These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

JR 14 & Under

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brody Hartley Fulton Flyers
2 Mikey Waine Fulton Flyers
3 Nick Oestreich
4 Jack Phelan ACC
5 Aditya Gummadi
6 Prithvi Gummadi
7 Keegan Schimnelman
8 Annalisa Oestreich
9 Casey Deloughy

JR 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gunner Gillian
2 Joey Schoenfeld Fulton Flyers
3 Ben Rothschild Frazier Cycling

Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Kuhn HUP United
2 Nate Zukas ACC
3 Perry Thomas New Leaf Adventures
4 Daryl Sawyer Reality Bikes
5 John Phelan ACC
6 Alan Wages
7 Matthew Marchal Altius Cycling Team
8 Brian Deloughy
9 Bert Hull
10 Nick Harmer
11 David Gearhart NGCA/
12 Curt Arey Smyrna Bicycles
13 Ben Dillingham GTC
14 Samuel Thompson Cartecay
15 David Hicks Aaron's p/b New England Financial
16 Mark Bruner Altius Cycling Team
17 Josh Frank Peachtree Bikes
18 Stephen Wiley Lifetime Bikes Cannondale
19 Mike Sanders
20 Steve Spence Smyrna Bicycles
21 Steve Hagen

Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Van kooten Scenic City Velo
2 Michael Schmid
3 Greg Turner Velo Voodoo
4 Torre Smitherman
5 Steve Noble
6 Richard Mauney Fulton Flyers
7 Mark Hutson
8 Richard Burton Bikeways of Tucker
9 Greg Schisla GTC
10 Bobby Thrash
11 Ronnie Bratcher Aaron's p/b New England Financial
12 James Behning C-Town Bikes
13 Jay Halgat GTC
14 Doug Mathews
15 Michael Fitzgerald Aaron's p/b New England Financial
16 Jeff Armstrong APB/Quantum Mechanics
17 Perry Seltz Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club
18 Brad Harper NGCA/
19 Robert Womack Womack Carbon Technology
20 Patrick Cooper
21 Bob Bourne Faster Mustache

Mens A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Turner Jamis/Outspokin
2 Ryan Leech Hilton Head Cycling
3 Douglas Ollerenshaw Agitated Wolf p/b Dave
4 Nathan Sibly Aaron's p/b New England Financial
5 David Sagat Nouveau Velo
6 Alex Clifford Faster Mustache
7 Eric Nicoletti Faster Mustache
8 Jamie Saye Peachtree Bikes
9 Eric Neely Nouveau Velo
10 Shey Lindner Faster Mustache
11 Brian Derose Reality Bikes
12 Andrew Saar
13 Eric Anderson Reality Bikes
14 Mark Babcock
15 Ryan Murray Nouveau Velo

Mens B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brandon Pruett Cycle Therapy
2 Jon Cheaves Atlanta Trek
3 Andy Scarano Team Iron-United
4 Edward O'dea Topeak Ergon
5 Chance Rgina Blue Competition Cycles
6 David Marbut Fulton Flyers
7 Mclean Harris Smyrna Bicycles
8 Travis Neumuller NGCA/
9 Paul Nesmith
10 Jansen Lindner Fulton Flyers
11 David Hicks Aaron's p/b New England Financial
12 Josh Jackson ACC
13 Steve Noble
14 Eddie Murray Reality Bikes
15 Trey Hair Atlanta Trek
16 Curt Arey Smyrna Bicycles
17 Tony Blansit Rome Velo
18 Glen Scott
19 Ronnie Bratcher Aaron's p/b New England Financial
20 Reginald Pineda Nouveau Velo
21 James Tudor Peachtree Bikes

Mens C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brandon Pruett Cycle Therapy
2 Nick Harmer
3 Crail Armstrong
4 Michael Weh Cycle-Smart
5 Andrew Hodges Frazier Cycling
6 Jason Morel
7 Tom Vaughan NGCA/
8 Matt Ragan Sfatto
9 Joey Stanley Atlanta Trek
10 Matt Smith Blue Competition Cycles
11 Daniel Broshar Sfatto
12 Chris Lewis Faster Mustache
13 Tony Blansit Rome Velo
14 Richard Foster Smyrna Bicycles
15 Kyle Lyons
16 Jack Easter Sfatto
17 Joey Schoenfeld Fulton Flyers
18 Jeffrey Blau Aaron's p/b New England Financial
19 Brett Tennent-brown Cycle-Smart
20 Richard Clayton Tidal Wave
21 Blake Dudley Cycle Therapy
22 Marcus Davis
23 Dan Pool Cartecay
24 Andrew Rytlewski
25 Dustin Mealor Iron Data Racing
26 Tim Pierce Ike and Jane
27 Jake Jackson Ike and Jane
28 Stephen Lavoie Ike and Jane
29 Todd Kaminski Depaula
30 Tj Kearns Roswell Bikes
31 David Fahrion ACC
32 Bill Parsons Krystal/SCV
33 Trey Smith Cycle Therapy
34 Josh Vandall Atlanta Cycling
35 Joel Mcdanal Peachtree Bikes
36 Christian Moreno
37 Charles Quinn
38 Jim Bailey C-Town Bikes
39 Patrick Clark Cycle Therapy
40 David Smith Crossniacs
41 Jeffrey Hageman
42 Michael Taglio Moab-Vantaggio
43 Jason Barton Depaula
44 Brett Harper Atlanta Mission
45 David Heath Cycle Therapy
46 John Toms Cartecay
47 James Lane NGCA/
48 Jon Hudgens
49 Jay Wise
50 Saad Habayeb

Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Phelan ACC
2 Robert Simpson Ike and Jane
3 Matt Kogel ACC
4 James Behning
5 Joshua Frank Peachtree Bikes
6 Brian Murphy C-Town Bikes
7 Tony Angevine River City Bicycles
8 Justin Schutrumplf Life University
9 Steve Spence Smyrna Bicycles
10 Kevin Doyle Lokey Mobley Doyle
11 Bob Bourne Faster Mustache
12 Steve Hogan
13 David Fahrion
14 Brandon Kaminski Life University
15 Dale Hemme

Womens A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kimberly Flynn Grace Law
2 Lisa Randall Outspokin
3 Kim Sawyer Nouveau Velo
4 Amanda Green Grace Law
5 Rebecca Phelan ACC
6 Catherine Peacock Grace Law
7 Namrita O'dea 55Nine
8 Rebecca Graham Faster Mustache
9 Loretta Simpson Sorella
10 Elizabeth Lee Fulton Flyers
11 Sandra Tomlinson Jamis Bikes
12 Amy Frank Peachtree Bikes
13 Trish Albert Sorella

Womens B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kristi Hawken Velo Vikens
2 Dominique Shore Frazier Cycling
3 Kimberly Wiley Sorella
4 Michelle Zebrowitz
5 Adrienne Ollerenshaw Agitated Wolf p/b Dave
6 Tracy Anderson Reality Bikes
7 Ellison Fidler Ike and Jane
8 Melissa Leigh ACC
9 Janice Eirich Pedal Right Cycling
10 Brigette Duscack Sorella
11 Rhys May Ike and Jane
12 Beth Gearhart Sorella
13 Kelli Rogan Frazier Cycling
14 Kinga Szaniawski Smyrna Bicycles
15 Mandy Loorham Cycle Therapy