These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Elite Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Wyandt Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
2 Cody Kaiser Cal Giant/Specialized
3 Don Myrah IBIS/
4 Justin Robinson Cal Giant/Specialized
5 Menso De jong Metro Mint
6 Abe Rotstein Freewheel Hunter
7 Aron Bonar SYCIP Racing
8 Rob Evans Buy-Cell/IBIS
9 Benjamin Dodge Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
10 Gabriel Keck Scott Ritchey
11 Jeremiah Root Stevens Bicycles Racing
12 Ken Gallardo Peninsula Velo/Pomodora
13 Aaron Wilcher Unattached
14 Jonathan Shantz The Spokesman
15 Jeff Patton Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
16 Gabriel Byrne Dolore Grotta/Big Swingin Cycles
17 Kendal Jackson Rocky Mountain Bisyscles
18 Johnny Mullane Bike Station Aptos
19 Geoff Davis Winner
DNF Shane Huntoon IC3 - Hammer
DNF Kevin Crossley Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
DNF Matt Lupello SLO Nexus
DNF Thomas Feix Peninsula Velo/Pomodora
DNF Jon Stewart Stevens Bicycles Racing


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kerry Barnholt Scott Ritchey
2 Karen Brems Team RamBuski Law
3 Stella Carey Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
4 Gina Hall Cal Giant/Specialized
5 Trina Baumsteiger Team RamBuski Law
6 Beverly Chaney Team Roaring Mouse
7 Ann Fitzsimmons Velo Bella
8 Michelle Monroe Bue-Cell/IBIS
9 Corina Bigham Stone Racing
10 Katie Jay melena Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
11 Jamie Bush Bue-Cell/IBIS
DNF Courtney Dimpel Bike Station Aptos

JR MEN 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chance Tiner SCJCC/Bike Trip
2 Chris Hyde
3 Christian Mark SCJCC/Bike Trip
4 Spencer Chaney Team roaring Mouse

JR. MEN 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ben Herken SCJCC/Bike Trip
2 Ryan Stevens SCJCC/Bike Trip
3 Case Cummings SCJCC/Bike Trip
4 Evan Rossow Doug Chandler Performance


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Maddie Ortenblad SCJCC/Bike Trip
2 Emily Cerna Cowboy racing
3 Gabriella Crowley Cowboy racing
4 Rebecca Warwick Cowboy racing


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anastasio Flores jr Cal Giant/Specialized
2 Don Myrah
3 James Coates Cal Giant/Specialized
4 Todd Hoefer Cal Giant/Specialized
5 Brock Dickie
6 John Mundelius Wells Fargo
7 Kevin Merrigan Team RamBuski Law
8 Tim Thompson Team Rambuski Law
9 Tao Bernardi Van Dessel
10 Ceser Chavez
11 Mike Sooder
12 Bris Lunine SCCCCC
13 Eric Bustos Cal Giant/Specialized
14 Glen Varnhagen Unattached
15 Stacey Sell Verge/Blue
16 Chad Rosser San Jose Bicycle Club
17 Mike Morgan SYCIP
18 David Hopkins Spokesman Bicycles
19 Dylan Mcreynolds Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC)
20 Eric Takayama Unattached
21 Scott Zavack
22 Michael Hyde
23 Bo Barry Soul Craft
DNF Mark Sasser Stevens Racing


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Blake Von knopka Mash-Wrench Science
2 Ted Burns BellLap Racing
3 James Rae Unattched
4 Mark Fitzsimmons Fox Racing Shox
5 James Budd SLO Nexus
6 Will Hall Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
7 Deric Dangzalan ABS/OTC/Uglypads
8 Rich Reffner TTX Racing
9 Danh Tran Sterling Sports Group
10 Patrick Wooliever Cyclesport Chico
11 Vincent Kurtis brown Bike Station Aptos
12 Jesse Baliscao One Team Racing
13 Scott Price Taleo Racing
14 Dennis Mcgovern SYCIP
15 Alan Bennett Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
16 Matthew Beebe BellLap Racing
17 Tom Taylor Team Roaring Mouse
18 Kjeld Christensem Unattched
19 Martin Suro Cal Giant
20 Brian Mccain Unattched
21 Chad Thomas Penn Velo/Pomodoro
22 Jeff Boice Godspeed
23 Jason Harrod 420 WEAR
24 Michael Schaller LGBRC
25 John Bono SCCCC
26 Christopher Mink Taleo Racing
27 Jason Cruz Family Cycling Center
28 Kevin Grundmann Penn Velo/Pomodoro
29 Charles Wolff DONUT
30 Doug Gelatti Cyclesport Chico
31 Ian Dewar Specialized


