These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eric Thompson Plan C
2 Lance Beuning Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
3 Josey Weik ISCorp
4 Rhett Finley Crossniacs
5 Brendan Bellew Angry Catfish
6 Fred Mills Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
7 Keith Bianchi bianchi/GP
8 Zach Johnson Great Plains Cycling Club
9 Innokenty Zavyalov Omnium Racing
10 Jason Wenk Nicollet Bike
11 Lewis Perna Team Rio Grande
12 Jay Henderson Silver/Hwood
13 Isaac Young Unattached
14 Drew Holbrook Freewheel Bike
15 Mitch Nordahl Team Plan C
16 Paul Ellis St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
17 Paul Thoresen Team Plan C
18 Franz Rinkleff Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
19 Matt Muyres Freewheel Bike
20 Joshua Schwantes Kenwood Racing

Men Cat 1/2/3/4 Junior 10-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Wavrin Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
2 Zach Newton Unattached
3 Nick Gordon MNJRC
4 Nick Carter Birchwood/GIS
5 Alasdair Boyle Unattached
6 Anders Sonnesyn MNJRC
7 Will Curtis Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
8 Wyatt Furois Gopher Wheelmen
9 Joseph Gallagher Unattached
10 Ethan Peterson Birchwood/GIS
11 Adam Vail Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
12 Pete Johnson Freewheel Bike

Men Cat 2/3/4 Masters 35-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Owen Thoele Angry Catfish
2 Brandon Krawczyk Unattached
3 Thomas Thornquest Kenwood Racing
4 Daniel Wheeler Gopher Wheelmen
5 Barry Tungseth Hollywood Cycles
6 Jim Bell Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
7 Adam Staufenberg Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
8 Jay Henderson Silver/Hwood
9 Daniel Jansen Hollywood Cycles
10 Bryan Hill St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
11 Ben Doom Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
12 William Kuster Loon State Cyclists
13 Tim Stone Kenwood Racing
14 Wallace Alexander Kenwood Racing
15 Steve Laurel Unattached
16 Drew Holbrook Freewheel Bike
17 Gregory Goblirsch Loon State Cyclists
18 Thomas Lapinski Freewheel Bike
19 Thomas Macdonald Kenwood Racing
20 John Thompson St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
21 Michael Phillips Curt Goodrich Racing Team
22 Daniel Jacobsen Omnium Racing
23 Marcus Bush Einstein Cylles
24 Franz Rinkleff Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
25 Caleb Donaldson Omnium Racing
26 Jon Friedell Kenwood Racing
27 Tim Brandvold Silver Cycling
28 Dag Selander Unattached
29 Peter Voss 42
30 Chris Van ert Peace Coffee Racing
31 Daniel Strese Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
32 Shan Han
33 Gene Oberpriller
34 Thomas Manderfeld Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
36 Steven Sonnesyn Team Plan C
37 Mike Brotman Synergy
38 Bart Hollaren Peace Coffee Racing
39 Vince Rosetta Synergy
40 Gregorio Ramirez Dominican Republic
41 Steven Pippin Freewheel Bike
42 William Dick Top Natchez Racing
43 John Iltis Unattached
44 Mark Rathbun Minnesota Cycling Team
45 Dwight Skinner Unattached
46 Jeff Ingham Gopher Wheelmen
47 Stephen Wilson Unattached
48 Monte Dirks Twin Six
49 Koen Bastiaens Unattached
50 Peter Leugers Unattached
51 Stephen Cragle Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
52 Erik Johanson Team Plan C
53 Robert Ogren Kenwood Racing
54 Tommy Everson
55 Eddie Karow Unattached
56 David Uppgaard Gopher Wheelmen
57 Todd Trembley Unattached
58 Mark Dykes G.S. Circo Azzurro
59 Barry Schmitt Unattached
60 Eric Thoerner Birchwood/GIS
61 Ted Clausen Unattached
62 Kevin Brandt Unattached
63 Robert Belz Loon State Cyclists
64 James Vansloun Birchwood/GIS
65 Jason Goldberg
66 Daniel Wistrall
67 Erin Young Unattached
68 Matt Moore Unattached
69 Bruce Harick St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
70 John Bryant St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
71 Robert Vigil Minnesota Cycling Team
72 David Hastert Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ethan Furois Gopher Wheelmen
2 Drew Wilson Unattached
3 Dominic Talerico Unattached
4 Tim Werts The Hub
5 Josh Bauer Hollywood Cycles
6 Justin Rinehart Nicollet Bike
7 Taylor Krosbakken Great Plains Cycling Club
8 Jake Szymanski Freewheel Bike
9 Reece Oleson St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
10 Eric Boyles Behind-Bars/LGR
11 Jeff Peterson Omnium Racing
12 Eric Sundstrom International Christian Cycling Club
13 Taylor George Crossniacs
14 Brian Bice Omnium Racing
15 Adam Rambow Crossniacs
16 Daniel Strese Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
17 Jeremy Ames Angry Catfish
18 Jack Zabrowski La Crosse Velo Club
19 Derek Van de velde Omnium Racing
20 John Mcguire Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
21 Franz Rinkleff Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
22 Daniel Boyles Behind-Bars/LGR
23 Paul Harrison Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
24 Chris Sur Unattached
25 David Pedersen Birchwood/GIS
26 Joel Boelke IC3
27 Ted Clausen Unattached
28 William Greenwood FOUNDRY

