These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

A (Men)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Josh Johnson Mich Ultra-Big Shark
2 Jonathan Schottler Mich Ultra-Big Shark
3 Tim Kakouris Off the Front
4 Sam Moore Canyon Bicycles
5 Scott Peipert Ritte
6 Rock Wamsley Cannonball/Hub
7 Chris Cleeland Mich Ultra-Big Shark
8 Mark French 708 Racing
9 Dwayne Goscinski Dogfish
10 Trent Donat Mich Ultra-Big Shark
11 Dennis Koscielski Dogfish
12 Scott Ogilvie Dogfish
13 Patrick Gribbon Rokkit Racing

A (Women)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Britta Siegel (was 60) Alriksson Go Green
2 Gina Richard Mich Ultra-Big Shark
3 Elizabeth Heller Dressells Pub
4 Suzanne Johnson Mich Ultra-Big Shark
5 Patricia Clark Unattached
6 Kerri Schewe Off the Front

B (Men)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dwayne Goscinski Dogfish
2 Matthew Davidson Mich Ultra-Big Shark
3 Peter Jensen Mich Ultra-Big Shark
4 Rich Kisseloff Dogfish
5 Mark Hofmeister Mich Ultra-Big Shark
6 Patrick Gribbon Off the Front
7 Mike Weiss Mich Ultra-Big Shark
8 Devlin Mcdonough Off the Front
9 Peat Henry Free Awesome
10 Ryan Wachter Dogfish
11 James Klages Veda Cycling
12 Marc Ciufolo Blind Squirrel
13 Aron Rauls Off the Front
14 Rob Martin Mich Ultra-Big Shark
15 Aaron Gardner Dogfish
16 Doug Nishimura Blind Squirrel
17 Jeff Kloha Off the Front
18 Chris Clausen Pfoodman Racing
19 Leith Carey Unattached
20 Mike Bobelak Pfoodman
21 Alan Christanell Gateway Cycling Club
22 James Coudright Unattached
23 Steve Friedman b Off the Front
24 David Frei Unattached
25 Craig Cooper Mich Ultra-Big Shark
26 Jason Torbitzky Unattached
27 Matt Grummer Unattached
28 Joel Maisenhelder Rokkit Racing
29 Justin White Death Row Velo
30 Chris Creed Gateway Harley-Davidson
31 Patrick Kirkes Mich Ultra-Big Shark
32 Tom Valvo Mich Ultra-Big Shark
33 John Peiffer Off the Front
34 Erik Nielson Unattached

B (Women)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tara Flaig Mich Ultra-Big Shark
2 Kelly Patty Momentum
3 Annie Schwartz Team Revolution
4 Kate Keeler Off the Front
5 Nikki Difani Mich Ultra-Big Shark
6 Cindi Inman Mich Ultra-Big Shark
7 Rachel Sleeman Unattached
8 Jennifer Nielson Unattached
9 Bethany Himel Metro East Cycling
10 Rene Creed Gateway Harley-Mesa
11 Samantha Welter Unattached
12 Kate Hrubes Cannonball/Hub
13 Allison Stoll Unattached
14 Lisa Dattilo Mich Ultra-Big Shark
15 Susan Kubinak Dogfish
16 Angela Barbini Unattached
17 Carrie Clay Mich Ultra-Big Shark
18 Darla Chilton Off the Front
19 Lauren Hendrix-vasquez 522 Mich Ultra-Big Shark

C (Men)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Randy Murdick Unattached
2 Jacob Rohter Huffy Hammer
3 Robert Trapp Cannonball/Hub
4 Sam Gulotta Team Mack
5 Frank Brummer Team Mack
6 Justin Holden Wild Trak
7 Josh Rodgers Momentum Racing
8 Rob Phillips Mich Ultra-Big Shark
9 Tim Mcallister Just Me Racing
10 Keith Dudding Unattached
11 Rick Bass Momentum
12 Guillermo Garsed Mich Ultra-Big Shark
13 Tim Pike Unattached
14 Todd Nowlin Cannonball/Hub
15 William Howells Cannonball/Hub
16 Suzanne Johnson Mich Ultra-Big Shark
17 Charles Mayden Wild Trak
18 Brian Termaat Stihl Horseman
19 Dale Cira St. Louis Tri Club
20 Sean Ross Momentum
21 Jim Alseth Velo Force
22 Tim West Unattached
23 Bill Morris Unattached
24 Nikita Linderen Unattached
25 Mike Wise Pfoodman Racing
26 Chip Self Unattached
27 Steve Menendez Cannonball/Hub
28 Tim Lawson Unattached
29 Jody Dwiggins Wild Trak Bikes
30 Chris Alexander Unattached
31 Aaron Burlingame Unattached
32 Dustin Kestranek Unattached


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Howells jr Cannonball/Hub
2 Sawyer Cleeland Mich Ultra-Big Shark
3 Will Gulotta Team Mack
4 Madelyn Nichols Unattached
5 Alex Creed Gateway Harley
6 Casey Lang Unattached
7 Rolen Creed Gateway Harley-Mesa

Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Wesley Boyce VCRC Factory Racing
2 Peat Henry Free Awesome
3 Rob Mayfield The Hub
4 Dan Fuhrmann Fire Turds
5 Josten Allran Dogfish
6 Matt Grothoff Team Seagal
7 Joe Walsh Mich Ultra-Big Shark
8 John Marbarger Green Street