These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

9-14 Junior

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Axel Farnham Bobcat Cycling
2 Silas Fisher Midwest Devo
3 Oscar Ihnen Lionhearts Junior Racing
4 Evie Alvarado Midwest Devo
5 Topher Dolinski Midwest Devo
6 William Hoffman Midwest Devo
7 Henry Cummings Midwest Devo
8 Aaron Boehman J's Youth Cycling
9 Owen Hoffman Midwest Devo
10 Emelia Brown Midwest Devo
11 Ellie Minner Lionhearts Junior Racing
12 Gavin Fronk Lionhearts Junior Racing
13 James Chamberlain Midwest Devo
14 Arlie Moore Midwest Devo
15 Timothy Kurtzman Lionhearts Junior Racing
16 Ella Pryor Midwest Devo
17 Hadley Thompson Midwest Devo
18 June Fisher Midwest Devo
19 Henry Sowers Lionhearts Junior Racing
20 Oliver Belcher 502 Velo
21 Elodie Holt Midwest Devo
22 Adam Boehman J's Youth Cycling
23 Eva Sherman Midwest Devo
24 West Moore Midwest Devo
25 Hattie Ihnen Lionhearts Junior Racing
26 Roland Hermann
27 William Sherman Midwest Devo
28 Eliza Bales Midwest Devo
29 Conrad Roberson-lindstrom Midwest Devo
30 Kaden Fishman Lionhearts Junior Racing
31 Zoe Minner Lionhearts Junior Racing
32 Abel Fishman Lionhearts Junior Racing
33 Alex Alvarado Midwest Devo
34 Sloan Bales Midwest Devo
DNF Quinn Peconga Midwest Devo

M 5 W 4/5 Masters SS 1/2/3/

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Zachary Lund
2 Ryan Hermann Midwest Devo Support Crew
3 Bryce Biery Clarksville Schwinn Cycling
4 Chase Davis
5 Jack Weber Miami University
6 James Downs Licking Valley Velo Nexigen Racing
7 Bryan Whiteman Clarksville Schwinn Cycling
8 Jonathan Salisbury Licking Valley Velo Nexigen Racing
9 Evie Alvarado Midwest Devo
10 Emily Bradway
11 Jason Wilber
12 Leslie Mcshane Redeisigning Midlife
13 Grace Hanger
14 Jordan Grantz
15 Jason Jordan Queen City Wheels
16 Marissa Doner Midwest Devo Support Crew
17 Riley Van vliet The Optimists
18 Kristen Coleman
19 Eleanora Dyas Purdue Cycling
20 Sophia Boller
21 Ella Pryor Midwest Devo
22 Isabel Confer Midwest Devo
23 Michelle Dyas Shantock Cycles
24 Shawn Prosky Purdue Cycling
DNF Bryan Eppert ADHD Racing

Men 3 Masters SS U19

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Geert Fischer Zero Ducks Racing
2 Torin Bickmore
3 Hudson Burnette Hodson's Bay Racing
4 Connor Wingler Marian University
5 Nolan Long Nashville Local Cycling
6 Blake Stevens Midwest Devo
7 Abner Miralda Clarksville Schwinn Racing
8 John Lewnard Queen City Wheels
9 Jeremy Belcher DC7
10 Mikus Abolins-Abols
11 Corey Smith Fort Wayne Outfitters
12 Brian Mcnely Bicycle Face Racing
13 Phillip Emmert
14 Derek Elliott Dash Racing
15 Dennis Barber Bicycle Station
16 David Palmer Midwest Devo Support Crew
17 Mark Shearing Shake 'n Bake
18 Marc Jurewicz ZWS/Brilliant Advice
19 Randy Witte Bicycle Station
20 Logan Evans
21 Joseph Mcafee Bishop's Bicyle
22 Philip Pryor Midwest Devo Support Crew
23 Christopher Massa Bicycle Face Racing
24 Tom Lewnard Queen City Wheels
25 Stuart Hellebusch Bishop's Bicyle
26 Scott Helvie Bicyle Garage Indy
27 Joseph Hatley
28 Robert Westendorf Queen City Wheels
29 Jon Hoopingarner SPRKT Racing Collective NZ
30 Gregory Dyas Shamrock Cycles
31 Michael Keppler V3 Ebdurance
32 Tommy Goetz
32 Craig Reynolds Elevate Endurance
33 Michael Conaway Shamrock Cycles
35 Jerry Hayes Team Hungry
DNF Collin Shipman Midwest Devo Support Crew
DNF Timothy Gavin Team Heros
DNF David Alexander Purdue Cycling Club
DNF Cody Sowers Bishop's Bicyle
DNF Silvan Ulm Marian University
DNF Derek Van hoose ZWS/Brilliant Advice
DNF Cameron Riches SPRKT Racing Collective NZ
DNF Steven Cook Queen City Wheels

