These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Wave 1 Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samuel Akin Middle of Town Cycling
2 Trey Shepard First Internet Bank Cycling
3 Jack Helvie Male
4 Noah Demuth Dirt Camp Racing
6 James Kraus Al Dente Cycling
7 John Lewnard Queen City Wheels
8 Tyler Conant Dash Racing Indy
9 Logan Wallace Bishop's Bicycles
10 Andreas France Vacation Cycle Supply Co.
11 Zach Goodrich K & G Bike Center
12 Mathew Thompson nashville local cycling
13 Carden Bozeman Lionhearts Junior Cycling
14 Derek Elliott Dash Racing p/b Westfield Cyclesports
15 Ryan Martin
16 Judah Thompson Indiana University-Bloomington
17 Brian Mcnely Bicycle Face Racing
18 Bryan Gehrum Queen City Wheels
19 Mikus Abolins-Abols
20 Ethan Clements Midwest Devo
21 Tom Lewnard Queen City Wheels
22 Mark Shearing Shake 'n Bake
23 Logan Evans
24 Cody Sowers Bishop's Bicycles
25 Jonathan Edwards Dash Racing p/b Westfield Cyclesports
26 Randy Witte Bicycle Station
27 Jon Hoopingarner Marian University
28 Kile Yurchak Vacation Cycle Supply Co
29 David Alexander Purdue Cycling Club
30 Timothy Gavin Team Heroes
31 Stuart Hellebusch Bishops Bicycles
32 Joseph Mcafee Bishops Bicycles
33 William Dolan Schellers
34 Lawrence Purtill Stedmans
35 Gregory Dyas Shamrock Cycles
36 Bryce Biery Clarksville Schwinn Racing
37 Jackson Strutz Midwest Devo
38 Jerry Hayes Team Hungry
39 Peter Reid
40 Christopher Cooper Ridenfaden
DNF Jackson Clary Midwest Devo
DNF Carl White Black Sheep Pub

Men Wave 2 Junior

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Evie Alvarado Midwest Devo
2 Topher Dolinski Midwest Devo
3 Bradley Knapp Warren County Composite
4 Emelia Brown Midwest Devo
5 Jeremiah Moskovich Louisville Sting
6 Aaron Boehman J's Youth Cycling
7 Trenton Bramer 502 Velo
8 Adelise Bozeman Lionhearts Junior Cycling
9 Hadley Thompson Midwest Devo
10 Ella Pryor Midwest Devo
11 Henry Sowers Lionhearts
12 Grace Helvie Midwest Devo
13 Oliver Belcher 502 Velo
14 Adam Boehman J's Youth Cycling
15 Elodie Holt Midwest Devo
16 Eva Sherman Midwest Devo
17 Jax Govindarajulu 502 Velo
18 Greyson Miller 502 Velo
19 William Sherman Midwest Devo
20 Eliza Bales Midwest Devo
21 Alex Alvarado Midwest Devo
22 Ridley Govindarajulu 502 Velo
23 Magnolia Belcher 502 Velo

Men Wave 4 - Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eddie Ratliff Fort Knox Cycling Club
2 Jacob Higdon
3 Jack Weber Miami University
4 Chris Schuele Licking Valley Velo Nexigen Racing
5 Keyton Brewer Lubrisyn HA
6 Kevin Kauffman Vacation Cycle Supply Co.
7 Patrick Carroll $5 Leadouts
8 Bryce Biery Clarksville Schwinn Racing
9 Joe Mclain
10 Stan Baker
11 Kelly Wilkinson
12 John Michael haas Reser Bicycle
13 Thomas Mcgee Black Sheep Pub
14 Shawn Prosky Purdue Cycling Club
15 Peter Reid
16 John Lemaster
17 James Armstrong
18 Jason Jordan Queen City Wheels
19 Gerraldo Bocado Godspeed Racing
20 Ruel Lomigo
DNF Tyler Thompson

