These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Master Men 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andy August GVCC-CCY/Park Ave.
2 Glenn Swan CTS/Cranford Bike Club
3 James Laird TI Cycle Racing
4 Steven Johnsen GVCC-CCY/Park Ave.
5 Ernie Bayles FLCC/Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
6 Jeff Walker Onondaga Cycling Club
7 Gregory Drumm Team SCARR - Ommegang
8 David Faso MaxPower
9 Karl Faruzel Tioga Velo Club
10 Thomas Emrich Trailblazers
11 Bill Erickson FLCC/Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
12 Mark Shenstone FLCC/Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
13 Mark Williams MVBC
14 David Valvo Full Moon Vista
15 Rich Rutishauser MVBC
16 Patrick Kapinus Ruud Racing / Tioga Velo Club
17 James Hepp Twisted Spokes
18 Stephen Edgar Finger Lakes Cycling Club
19 Joseph Kotun Laturn Rouge
20 Tim Leonard Mohawk Valley BC / Shoosh
21 John Poland Genesee Valley Cycling Club/Team Race
22 Eddie Luban Onondaga Cycling Club
23 Dave Burnside Genesee Valley Cycling Club
24 Michael Morgan RUUD Racing Team/Tioga Velo Club
25 Emanuel Cestero Finger Lakes Cycling Club
26 Robert Nunnink Big Horn Velo
27 Jack Rueckheim Chris Cookies/FLCC
28 David Hovey unattached
29 Donal Fitterer FLCC/Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
30 George Hluck unattached
31 David Ruppert FLCC/Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
32 Michael Peter unattached
33 Roger Dedrick unattached
34 Ed Desantis unattached
35 Andrew Hickey unattached
36 David Kennedy unattached

Master Women 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Katina Walker Onodoga Cycling Club
2 Marsha Kapinus Mission in Motion Cycling / TVC
3 Karla Eisch Tioga Velo Club
4 Lisa Furman unattached
5 Karen Edgar unattached

Open Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Dickinson / Syracuse Bicycle
2 Geoffrey Bergmark VeloSportivo / Syracuse Bicycle
3 Jeremy Gardner VeloSportivo / Syracuse Bicycle
4 Jimmy Macdonald unattached
5 Wayne Bray / Syracuse Bicycle
6 Jason Urckfitz Full Moon Vista
7 Peter Kocher Park Ave Bike
8 Nick Robertson FLCC/Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
9 Jared Schneider unattached
10 Derek Treadwell Ommegang Brewery
11 Benjamin Salibra Fuji Bikes/Dick Sonnes Racing
12 Eric Gregoire
13 Jason Haight VeloSportivo / Syracuse Bicycle
14 Michael Smith
15 Tom Oswald unattached
16 John Drenning unattached
17 John Compton
18 Michael Kumiega RUUD RACING/TVC
19 Matthew Howey / Syracuse Bicycle
20 Felix Naschold unattached
21 Drew Scoles University of Rochester Cycling Club
22 Brian Lawney Central New York Cyclist
23 Jake Bolenski V
24 Shan Mohiuddin FLCC/Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
25 Andrew Dettman Park Ave Bike Shop
26 Thomas Gaborski University of Rochester
27 Lucas Hudson unattached
28 Nathan Chenenko University of Rochester
29 John Ormsby Dick Sonne's Racing
30 Joshua Miner unattached
31 Bryan Blake Onondaga Cycling club
32 Joseph Bailey Swan's Cycles/Chris's Cookies
33 Jason Van staveren FLCC/Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
34 Jeremy Kassel unattached
35 Erik Wennberg Onondaga Cycling Club
36 Kyle Watkins unattached
37 Robert Goodwin GVCC
38 Robert Hanlon
39 Michael Ullberg unattached
40 Daniel Zotter ROG p/b Towners
41 David White unattached
42 Matt Delisa FLCC/Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
43 Tom Luong unattached
44 Scott Hannan Velo Sportivo
45 Peter Ozolins Kahala / La Grange
46 Phillip Mccarthy SCARR/Ommegang
47 Scott Graham New York Centrl Cyclist
48 Steven Frattini Cornell University

Open Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sarah Krzysiak Mission in Motion / TVC
2 Natalie Stoll Boston Scientific Cycling
3 Leah Valvo Full Moon Vista
4 Rhiannon Bussey University of Rochester
5 Deanna Ardrey unattached
6 Abbie Newell Terry Precision