These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sean Suprenant Unattached
2 Emily Curley Gear Works/Spin Arts
3 Andrew Wass New Hampshire Cycling Club


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Collin Huston Southern Maine CC 42:45
2 Ryan Packard Quad Cycles 44:25
3 Alex Catallano Essex County Velo 49:41
4 Connor Adamik Essex County Velo -1 lap
5 Patrick Douglass Unattached -1 lap


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Curtis Boivin Providence Velo
2 John Mosher Corner Cycle
3 Alan Starrett
4 Arik Jon holm Union Velo
5 Kurt Perham Cycle-Smart/Boulder Cycle Sport
6 Gary David Minuteman Road Club
7 Mike Rowell NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
8 Mark Suprenant CCB/Volkswagen
9 Doug Aspinwall Joe's Garage
10 Paul Curley Gear Works/Spin Arts
11 Wayne Cunningham NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
12 Matt Hersey
13 Jerry Chabot
14 C Todd Lombardo International Bicycle Centers
15 Paul Weiss Portland Velo Club
16 Kevin Chichlowski
17 Christopher Smith NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
18 Ethan Parsons Boston Road Club
19 Eric Wemhoff NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
20 Chip Baker Sycip Racing
21 Jack Hayden Essex County Velo
22 Matthew Domnarski Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tim Grosbeck CCB/Volkswagen
2 Bob Bisson Gear Works/Spin Arts
3 David Belknap Bicycle Link/MBRC
4 Michael Bernard Gear Works/Spin Arts
5 Christopher Burke Bikeworks/Hallamore
6 Eiric Marro BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-Goodales
7 Paul Lynch Bicycle Link/MBRC
8 Andrew Durham CCB/Volkswagen
9 Bill Doonan Minuteman Road Club
10 Jimmy O'mara BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-Goodales
11 Tom Stevens Gear Works/Spin Arts
12 Timothy Shea BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-Goodales
13 David Leedberg Gear Works/Spin Arts
14 Dan Stasz Joe's Garage
15 Fran Boudreau New Hampshire Cycling Club
16 Derek Griggs Recycled Sports
17 David King CCB/Volkswagen
18 George Gagnon
19 Jay Mcdonald Northampton Cycling Club
20 Peter Crowley Northampton Cycling Club
21 Matt Carpenter Team Edge


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jonathan Awerbuch Cycle-Smart 38:32
2 Cort Cramer Minuteman Road Club
3 Joshua Bartlett NorEast Cycling p/b Timberland Outdoor Performance
4 Isaac St. martin Noreast Cycling
5 Todd Burns Unattached
6 Jon Bernhard CCB/Volkswagen 39:35
7 Guenter Hofer Unattached
8 Ryan Rumsey
9 Jesse Perreault Comprehensive Racing/Salem Cycles
10 Kevin Cummisford Boston Road Club
11 Kevin Sweeney Unattached
12 Robert Poule
13 Michael Cole Minuteman Road Club
14 Jeff Hatch Cycle-Smart
15 Joseph Spataro Unattached 41:38
16 David Wilcox Broadway Bicycle
17 Eric Silva Quad Cycles
18 Garett Burke Unattached
19 Nathan Pfeifer Unattached
20 Ronnie Steers Gamache Cyclery
21 Matthew Theodore Cape Cod Cyclist
22 Jeffery Ziegler Unattached
23 Ryan Barlow Colorado State University
24 Oscar Jimenez NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
25 Cory Johannessen Essex County Velo 49:52
26 Kirk Fongemie SMCC/Base36/Gorham Bike
27 Eric Wemhoff NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
28 Thomas Needham HUP United
29 John Broussard NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
30 John Gibbons NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
31 Dan Seaton NorEast Cycling/Hammer Nutrition
32 Eric Carlson Bikers Edge
33 James English Minuteman Road Club
34 Alexander Jackson Joselyn's Bicycles
35 Matthew Spaits Boston Road Club
36 Jack Hayden Essex County Velo -1 lap
37 Sven Lohse VeloEuropa-Cyfac -1 lap
38 Seth Davis Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames -1 lap
39 Nicholas Mashburn Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames -1 lap
40 Julian Gent NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental -1 lap
41 Joshua Rosenberg Unattached -1 lap
42 Rich Zachary Boston Road Club -1 lap
43 Nate Morse Mass Bay Road Club -1 lap


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Wilcox Broadway Bicycle
2 Peter Sullivan Cycle-Smart
3 Ryan Waldron Nema
4 Mike Blanchard Fitchburg Cycling Club
5 Brad Jurga Minuteman Road Club
6 Stephen Wright Minuteman Road Club
7 Cimarron Wortham MIT Cycling
8 Richard Person Minuteman Road Club
9 Michael Cook Minuteman Road Club
10 John Mcgrath NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
11 Larry Katz Team SD
12 Matt Monbouquette Green Mountain Rehabilitation
13 Kenneth Han Quad Cycles
14 Richard Tobin Tobin Building & Remodeling
15 Dan Ouellette Gamache Cyclery
16 Eric Edlund MIT Cycling
17 Todd Savage Minuteman Road Club
18 Zachary Wills VeloEuropa/Cyfac
19 Robert Wilson Northampton Cycling Club
20 Tom Fritschka Unattached
21 Jason Rabidou Unattached
22 Chad Demarest Corner Cycle
23 Paul Debitetto Minuteman Road Club
24 John Wilde Cyfac
25 John Plump Quad Cycles
26 Steen Sawyer Minuteman Road Club

MEN PRO/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevin Wolfson CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM 58:34
2 Adam Snyder 3-D Racing 59:37
3 Peter Rubijono Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames
4 Peter Smith Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames 1:00:52
5 Sam Morse Corner Cycle 1:01:26
6 Peter Bradshaw Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames 1:02:10
7 Greg Carpenter DEVO/NSO/Giant
8 Isaac Howe Revolution Cycles
9 Christopher Bagg
10 Colin Reuter
11 John Hanson IF/Fast p/b Lionette's
12 Alex Whitmore Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames
13 Ronnie Steers Gamache Cyclery


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Julie Lefebvre International Bicycle Centers
2 Rachel Brown International Bicycle Centers
3 Shannon Madison NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
4 Teri Carilli Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames
5 Judith Wexler Tufts Bicycle Club
6 Kathleen Fulton Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames
7 Carrie Lemieux NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
8 Joanne Archambault NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
9 Ilana Brito Unattached
10 Teri Carilli NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
11 Sally McInnis JRA Cycles
12 Jennifer Rhodes International Bicycle Centers
13 Caitlin Thompson Human Zoom/Pabst
14 Laura Kozlowski Unattached
15 Diana Ohlson Unattached
16 Jennifer Muto North Atlantic Velo/
17 Elaine Debitetto MRC/Team Psycho


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Perri Mertens Cambridge Bicycle 43:19
2 Karen Potter Zancanato 43:29
3 Kathy Sarvary Gear Works/Spin Arts 44:25
4 Sara Cushman Gear Works/Spin Arts st
5 Marianne Stover Independent Fabrication 44:57
6 Susan Maclean Gear Works/Spin Arts 46:09
7 Karen Tripp 46:33
8 Michelle Kersbergen New Hampshire Cycling Club 48:02
9 Susanne Delaney NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental 48:31
10 Cathy Rowell NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental 49:53
11 Kelly Chang Boston Road Club -1 lap
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