These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Juniors U13 - 1314

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Quinn Peconga Midwest Devo
2 Oscar Ihnen Lionhearts Junior Racing
3 Cade Moran Lionhearts Junior Racing
4 Silas Fisher Midwest Devo
5 Cash Moran Lionhearts Junior Racing
6 Juliette Dennedy Lionhearts
7 William Hoffman Midwest Devo
8 Topher Dolinski Midwest Devo
9 Evie Alvarado Midwest Devo
10 Nolan Worley Orbital Racing Juniors
11 Owen Hoffman Midwest Devo
12 Ellie Minner Lionhearts
13 Emelia Brown Midwest Devo
14 Magdalena Rucker Lionhearts Junior Racing
15 Russell Kissel Lionhearts Junior Racing
16 Adelise Bozeman Skanska USA Building
17 Joshua Tellez Lionhearts Junior Racing
18 Henry Sowers Lionhearts
19 Gavin Fronk Lionhearts
20 June Fisher Midwest Devo
21 Elodie Holt Midwest Devo
22 Owen Witt LionHearts
23 Ella Pryor Midwest Devo
24 Wyatt Burgin
25 Hattie Ihnen Lionhearts Junior Racing
26 Timothy Kurtzman Lionhearts Juniors
27 Charlie Ballinger
28 Connor Graf Lionhearts
29 Liam Whittington Lionhearts
30 Levon Eppert Lionhearts Junior Racing
31 Evelyn Clingan
32 Eva Sherman Midwest Devo
33 Kaden Fishman Lionheart Junior Racing
34 Sachin Mathai
35 William Sherman Midwest Devo
36 Joseph Davis Brioso Coffee
37 Zoe Minner Lionhearts
38 Eliza Gregory Lionhearts CX
39 Simon Ryba Lionhearts
40 Abel Fishman Lionheart Junior Racing
41 Nora Dooley Lionhearts CX
42 James Davis Brioso Coffee
43 Boyd Morgan Lionhearts
44 Kahlan Bradley Lionhearts

Men Elite Boys U19

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Carden Bozeman Lionhearts Junior Cycling

Men M 1/2 - Masters SS

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
2 Michael Larson
4 Scott Miller K&G Bike Center
5 Jason Stoner Fiets Met Slagroom
6 Robert Messmer ZWS / Brilliant Advice
7 Michael Mcshane Be Real Sports
8 Eric Anderson TREK / BGI
9 Daniel Podratsky Vacation Cycle Supply Co
10 Bo Sherman Autotrader p/b Kelly Blue Book
11 Brandon Grant Nexigen Cybersecurity / Licking Valley Velo
12 Andrew Boneff Village Cyclery
13 Mike Minichiello Dash Racing
14 Justin Rice ZWS / Brilliant Advice
15 Scott Phillips Licking Valley Velo / Nexigen Racing
16 Zach Bender Cycle-Smart
17 William Sherman Shamrock Cycles
18 James Scharf Road ID
19 Timothy Beirne Schellers Racing Team
20 Thomas Minner ZWS / Brilliant Advice
21 Doug Carraway
22 Paul Richardson Old Fort Bicycles
23 Bryan Gehrum Queen City Wheels
24 Jeffrey Craft Lake Effect Cycling Team
25 Tom Lewnard Queen City Wheels
26 Matt Stierwalt Team Hungry
27 Andy Bracke Hungry - Campus Cyclery
28 Alan Willey ZWS / Brilliant Advice
29 James Halpin KBB p/b Autotrader
30 Jerry Hayes Team Hungry
DNF Chris Bowman N/A
DNF David Richter Fount Cycling Guild

Men M 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jackson Strutz Midwest Devo
2 Cole Moran Lionhearts Junior Racing

Men M 4 - Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Silvan Ulm Marian University
2 Dustin Mitchell PSIMET Racing
3 David Osborne
4 Phil Gardner The Post Racing
5 Bryan Davis The Post Racing
6 Michael Liechty
7 Brad Jacques Clarksville Schwinn Racing
8 Christopher Massa Bicycle Face
9 Keenan Connor Think Green/Bicycle Face
10 Jeffrey Accursi Paradise Garage Racing
11 Mark Gilmore Queen City Wheels
12 David Alexander Purdue Cycling Club
14 Keith Woods Dash Racing p/b Westfield Cyclesports
15 Philip Pryor Midwest Devo Support Crew
16 Steven Cook Queen City Wheels
17 Jacob Holtgrewe Al Dente Cycling
18 Greg Dartt Queen City Wheels
19 Michael Henry Team Nebo Ridge
20 John Downey The Optimists
21 Aaron Conway Vacation Cycle Supply
22 Jason Tellez Ghisallo Cycling Team
23 Michael Tamaddoni Midwest Devo Support Crew
24 David Hodgson
25 Seamus Silliman The Post Racing
26 Jeff Davis Brioso Coffee
27 Sean Hughes Allied Forces Velo
28 Nathan Wiczer Paradise Garage Racing
29 Pete Hitzeman Queen City Wheels
30 Maciej Kawalkowski Queen City Wheels
31 Tyler Porter
32 Michael Sovec ZWS / Brilliant Advice
33 David Bradway Flirtin' With Disaster Racing
34 Samuel Kloss The Optimists
35 Charles Barilleaux Team Hungry
36 Andrew Millard ZWS / Brilliant Advice
37 James Dennedy Ghisallo Cycling Team
38 Scott Billman Queen City Wheels
39 David Nissen Queen City Wheels
40 Rob Proctor Midwest Devo Support Crew
41 Christopher Keyser
42 Lonnie Welch Team Athens
43 Brad Wingo Queen City Wheels
DNF Seiji Suzuki 859 Cycling
DNF Nick Reader Al Dente Cycling
DNF Johnny Balding Ronin Velosport

