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Basking Ridge, NJ
Monday, September 3, 2007
OLDE MILL INN TOUR OF BASKING RIDGE Presented by Liberty Cycle PRE REGISTRATION ONLY Basking Ridge, NJ Monday, September 03, 2007
These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat. 1,2,3
1       Jermaine Burrowes        Team United Home
2       Jonathan Erdelyi         Metra Racing Wendys
3       Eneas Freyre             Target Training
4       Michael Rosenhaus        NE Hardware
5       Stephan Dioslaki         Metra Racing Wendys
6       Rafel Urzedowski         NE Hardware
7       Jason Watters            Metra Racing Wendys
8       Shane Kline              Team Fuji
9       Nicholas Bruno           Westwood Velo
10      Wilson Vasquez           GS Mengoni
11      Glenn Schneider          Beacon
12      Paul Burrows             Team United Home
13      Scott Bodin              Target
14      Rafael Diaz Granados     Target
15      John Durso               Liberty Cycle
16      Daniel Stewart           NE Hardware
17      Martin Lechowicz         GS Mengoni
18      Glenroy Griffith         Target
19      David Martin             NE Hardware
20      Anthony Taylor           Target
1       Vladimir Borcykov        Somerset
2       Eric Schlauch            Somerset
3       Juan Pimentel            CRC of A
4       Dave Walker              Liberty Cycle
5       Richard Gonzalez         Global Locate
6       Anthony Taylor           Target
7       Scott Bodin              Target
8       Shawn Teske              PS Racing
9       Gary Steinberg           Global Locate
10      Abdul Kabia              Target
11      Monte Frank              Zephyr Cycling
12      John Nyman               PS Racing
13      Mike Norton              Cyclonauts
14      Richard Miller           Breakaway
15      John Reheb               Westwood Velo
16      Thomas Lyons             Watchung Wheelmen
17      Aubrey Gordon            Liberty Cycle
18      Pat Gellineau            Squiggle
19      Joe Zuppa                Riptide
Juniors 13-14
1       Dan Blauvelt             Colavita
2       Dag Anderson             Somerset
3       Zach Bender              GS Park Ridge
Juniors 10-12
1       Noah Granigan            Somerset
2       Teddy Krzlowski          Colavita
3       Brian Suto               Cycle Fitness
4       Stephen Spiller          Colavita
5       Michael Glasser          Colavita
6       Spencer Campbell         ABC
7       Justin Cruz
8       Alec Friedman            Colavita
9       Julien Perreault         Colavita
Girls 10-14
1       Isabella Wilson          Colavita
2       Ariana Cruz              Colavita
3       Brigit Sullivan          Colavita
4       Tila Couto               Colavita
Juniors 15-16
1       Andy Gallagher           Liberty Cycle
2       Ricky Gargiulo           Colavita
3       Zane Dordai              Colavita
4       Andrew Celin             ABC
5       Harrison Krupnick        3D Racing
Leah Oppenheimer         Colavita
Amanda Freidman          Colavita
Juniors 17-18 years
1       Chris Stern              Liberty Cycle
2       Josh Soboti              3D
3       Nikolai Masluk           3D
4       Kyle Foley               Cuevas/Act
5       Daniel Weinick           Colavita
6       Chris Rodgers            Colavita
7       Franklin Saillot         Colavita
1        Chip Berezny        Bikeline
2        Dan Mitchell        Skyland
3        Jan Faltyn          Watchung Wheelmen
4        David Burnett       Mystic Velo
5        Richard Shear       CT Coa
6        Gerry Ryerson       Syland
7        Jim Kaeli           Colavita
8        Jozef Urzedowski    Watchung Wheelmen
9        Joe Saling          Somerset
10       Ken Goebel          Mystic Velo
11       Richard Koppel      Team Bikery
12       Bob O'Hara          Colavita
13       Michael Shapanka    Watchung Wheelmen
14       Cheryl Wolf         Bethel
15       Karl Fenske         Colavita
16       Barry Nazarian      Team Bikery
17       Michael Adsit       Action Outfitter
18       Brian Murphy        Summit
19       Steve Powell        CRC of A
Cat 4/5
1       Chris Stern              Liberty Cycle
2       Skender Sakajani         Liberty Cycle
3       Jerry Juppetti           PS Racing/Gotham
4       Mike May                 Artemis
5       Myles Fennell            3D
6       Roderici Moore           Richmond Ciclism
7       Kevin Schild             Liberty Cycle
8       Samuel Martinez          Team United Home
9       Marc Innella             Westwood Velo
10      Albert Scharbach         Main Line Cycling
11      Anthony Diaz             Liberty Cycle
12      Andy Keesler             CRC of A
13      Cody Kapetanakis         Black Bear Cycling
14      Chris Redmond            Rutgers U Cycling
15      Patrick Dyberg           Liberty Cycle
16      Daniel Bubb              Highland Park Hermes
17      Matt Serra               CRC of A
18      Mark Urbanowicz          Someset
19      Aleksey Urusov           Propeller Racing
20      Anthony Paone            Norwood Agency
1       Jerry Martinez           CRC of A
2       Aubrey Gordon            Liberty Cycle
3       Pat Gellineau            Team Squiggle
4       John Grenier             Bob Cycling
5       John Raheb               Westwood Velo
6       Steve Cochrane           Mambo Kings
7       Brian Wolf               Bethel
8       Greg Cordasco            Liberty Cycle
9       Gene Petrella            CCB/Volkswagen
10      Vladimir Borovkov        Somerset Wheelmen
11      Larry Towner             Liberty Cycle
12      Robert Webster           Watchung Wheelmen
13      Scott Hodder             DKNY Signature
14      Joseph Zuppa Jr.         Riptide Cycling
15      Joey Piseitello          Philadelphia
16      William Jones            Tru-Brew Coffee
17      Steven Tiviston          Westwood Velo
18      John Lennox              Watchung Wheelmen
19      Brian Gristick           Skylands Cycling
20      Jose Hernandez           Colavita

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