These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Junior boys 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kaleb Dekeyrel Team Balance
2 Alec Porter St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
3 Anders Sonnesyn Unattached

Junior boys 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Gaines Gopher Wheelmen
2 Aaron Shaw Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
3 Ethan Furois Gopher Wheelmen
4 Daniel Swedberg MNJRC
5 Josey Weik Unattached
6 Brian Gaines Gopher Wheelmen
7 Duncan Weisbrod LCR
8 Grant Halsey Gopher Wheelmen
9 Jake Uhl Gopher Wheelmen

Junior girls 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anya Malarski Unattached
2 Valerie Mcgoldrick Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.

Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joshua Roeser Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
2 Craig Faulkner Synergy
3 Jason Snider Silver Cycling
4 Guy Alvarez G.S. Circo Azzurro
5 Matt Muyres Synergy
6 John Struchynski Great Plains Cycling Club
7 Keith Bianchi St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
8 Peter Maxwell G.S. Circo Azzurro
9 Pat Dowling Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
10 Grant Larvick Unattached
11 Cory Gross Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
12 Paul Thoresen OR8
13 Scott Cave Silver Cycling
14 Rick Laliberte River Valley Cycling Club- RVCC
15 Taylor George Birchwood/GIS
16 Jared Roy Crossniacs
17 Dan Wheeler Gopher Wheelmen

Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeff Evanson Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
2 Ladric D'schommer-grant Women12_3/Masters 45+
3 Wallace Alexander Curt Goodrich Racing Team
4 Rob Douglass TONKA CYCLE & SKI
5 Michael Phillips G.S. Circo Azzurro
6 John Thompson St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
7 Heath Weisbrod Unattached
8 Thomas Thornquest Kenwood Racing
9 Charlie Townsend St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
10 Piotr Bednarski Freewheel Bike
11 Paul Schoening Unattached
12 Thomas Manderfeld Loon State Cyclists
13 Steve Sonnesyn Plan C/Stevens
14 Gregory Pautsch Planet Bike
15 Mark Rathbun Minnesota Cycling Team
16 Peter Leugers CRUD
17 Dan Inderieden Bent Crank Racing
18 Michael Cisek Team Plan C
19 William Kuster Loon State Cyclists
20 Jeff Colbeth Big Ring Flyers
21 Todd Trembley Unattached
22 Drew Holbrook Unattached
23 Dan Meyer Loon State Cyclists
24 Curt Goodrich Curt Goodrich Racing Team
25 Stuart Benson Unattached
26 Erik Johanson Plane/Stevens
27 Paul Inkala Unattached
28 Tim Holmstrom Unattached
29 Bruce Anderson Unattached
30 William (jay) tegeder Synergy
31 Steve Hirsh Birchwood/GIS
32 Timothy Power The Bikery Cycling Club
33 John Groton Unattached
34 Bruce Harick St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
35 Mark Overgaard Gopher Wheelmen
36 Tom Bengel Unattached
37 Robert Vigil Minnesota Cycling Team
38 Sean Burns Kenwood Racing
39 Greg Mccrea Gulf Coast

Men 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adam Bergman Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc
2 Cody Larson Unattached
3 Samuel Oftedahl Paramount Sports
4 Jonathan Toftoy Synergy
5 Douglas Swanson GrandStay Hotels
6 Christopher Fisher Unattached
7 Jay Henderson Silver Cycling
8 Jacob Boyce Synergy
9 David Oachs Big Ring Flyers
10 Kevin Kvalsten Kenwood Racing
11 Adam Froemming Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
12 Jason Wenk Unattached
13 Aric Hareland Synergy
14 Jake Helmbrecht Freewheel Bike
15 Samuel Meier Synergy
16 Matthew Allen Behind-Bars/LGR
17 Joshua Schwantes Kenwood Racing
18 Jeffrey Austin - phillips Behind-Bars/LGR
19 Pat Lemieux Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc
20 Rich Bergstrom Gopher Wheelmen
21 Eric Guse FCCC

Men 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Aaron Voreis Crossniacs
2 James Buddenbaum Silver Cycling
3 Nils Boberg Unattached
4 Bruce Martens Unattached
5 Andy Reichert Birchwood/GIS
6 Ronald Williams Unattached
7 Merrill Lutsky Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
8 Owen Thoele ACF
9 Matthew Petersen Unattached
10 Daniel Jacobsen Gopher Wheelmen
11 Brian Duncan St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
12 Dan Jansen Unattached
13 Tim Stone kenwood
14 Matt Leizinger Excelcycle Club
15 Kevin Reker Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
16 Steve Laurel Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
17 Martin Rudnick Behind-Bars/LGR
18 Aaron Peterson Peace Coffee
19 Monte Dirks Unattached
20 Jeremy Ames Freewheel Bike
21 Caleb Donaldson St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
22 Robert Brown BBC
23 Zachary Mohr Unattached
24 Charles Parsons Unattached
25 Steven Pippin Minnesota Cycling Team
26 Mike Constant Crossniacs
27 Scott Sabol North Dakota State University
28 Chris Leiferman Unattached
29 Joe Schlechter International Christian Cycling Club
30 Blake Jenssen Yay
31 Frederick Gray Birchwood/GIS
32 Jeff Anderson Loon State Cyclists
33 Peter Anderson Crossniacs
34 John Adleman Birchwood/GIS
35 Ryan Cate Unattached
36 Jon Friedell Kenwood Racing
37 Gregorio Ramierz Unattached
38 Kevin Flanders Unattached
39 Cody Scott The Bikery Cycling Club
40 Alfred Lajon Unattached
41 Erik Paulsen Crossniacs
42 Matthew Montesano Unattached
43 Kyle Mckimpson Unattached
44 Jeff Ingham Gopher Wheelmen
45 Brendan Bellew Unattached
46 Adam Rambow Birchwood/GIS
47 Mark Byrnes Behind-Bars/LGR
48 Chris Sur Unattached
49 David Pedersen G.S. Circo Azzurro