Men M 1/2 Masters 1/2/3 SS

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Dillman Ignition p/b Rigd-Leitner
2 Lucas Stierwalt ProTerra
3 Calvin Conaway Ignition p/b Rigd-Leitner
4 Ethan Brown Midwest Devo
5 Alec Clements Midwest Devo
6 Broden Kelly Clevelan Cycling Academy
7 David Richter Fount Cycling Guild
8 Blake Dawson Fort-Wayne Outfitters
9 Lucas Poupard Lidsey Wilson College
10 Jack Helvie Midwest Devo
11 William Sherman Shamrock Cycles
12 Ryan Burnette Hodson's Bay Company
13 Jason Stoner Fiets Met Slagroom
14 Torin Bickmore
15 Lizzy Gunsalus Marian University
16 Michael Mcshane Be Real Sports
17 Robert Messmer ZWS/Brilliant Advice
18 Justin Rice Unattached
19 Zach Bender Cycle-Smart
20 Mike Minichiello Dash Racing
21 Henry Conaway Indiana University-Bloomington
22 Bob Sowga Paradise Garage Racing
23 Ryan Haden Mirror Twin Cycling
24 Paul Richardson Old Fort Bicyles
25 Doug Carraway
26 Matt Stierwalt Team Hungry
27 Levi Hall
28 Timothy Hall
29 Marc Jurewicz
DNF Micah Sanchez Marian University
DNF Fred Meredith Marian University
DNF Zachary Andrews
DNF Brett Conaway Midwest Devo Support Crew

Men M 4 Masters Jr 1518

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Judah Thompson Cutters
2 Keenan Connor Think Green/Bicycle Face
3 Phil Gardner The Post Racing
4 David Farnham Paradise Garage Racing
5 Nolan Long Nashville Local Cycling
6 Bryan Davis The Post Racing
7 Ethan Clements Midwest Devo
8 Brad Jacques Clarksville Schwinn Racing
9 Jeff Thompson Midwest Devo Support Crew
10 Aidan Jacobsen Purdue Cycling Club
11 Jackson Strutz Midwest Devo
12 Ryan Yoder
13 Tommy Goetz
14 Porter Little Purdue Cycling Club
15 Christopher Massa Bicyle Face
16 Colton Bryant Purdue Cycling Club
17 Seiji Suzuki 859 Cucling
18 Philip Pryor Midwest Devo Support Crew
19 Logan Evans
20 Michael Liechty
21 Joshua Confer Midwest Devo
22 Seamus Silliman The Post Racing
23 Christopher Cox Project Echelon
24 Brian Campbell Licking Valley Velo Nexigen Racing
25 Lyle Dailey ZWS/Brilliant Advice
26 Michael Tamaddoni Midwest Devo Support Crew
27 Kevin Wagner Flirtin' with Disaster
28 David Alexander Purdue Cycling Club
29 Dustin Bales Midwest Devo Support Crew
30 Eric Morgenstern Physio Racing
31 Bob Boehman J's Cycling Team
32 Sean Hughes Allied Forces Velo
33 Rowan Marsh Midwest Devo
34 John Gardner J's Cycling Team
35 Charles Barilleaux Team Hungry
36 Rob Proctor Midwest Devo Support Crew
37 Matthias Schou matthiasson Marian University
DNF Alex Tebbe Marian University
DNF Cameron Stockton Queen City Wheels
DNF David Bradway Flirtin' with Disaster
DNF Brad Fischer
DNF Christopher Keyser

Women W 1/2 Cat 3 Masters U19

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrea Cyr Miami Nights
2 Kathryn Mcdicken Marian University
3 Ava Shipman Midwest Devo
4 Maria Weese Ghisallo Cycles
5 Nicole Larue Marian University
6 Alexa Stierwalt Marian University
7 Lucy Foss Marian University
8 Rachel Butler Clarksville Schwinn Racing
9 Janet Sherman Shamrock Cycles