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Howland Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
2 Dave Anderson Cal Giant/Specialized
3 Gannon Myall Cal Giant/Specialized
4 Logan Kelsey Team Ramuski Lan
5 Dan Sovereign Kinetic/GBI
6 Mitch Bramlett Third Pillar
7 Philip Sims ABS/SCCCC
8 Steve Hess Team Santa Cruz
9 Keith Defiebre Scott Ritchey
10 Don Langley Cal Giant/Specialized
11 David Schaefer Peninsula Velo
12 Ruben Vaillarreal Van Dessel
13 Richard Stone Steriing Sports Group
14 Frank Kalcic Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
15 Brett Lambert Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
16 Greg Galuppo Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
17 John Brown Family Cycling Center
18 Norm Krass Cal Giant/Specialized
19 Geoff Drake Team Bicycle Trip/Symantec
20 Ross Tinline Peninsula Velo
21 Jeffrey Bramlett Third Pillar
22 Courtney Grossman VOS Racing
23 Edwin Rambuski Team RamBuski Law
24 Jim Gentes RamBuski Law
25 David Tricamo DFL
26 Matt Wacasek Team Bicycle Trip/Symantec
27 Joe Fabris Plus 3 Network
28 Dan Grant Team Roaring Mouse
29 Thomas Hoeffel Missing Link/3rd Rail
30 Shane Hantoon IC3-Hammer
31 Leslie Austere Pen Velo/Pomgooro
32 Zachary Beekler Pen Velo/Pomgooro
33 Jeff Anderson 420 Wear
34 Dave Gane Morgan Stanley
DNF George Smith Webcore/Alto Velo
DNF Ming Ho Unattached
DNF Steve Anderson Team Roaring Mouse
DNF Cass Laizure Missing Link/3rd Rail


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Miles Wadsworth Family Cycling Center
2 Steve Anderson Team Roaring Mouse
3 Jim Lund VSRT
4 Jeff Traugott Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
5 Matt Gregory FUNSPORT Cycling Team
6 Gary Johnson The Cycle Pros
7 Bruce Lodge Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
8 Dariel Brokeshoulder LGBRC
9 Mike Bodge Team Bike Trip/Symantec
10 Benoit Dubuisson Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
11 Jim Lentfer Plus 3 Network
12 Jeff Lindenthal Velo Club
13 Tim Mccracken Taleo Racing
14 Kem Akol Bike Trip
15 Brian Mckie Team Valley
DNF Mark Witkowski Unattached


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeff Townsend Plus 3
2 George Smith Webcor/Alto Velo
3 Frank Cuaresma Cal Giant
4 Bob Guglielmelli Central Coast Tire
5 Paul Sadoff Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
6 Thom Fox SF Sport & Spine
7 Brent Harris Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
8 Joseph Crabtree Forest Hill Bike Shop
9 Charles Meehan Seabright Brewery
10 Dirk Rottloff Fightin Bobas/+ 3
11 David Samples Cal Giant
12 Ron Riley Bike Station Aptos
13 Reid Schantz Unattached


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Janel Lodge Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
2 Kathleen Bortolussi Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
3 Michelle Perez Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
4 Livia Peras Cyclista Bonita
DNF Jenny Feix Cyclista Bonita
DNF Julie Bates Team Roaring Mouse


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Yvonne Walbroehl Pen Velo/Pomodoro
2 Henrietta Stern MORCA/Hot Flash Chicks

