These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Easton Day 34m 59s
2 Ezra Sumner 35m 4s
3 Willem Maughan 35m 12s
4 Caleb Hoopes 35m 37s
5 Jamison Bruton 35m 44s
6 Milo Peterson 36m 2s
7 Cutler Resche 36m 9s
8 Jansen Payne 37m 28s
9 Damon Haub 33m 22s
10 Grant Cameron 33m 31s
11 Eli Wallace 33m 47s
12 Olivia Shuey 35m 15s
13 Hayden Brown 35m 39s
14 Asher Lowe 36m 13s
15 Pepper Smith 33m 23s
16 Kade Shuey 33m 26s
17 Braxton Andersen 34m 41s
18 Codi Hoopes 34m 46s
19 Charlotte Price 35m 34s
20 Abigail Olander 38m 38s
21 Owen Avarell 39m 7s
22 Tate Cameron 42m 1s

Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mason Brown 39m 35s
2 Preston Weeks 40m 5s
3 Bruce Deppe 40m 17s
4 Kyson Montague 40m 24s
5 Miles Perry 40m 40s
6 Bryson Perry 41m 7s
7 Preston Johnson 41m 7s
8 Daniel Bartholomew 41m 46s
9 Johnny Rainer 41m 30s
10 Chad Chenoweth 42m 14s
11 Spencer Stevenson 42m 12s
12 43m 32s
13 Sam Rainer 40m 51s
14 Caleb Christiansen 43m 9s
DNF Tj Stone DNF

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Scott Abbot 41m 26s
2 Owen Cummings 41m 32s
3 Taylor Allred 42m 58s
4 Liam O’donnell 43m 7s
5 Crozeier Kimball 43m
6 Joe Cardon 43m 18s
7 Richard Abbot 43m 40s
8 Joe Beals 44m 3s
9 Barry Makarewicz 43m 42s
10 Taylor Hansen 43m 36s
11 Brock Olson 43m 36
12 Drez Quintero 39m 31s
13 Jason Olsen 40m 5s
14 Rhys Louis 40m 34s
15 Alan Farnes 40m 34s
16 Tayler Metten 40m 41s
17 Seth Kindred 40m 54s
18 41m 34s
19 Jacob Hendrickson 41m 33s
20 Todd Brown 40m 58s
21 Heber Anderson 41m 36s
22 Gale Connelly 41m 55s
23 Jackson Odgen 42m 8s
24 Jansen Payne 42m 14s
25 42m 43s
26 43m 9s
27 Brandon Hill 43m 8s
28 Aaron Lael 43m 22s
29 Todd Erickson 43m 33s
30 Werner Freyman 44m 6s
31 Joe Albano 44m 16s
32 45m 14s
33 Alex Whitney 44m 3s
34 41m 36s
35 Shawn Powell 42m 25s
36 Jason Bradley 44m 49s
37 Leighton Reuss 46m 40s

Men C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Owen Cummings 33m 25s
2 Wade Quilter 34m 54s
3 Jeremy Lucas 35m 22s
4 Tyson Soelberg 35m 40s
5 Jeris Hobbs 36m 1s
6 Eric Autt 36m 34s
7 Brandon Perry 37m 1s
8 Nils Eddy 37m 6s
9 Dennis Morgan 37m 40s
10 Abraham Fowler 37m 56s
11 Ty Price 38m 2s
12 Alex Whitney 38m 5s
13 Cody Shepherd 38m 14s
14 Matt Lowe 38m 59s
15 Mark Lay 33m 39s
16 Brian Harris 34m 12s
17 Tom Scruton 34m 29s
18 Kerry Smith 34m 58s
19 Johnnie Gonsalves 35m 20s
20 Ron Braun 35m 43s
21 Keith Payne 35m 59s
22 Erik Andersen 36m 30s
23 John Rech 36m 47s
24 James Hall 36m 52s
25 Kurt Avarell 36m 58s
26 Tharon Smith 39m 24s
27 Aaron Luptak 39m 44s
28 Cameron Olsen 34m 28s
29 Mitchell Dewily 34m 51s


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ashley Beimert 35m 25s
2 Katherine Shields 35m 48s
3 Brooke Lyman 36m 6s
4 Jenna Goodrum 36m 35s
5 Jessica Nelson 37m 58s
6 Laura Howat 34m 41s
7 Bri Hopes 34m 57s
8 Aliza Price 35m 15s
9 Sally Price 34m 57s
10 Summer Perry 36m 59s
11 Ashley Avarell 40m 11s