Men 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Benjamin Cox Birchwood/GIS
2 Zach Schuman powerade indyfab
3 Eric Lebow Maplelag
4 Brady Prenzlow Loon State Cyclists
5 Seth Haskell Unattached
6 Gregorio Raweti Unattached
7 Ryan Marsel Behind-Bars/LGR
8 Nigel Kinney Unattached
9 Seth Iverson St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
10 Al Shuros Unattached
11 Doug Nixon Sports Hut
12 Keir Stiegler Unattached
13 Andy Bers Unattached
14 Grant Larvick Unattached
15 Jake Szymanski Wildside Velo
16 Dan Schueller Gopher Wheelmen
17 Ian Nancekivell Unattached
18 Stephen Wilson Peace Coffee
19 Bryan Gerding Freewheel Bike
20 Brandon Manske Silver Cycling
21 Chris Fischer Synergy
22 Joel Ingvalson Wookie Juice
23 Tim Gut Squadra ACF
24 Kim Schmidt Unattached
25 Matt Lovaas Silver Cycling
26 Douglas Carter Birchwood/GIS
27 Alexander Zidarcvich Unattached
28 Dave Fetters Unattached
29 Benjamin Metzger St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
30 Michael Moriarity Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
31 Russ Vanderwiel Unattached
32 Adam Grafa Birchwood/GIS
33 Charley Serrill Unattached
34 Derek Haag Unattached
35 Ian Johnson Behind-Bars/LGR
36 Todd Sample Unattached
37 Thomas Scherber Unattached
38 Dave Hirsch Birchwood/GIS
39 Eric Thoemer Birchwood/GIS
40 Paul Tocko Synergy
41 Russell Cadogan Birchwood/GIS
42 Jeff Damm Unattached
43 Jason Kask Bikery
44 Alessandro Cembran Unattached
45 Ben Robetor Unattached
46 Nathan Mcintyre Unattached
47 Scott Shore Birchwood/GIS
48 Tj Ross Unattached
49 Nicholas Boulton Synergy
50 Aaron Rutzick Unattached
51 Will Mackin Unattached
52 Tim Bengeson Unattached
53 Brandon Whittey Behind-Bars/LGR
54 Ryan Mccarthy Unattached
55 Chris Walsh Unattached
56 Ryan Coogan Unattached
57 Patrick Tsai Peace Coffee Racing
58 Andrew Magill Unattached
59 Tom Mcgoldrick Unattached
60 Brennan Jones Unattached
61 Geoff Schodde The Bikery
62 Dave Schaffer Unattached
63 Frank Bobick Unattached
64 Tad Clausen Unattached
65 Jonathan Bailey Unattached
66 Christopher Baguyo Unattached
67 Kevin Kirsch Unattached
68 Ed Lysne Unattached
69 Jon Iverson Unattached
70 Kent Furois Unattached
71 Gary Underdahl Unattached
72 Chris Van ert Peace Coffee Racing
73 Michael Rhods Unattached
74 Greg Mccrea Gulf Coast
75 Patrick Greehan Velo Duluth
76 Jeremy Norton Unattached
77 Todd Chapman Unattached
78 Michael Larson LCR
79 Vince Meyer Big Ring Flyers
80 Josh Kruck balance
81 Morison Hall Unattached

Women 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeanne Fleck Velo Duluth
2 Corey Coogan cisek Ridley Factory Team
3 Emma Bast Unattached
4 Heather Edwards Birchwood
5 Megan Lennon Behind-Bars/LGR

Women 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bianca Bergman Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc
2 Jeannette Sample Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
3 Zoe Reker Unattached
4 Lee Penn St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
5 Kristy Henderson Silver Cycling
6 Jennifer Nowlin Peace Coffee Racing
7 Terra James Behind-Bars/LGR
8 Kris Brazil Unattached
9 Alexandra Kerl Behind-Bars/LGR
10 Nicole Waxmonsky-tu Synergy
11 Andrea Potyondysmith Loon State Cyclists

Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Heather George Birchwood/GIS
2 Meredith Rambow Birchwood/GIS
3 Tracy Sides G.S. Circo Azzurro
4 Niki Reker Unattached
5 Martha Flynn-kauth Crossniacs
6 Lori Belz Big Ring
7 Kari Gates Unattached
8 Lisha Herold Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
9 Chelsea Strate LGR-Behind Bars
10 Tina Raeshler Big Ring
11 Sherry Berde townsend Gopher Wheelmen
12 Abby Ruess St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
13 Linsey Hamilton Synergy
14 Dana Buddenbaum Silver Cycling
15 Kathryn Schaus Planet Bike
16 Nikki Reker Unattached
17 Danielle Coffield Unattached
18 Kimberly Marek Unattached
19 Sara Padovese Free Wheel
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