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Micah Mozal CCCX/Joselyns
2 Aaron Wilcher Unattached
3 Garth Spencer Specialized
4 Sean White VERVE Coffee/Family Cycling Center
5 Alex Wick Davis Bike Club
6 Matt Young SYCIP
7 Todd Crisafulli North American Velo
8 Ricardo Moran Unattached
9 Frank Pinto Joseleyns bicycles
10 Robert Gavkel Bicycle Trip
11 Matt Lupello SLO Nevus
12 Cisco Moran Unattached
13 Garrett Chow Mash SF
14 John Kaeding Webcor/Alto velo
15 Christon Dewan Sheila Moon/BigSwinging
16 Paul Guerra Webcor/Alto velo
17 William Steiger SCCCC
18 Scott Moore Bicycle Trip
19 Thomas Mansell TEAM OAKLAND
20 Justin James SCCCC
21 David Millett Bay101/HRS Rock Lobster
22 Ryan Engstrano-akers Bike Nut
23 Chad Woofter Eagle Racing Team
24 Glen Varnhagen Unattached
25 Joseph Desante Bike Station Aptos
DNF Cole Rasmussan FOX Racing Shox
DNF Jon Mason Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
DNF Michail Ewers KOVARUS
DNF Zach Wick Davis Bike Club


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Aaron Nathan SF2G
2 Scott Junker Totally Tubular
3 Eric Willson Unattached
4 Samuel Sweetland Team Lobster Tee Care
5 Joel Sellman Birchwood Caf�
6 Brad Basford Unattached
7 Jon Takao Unattached
8 Giles Healy Unattached
9 Don Moulds Unattached
10 Peter Dolan SF2G
11 Cory Caldwell Unattached
12 Steven Woo Third Pillar
13 Kevin Goodman Trail Head Cyclery
14 John Stallings Dragon racing/847
15 Scott Crosby SF2G
16 Gabriel Morford Unattached
17 Jim Warwick Cowboy racing
18 John Blair SF2G
19 Jared Prolo Team Roaring Mouse
20 Tyler Van horn Unattached
21 Tommy Knowles Unattached
22 Rod Morison Unattached
23 David Schwarck Van Dessel
24 Carlos Jonathan Fun Sports Bikes Cyclimg Team
25 Francis Jose Team Crash
26 Darrin Noel Unattached
27 Dion Dangzalan
28 Mark Niskanen Fun Sports Bikes Cyclimg Team
DNF Thomas Mansell Team Oakland/Kaiser Permanente
DNF Michael Pyle SJBC
DNF Andrew Frasca Unattached
DNF Daniel Civello Team Oakland/Kaiser Permanente
DNF Matthew Adler Unattached
DNF Rich Reffner TTX Racing

Single Speed A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ceser Chavez
2 Tim Cannard
3 Henry Scholz Team Rouring Mouse
4 Rainier Schaefer Freewheel
5 Isaias Job Team Rouring Mouse
6 Chris Pillette Godspeed Courier
7 Stella Carey Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
DNF Scott Zavack
DNF Paule Bates Team Rouring Mouse


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mario Hernandez Speedfix plb Zubas
2 Ric Rodriguez Unattached
3 Robert Jaimes TeamTOMS/Specialized
4 Steve Wade plus 3 network
5 Jon Palmer Team Crash
6 Tortuga Rotstein Unattached


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kathlyn Declerca Giro/Easton/Swobo
2 Amy Shreve Specialized
3 Ruste Jenkins Stevens Bicycles
4 Laura Jump Specialized
5 Karen Kefauver Ciclista Bonita
6 Miss_mary Perez Ciclista Bonita
DNF Madeleine Myall Cal Giant/Specialized


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Monica Harris FUNSPORT Bikes Cycling Team
2 Malia Byers MALDANO
3 Kelly Carlos FUNSPORT Bikes Cycling Team
4 Jaini Ediger Ciclista Bonita
5 Rachel Wolff Ciclista Bonita

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