Men M Novice

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Aubrey Freeman
2 Keenan Connor Think Green/Bicycle Face
3 Jack Weber Miami University
4 Porter Little Purdue University
5 Bryan Whiteman Clarksville Schwinn Racing
6 Matthias Schou matthiasson MARIAN UNIVERSITY
7 Riley Van vliet The Optimists
8 Brian Maddock
9 Josh King
10 Josh Smith
11 Jon Whittelsey Queen City Wheels
12 Jason Wilber Columbus Cycling and Fitness
13 Patrick Carroll $5 Leadouts
14 Joe Carver Licking Valley Velo
15 Kirk Allen Spoken Bicycles / BMW Motorcycles of Greater Cincinnati
16 Danny Offill The Optimists
17 Josh Burgin
18 Gerraldo Bocado Godspeed Racing
19 John Michael haas
20 John Seif The Optimists
21 Jared Nelson OWL Adventure Racing
22 Alex Petersman
23 Eduard Ryba The Optimists
24 Michael Dandenault The Optimists
25 Yasen Boshnakov
26 Michael Smith The Optimists
27 Jason Woods
28 Jason Jordan Queen City Wheels
29 Dayton Raflik
30 Scott Chimento
31 Jered Raflik
32 Scott Fishman
33 Ryan Kehm
DNF Tim Werdmann Optimists

Men M3 - Masters 3 SS 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Kraus Al Dente Cycling
2 Abner Miralda Clarksville Schwinn Racing
3 John Lewnard Queen City Wheels
4 Clayton Bickel Vacation Cycle Suppy Co.
5 Zach Goodrich K & G Bike Center
6 James Scharf Road ID
7 Adam Wintz Vacation
8 Logan Wallace Bishop's Bicycles
9 Stephen Herman Dadbod p/b carbs
10 Andreas France Vacation Cycle Supply
11 Marc Jurewicz ZWS / Brilliant Advice
12 Ryun Mielke Shake n' bake
13 Bob Sowga paradise garage racing
14 Tyler Conant Dash Racing Indy
15 Mike Whitlow Vacation Cycle Supply Co.
16 Mark Shearing Shake 'n Bake
17 Tom Lewnard Queen City Wheels
18 David Alexander Purdue Cycling Club
19 Alan Willey ZWS / Brilliant Advice
20 Steven Cook Queen City Wheels
21 Bryan Gehrum Queen City Wheels
22 Cody Sowers Bishop's Bicycles
23 Andy Bracke Hungry - Campus Cyclery
24 Michael Schulze Team Hungry
25 James Oloughlin Al Dente
26 Joe Bellante Team Hungry Cycling
27 Nathan Wiczer Paradise Garage Racing
28 Joseph Mcafee Bishops Bicycles
29 Andy Perrino Team Hungry
30 Michael Conaway Shamrock Cycles
31 Stuart Hellebusch Bishops Bicycles
32 Maciej Kawalkowski Queen City Wheels
33 Otto Bohn The Optimists
34 Jerry Hayes Team Hungry
35 Eber Flores ii The Optimists
36 Gregory Dyas Shamrock Cycles
37 Samuel Kloss The Optimists
38 Gabe Robinson Vacation Cycle Supply Co.
DNF Derek Van hoose ZWS / Brilliant Advice
DNF Broden Kelly Cleveland Cycling Academy
DNF Richard Carson Bissell-ABG

Women W 1/2 - 3 U19 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Maria Weese Ghisallo Cycling Team
2 Rosie Levy Ride Vacation
3 Alexa Stierwalt Marian University
4 Sarah Larson 3T/Q+M Cycling
5 Josie Bozeman Skanska USA Building
6 Melissa Kurzhals Queen City Wheels
7 Deb Ice Redesigning Midlife/Full Circle 502
8 Alexandra Farmer Lionhearts Junior Racing
9 Lucy Foss
10 Jessica Podratsky Vacation
11 Janet Sherman Shamrock Cycles
DNF Dahlia Kissel Lionhearts Junior Racing
DNF Rachel Butler Clarksville Schwinn Racing

Women W 4/Novice - SS 1518 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Regina Doty
2 Erica Minner
3 Jordan Grantz Clarksville Schwinn/Rapid Transit
4 Tracey Minor The Optimists
5 Kristen Coleman Licking Valley Velo
6 Claire Thonnerieux Lionhearts Junior Racing
7 Lindsey Keith Vacation Cycle Supply Co
8 Evie Alvarado Midwest Devo
9 Sally Holt Midwest Devo Support
10 Kimberly Krimpenfort Queen City Wheels
11 Ella Pryor Midwest Devo
12 Ashton Garner
13 Michelle Dyas Shamrock Cycles
DNF Emily Bradway Awesome Racing Collective p/b Springhetti Dentistry