Men Wave 5 P/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ethan Brown Midwest Devo
2 George Frazier Bear CX
4 Ryan Drummond The Academy Bentonville
5 Alec Clements Midwest Devo
6 Paul Bonds The Meteor
7 Eric Anderson TREK / BGI
8 Zach Bender Cycle-Smart
9 Chad Shackelford ROR NYC
10 Broden Kelly Cleveland Cycling Academy
11 Tayton Parker Lindsey Wilson College
12 Jason Biggs FS Series p/b Inside-Out Sports
13 Brandon Grant Nexigen Cybersecurity / Licking Valley Velo
14 Michael Mcshane Be Real Sports
15 Ryutaro Nakamura 859 Cycling p/b Commonwealth Eye Surgery
16 Scott Miller K&G Bike Center
17 Andrew Boneff Village Cyclery
18 William Sherman Shamrock Cycles
19 Jeremy Belcher DC7
21 Scott Rollins Marx-Bensdorf / BPC Cycling Team
22 Dariusz Tyborowski FS series p/b inside out sports
23 Paul Richardson Old Fort Bicycles
24 Mike Minichiello Dash Racing
25 Jon Gallagher One2Go Event Services/Rule 76 Racing
26 Bo Sherman Autotrader p/b Kelly Blue Book
27 Doug Carraway Paradise Garage Racing
28 Ben Wilson Rogue Racing
29 Brian Mcnely Bicycle Face Racing
30 Ryan Martin

Men Wave 6 Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
2 Bryan Davis The Post Racing
3 Brad Attebury
4 Nick Reader Al Dente Cycling
5 Brian Campbell Licking Valley Velo Nexigen Racing
6 Ryan Jenkins Nexigen Racing
7 Jacob Holtgrewe Al Dente Cycling
8 Phil Gardner The Post Racing
9 Seiji Suzuki 859 Cycling
10 Colton Bryant Purdue Cycling Club
11 Keenan Connor Think Green/Bicycle Face
12 Christopher Massa Bicycle Face
13 Brad Jacques Clarksville Schwinn Racing
14 Seamus Silliman The Post Racing
15 Logan Evans
16 Christopher Bumpas Hardin/ Etown
17 Julian Brooks Hardin-Etown
18 Philip Pryor Midwest Devo Support Crew
19 Keyton Brewer Lubrisyn HA
20 Christopher Cox Project Echelon
21 Matt Cheser Hardin-Etown Stampede
22 David Alexander Purdue Cycling Club
23 Aaron Conway Vacation Cycle Supply
24 James Brown
25 Levi Skaggs Hardin Etown MTB
26 Cameron Stockton Queen City Wheels
27 Aidan Strasser Vacation Cycle Supply Co.
28 Joshua Confer Midwest Devo
29 Dustin Bales Midwest Devo Support Crew
30 Michael Tamaddoni Midwest Devo Support Crew
31 Sean Hughes Allied Forces Velo
32 Tripp Holt Midwest Devo
33 David Bradway Flirtin' With Disaster Racing
34 Charles Barilleaux Team Hungry
35 Christopher Keyser
36 Rob Proctor Midwest Devo Support Crew
37 Lawrence Purtill Stedmans
38 Bob Boehman J's Cycling Team
39 Brad Wingo Queen City Wheels
40 David Nissen Queen City Wheels

Women Wave 3 P/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Maddy Gabe Diamond Devo
2 Ava Shipman Midwest Devo
3 Sarah Larson 3T/Q+M Cycling
4 Laura Rice North Carolina Cyclo-Cross / NCCX
5 Geraldine Schulze Team Hungry
6 Josie Bozeman Lionhearts Junior Cycling
7 Allison Mccurry UofL
8 Lindsay O'connor
9 Kelly Kowalczyk
10 Rachel Butler Clarksville Schwinn Racing
11 Karen Purtill Stedmans
12 Janet Sherman Shamrock Cycles

Women Wave 4 - Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lindsey Keith Vacation Cycle Supply Co
2 Grace Hanger Clarksville Schwinn Racing
3 Leslie Mcshane Redesigning Midlife
4 Jordan Grantz Clarksville Schwinn Racing
5 Lara Donnelly N+1
6 Evie Alvarado Midwest Devo
7 Chika Nakamura Toyo Frame Field Model
8 Audrey Mills Lindsey Wilson College
9 Ella Pryor Midwest Devo
10 Isabel Confer Midwest Devo
11 Kelsey Voit
12 Ashton Garner