel		Northeastern
7	John Durso		    Liberty Cycle
8	Matthew Baldwin		Target Training
9	Ryan Bodge		    Colavita
10	Robert Lattanzi		Sid's
11	Leigh Sorrells		Fior di Frutta/Masters
12	Gavin Robertson		Major Taylor
13	Wilson Vasquez		GS Mengoni
14	Glenroy Griffith	Team United Homes
15	Franklin Burgos		Champion
Women	(37 miles)

RIDER			Team
1	Lisa Jellett		Verducci
2	Cheryl Wolf		    Bethel Cycle
3	Jacqueline Pauli	Watchung
4	Dominique Hall		Major Taylor
5	Lenore Imhoff		Colavita Racing
Masters	(34 miles)

RIDER			Team
1	Gerry Martinez		CRCA/Global Locate
2	Juan Pimentel		CRCA/Global Locate
3	Joseph Zaverdas		East End/Kreb Cycle
4	Richard Gonzalez
5	Anthony Maisto		Deno�s Wonder Wheel
6	Ati Bekes		    Team Norwood
7	Chris Castaldi		Deno�s Wonder Wheel
8	Patrick Gellineau	Squiggle
9	Rick Delgado		Roaring Mouse
10	Carl Roberts		Major Taylor
Category 4  (31 miles)
1	Genaro Cespedes		Kissena
2	Daniel Inoa		    The Forces
3	David Correia		Team Squiggle
4	Todd McLoughlin	   	Team Bikery
5	Dean Telson		    Team Norwood Agency
6	Michael Berk		Team DC Racing/Danny's
7	David Burrus		DC Racing
8	Johan Burrowes
9	Clifford Green		USI
Category 5  (17 miles)
1	Aleksey Urusov		Propellor Racing
2	Russell Cadogan		Sid's Bikes NYC
3	Akin X. Dorsette
4	Michael Fennell
5	Dennis Gunn		    ProPedals/Vineland Velocity
6	Michael Tabtabai	Kissena
7	Ricardo anchez		Orange County BC
8	Peter Jarnebrant
9	Joe Steele		    Major Taylor

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