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Marcus Bush Einstein Cylles
2 Thomas Wavrin Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
3 Ken Hum Omnium Racing
4 Trent Luger Balance Cycling/Eriks Bike Shop
5 Dan Luoma Unattached
6 Anthony Ferrara Twin Six
7 Charles Serrill
8 Tom Puzak Unattached
9 Todd Thurmes Freewheel
10 Matt Kennedy Synergy
11 Peter Behm St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
12 Kevin Guiney Unattached
13 James Kauth Birchwood/GIS
14 Ben Hey
15 Kevin Cleereman Unattached
16 Michel Dalal Unattached
17 Nat Mcintyre
18 William Dick Top Natchez Racing
19 Bryan Rhorg Unattached
20 Michael Theiler Unattached
21 Christoffer Graham Graham Jewelres
22 Aaron Avenido Unattached
23 Phil Clark Unattached
24 Seth Iverson Omnium Racing
25 Joel Ingvalson Unattached
26 Mark Eikenberry Unattached
27 Matthew Prior Unattached
28 Jason Lesser Unattached
29 Andrew Holien Unattached
30 Christian Huseby Omnium Racing
31 Jeff Damm Unattached
32 Weston Towley Unattached
33 David Seifert Unattached
34 Michael Brown Peninsula Velo Cycling Club
35 Erik Erickson Gopher Wheelmen
36 Matt Appleman Minnesota Cycling Team
37 Logan Anderson St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
38 Peter Lund Behind-Bars/LGR
39 Paul Sanders Unattached
40 Brett Hooton Peace Coffee Racing
41 Carl Sledgister
42 Dustin Skarda Unattached
43 Jacob Nelson Ramsey Cycling Club
44 Brad Ingles
45 Tim Bergeson
46 David Lukaska Unattached
47 David Cecchi Unattached
48 Issac Hagen Unattached
49 Joel Swenson Unattached
50 Reid Bartels Unattached
51 Andrew Magill Unattached
52 Jerry Washatka
53 Chris Schommer Crossniacs
54 Kevin Cleereman Unattached
55 Benton Hunt Unattached
56 Vjan Ultifit
57 Paul Giannobick
58 Nicolas Dahl Unattached
59 Robert Hollister Unattached
60 Kent Furois Gopher Wheelmen
61 Tyler Turgeon-schramm Unattached
62 Shawn Stufft Unattached
63 Andrew Smith
64 Brian Gaines Gopher Wheelmen
65 Chris Anderson Flat City
66 Dave Knox Unattached

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jenna Rinehart Nicollet Bike
2 Linda Sone Crossniacs
3 Jennifer Nowlin Peace Coffee Racing
4 Jeanne Fleck Velo Duluth
5 April Morgan Unattached
6 Carol Seipp Silver Cycling
7 Lee Penn St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
8 Lindsey Hillesheim Squadra Coppi
9 Meredith Rambow Birchwood/GIS
10 Patty Costello Plan C
11 Kris Brazil Milltown Cycles
12 Heather George Birchwood/GIS

Women Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Megan Barr Birchwood/GIS
2 Amy Oberbroeckling Team Q7
3 Emily Bramel St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
4 Lynne Cecil
5 Mikka Norday
6 Aimee Zabrowski Unattached
7 Kyra Jackson Unattached
8 Heidi Gollogly Sweetn Salty Cycling
9 Amy Thiem Wookie Juice
10 Michelle Enderson Unattached
11 Jennifer Mettler Unattached
12 Skye Goedert MNJRC
13 Kaelin Jackson Unattached
14 Karen Smith
15 Maya Espinosa St Paul Bicycle Racing Club

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