These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

A (Men)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jonathan Schottler Mich Ultra/Big Shark
2 Dan Miller The Hub
3 Josh Johnson Mich Ultra/Big Shark
4 Devin Clark The Hub
5 Jeff Yielding Revolution Cycles
6 Jay Strothman Fulcrum
7 Mark Murawski Gateway Cycling
8 Brett Heuring Dogfish
9 Chris Harre Mich Ultra/Big Shark
10 Sam Moore Canyon Bicycles
11 Jeremy Bock Dogfish
12 Michael Hills Wheel Fast
13 Ron Bridal Bloomington Cycle
14 Jay Marberger Green Street
15 Robert Brokaw Team Mack
16 Greg Sandknop Team Seagal
17 John Jones My Wife Inc.
18 Scott Peipert Wild Trak
19 Stu Robson Off the Front

A (Women)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sunny Gilbert Maplewood
2 Courtney Green Mich Ultra/Big Shark
3 Teresa Sedlacek Mich Ultra/Big Shark
4 Alice Butler The Hub
5 Loreen Matson Mesa
6 Suzanne Johnson Mich Ultra/Big Shark

B (Men)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Cleeland Mich Ultra/Big Shark
2 Darrell Bratton Team Mack
3 Mark Hofmeister Mich Ultra/Big Shark
4 Peter Jensen Unattached
5 Aaron Koch Hammer Nutrition
6 James Klages Mich Ultra/Big Shark
7 Sven Sprogoe Blind Squirrel
8 Matt Struckman Mich Ultra/Big Shark
9 Patrick Gribbon Off the Front
10 Daniel Tirado Metro East Cycling
11 Josh Picker Maplewood
12 Sunny Gilbert Maplewood
13 Wesley Boyce VCRC Factory Racing
14 Matthew Dawson Dogfish
15 Travis Frey Mich Ultra/Big Shark
16 Eric Buckley Carol's Team
17 Joel Maisenhelder Off the Front
18 Jeff Kloha Off the Front
19 Geoff Birch Off the Front
20 Matthew Crews The Hub
21 Erik Martin Dogfish
22 Andrew Person Unattached
23 Adam Jablonski Recycled Cycles/Raleigh
24 Matt Kessler Unattached
25 Jeremy Hunn Momentum
26 Russell Murphy Mesa
27 Joe Fuller Mich Ultra/Big Shark
28 David Gray Mich Ultra/Big Shark
29 Doug Nishimura Blind Squirrel
30 Andy Schuette Columbia Bike Club
31 David Frei Alpine Shop
32 Lewis Reece Blind Squirrel
33 Chris Creed Gateway Harley-Davidson
34 Matt Siemens Team Mack
35 Jeff Sona Alpine Shop
36 Carl Hoffman Trek
37 Brian Kindel Mich Ultra/Big Shark
38 Scott Bertelsmeyer Mich Ultra/Big Shark
39 Mike Briner Big Shark/Pfoodman
40 Roberto Barrios Heckawee
41 John Oechsner University of Missouri
42 Andrew Kramer Off the Front
43 Larry Klutenkamper Unattached
44 Thomas Heidbrier Dogfish
45 John Peiffer Unattached

B (Women)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Patricia Work Bike Surgeon
2 Laura Scherff Momentum
3 Gina Richard Mich Ultra/Big Shark
4 Kerri Schewe Off the Front
5 Emily Korsch Mich Ultra/Big Shark
6 Nadine Chalmers The Hub
7 Cindi Inman Mesa
8 Sally Struckman Mich Ultra/Big Shark
9 Kelly Mcguire Bike Surgeon
10 Maggie Miller Unattached
11 Nicole Long Mesa
12 Susan Kloha Off the Front
13 Mariasol Johannes The Hub
14 Allison Stoll Unattached
15 Sophie Birch Off the Front
16 Stephanie Nadeau The Hub
17 Susan Kubinak Dogfish
18 Yvette Liebesman Metro East Cycling
19 Janie Branham Unattached
20 Kate Hrubes The Hub

C (Men)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Aaron Oakley Unattached
2 Adam Jablonski Recycled Cycles
3 Eduardo Nieuwenhuyzen Mich Ultra/Big Shark
4 Frank Brummer Team Mack
5 Jason Murphy Momentum
6 Roddy Dowell The Hub
7 Jim Moore ICCC
8 Todd Parker Mich Ultra/Big Shark
9 Barry Blumenkemper Unattached
10 Joseph Burke Unattached
11 Travis Finan Lindenwood
12 Todd Sublette Rock Solid
13 Michael Leistner Momentum
14 William Howells The Hub
15 Bernd Faust Dogfish
16 Brian Ter maat Unattached
17 Todd Nowlin Off the Front
18 Marc Campbell Off the Front
19 Paul Baker Lindenwood
20 Kurt Schenk Mich Ultra/Big Shark
21 Larry Klutenkamper Unattached
22 Amy Strahan Mich Ultra/Big Shark
23 James Maritz Unattached
24 Greg Schmidt Unattached
25 Colin Meadows Unattached
26 Patrick Work Bike Surgeon
27 Ben Tiefenbrun Dogfish
28 Sam Klucker Velo Force
29 Steve Menendez Unattached
30 Justin Neely Mesa
31 Matthew Crews The Hub
32 Jim Alseth Velo Force
33 Gary Merideth Heckawee
34 Jeremiah Buckenberger Unattached
35 Tom Leigh Unattached
36 Jeff Lash Unattached
37 Isaac Lewis Unattached
38 Matt Gross Unattached
39 Albert Huebner Unattached
40 Mark Grumke Unattached


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tanner Sublette Off the Front
2 Benjamin Faust Dogfish
3 Gabrielle Kloha Off the Front
4 Bodie Schmidt Unattached
5 Mike Bobelak jr. Unattached

Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matt Laberta Dogfish
2 Rob Mayfield The Hub
3 Erik Seaver The Hub
4 Brian Shoemaker St. Louis Cycling Club
5 Christopher Connolly Mesa
6 Dwayne Van hoose Maplewood
7 Peter Goode Team Red Wheel
8 Matt Hoffmeyer Unattached

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