These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joshua Roeser Crossniacs 59:17.rd
2 Craig Faulkner Crossniacs 59:17.rd
3 Eric Thompson 59:35.rd
4 Josey Weik ISCorp 00:29.rd
5 Matthew Petersen Balance Cycling/Erik's Bike Shop 00:39.rd
6 Rhett Finley 00:51.rd
7 Daniel Casper Revolution 01:32.rd
8 Ian Stanford Freewheel Bike 01:37.rd
9 Brendan Bellew Angry Catfish 02:47.rd
10 Jay Henderson Silver Cycling 03:09.rd
11 Paul Krumrich Goodrich 03:20.rd
12 Kent Throlson Balance Cycling/Erik's Bike Shop 03:22.rd
13 Zach Johnson Great Plains Cycling Club 03:27.rd
14 Andrew Kruse Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz 06:01.rd
15 James Buddenbaum 06:13.rd
16 Daniel Jacobsen Omnium Racing 06:25.rd
17 Mitch Nordahl Team Plan C 06:50.rd
18 Matthew Montesano 09:37.rd
19 Mark Mlinar St Paul Bicycle Racing Club 01:20.rd
20 Todd Heiser Silver Cycling 03:33.rd
DNF Anthony Olson St Paul Bicycle Racing Club 43:44.rd
DNF James Cullen Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club 58:27.rd
DNF Rich Bergstrom Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz 25:54.rd
DNF Fred Mills Revolution 25:56.rd

Men Cat 1/2/3/4 Junior 10-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Colin Catlin Gopher Wheelmen 33:03.rd
2 Thomas Wavrin Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc. 33:49.rd
3 Samuel Westlake Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc. 37:04.rd
4 Nick Gordon Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc. 39:01.rd
5 Nick Carter St Paul Bicycle Racing Club 39:35.rd
6 Will Curtis Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc. 40:05.rd
7 Wyatt Furois Gopher Wheelmen 40:13.rd
8 Trek Malarski 42:29.rd
9 Quentin Ikutaschodde Synergy 42:33.rd
10 Dylen Wetteland Gopher Wheelmen 43:44.rd
11 Luke Macdonell 33:40.rd
12 Grant Halsey Gopher Wheelmen 35:07.rd
13 Brian Gaines Gopher Wheelmen 35:07.rd
14 Ethan Peterson Birchwood/GIS 35:09.rd

Men Cat 2/3/4 Masters 35-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brandon Krawczyk 48:50.rd
2 Ladric D'schommer-grant Crossniacs 49:25.rd
3 Adam Staufenberg Revolution Cycle/Twin Six 49:11.rd
4 Thomas Thornquest Kenwood Racing 49:00.rd
5 Michael Phillips Curt Goodrich Racing Team 49:16.rd
6 David Olheiser 49:36.rd
7 Caleb Donaldson Omnium Racing 49:49.rd
8 Gregory Goblirsch Loon State Cyclists 49:19.rd
9 Barry Tungseth SilverCycling 49:53.rd
10 Ezra Taylor Kenwood Racing 50:08.rd
11 William Kuster Loon State Cyclists 50:25.rd
12 Daniel Wheeler Gopher Wheelmen 50:30.rd
13 Todd Schmidt Ridley 50:39.rd
14 Paul Schoening Team Plan C 49:49.rd
15 Wallace Alexander Kenwood Racing 50:43.rd
16 Thomas Macdonald Kenwood Racing 50:48.rd
17 Thomas Lapinski Freewheel Bikee 50:53.rd
18 Matt Leizinger Sweet'n Salty Cycling 51:43.rd
19 Gregorio Ramirez Dominican Republic 51:39.rd
20 Mark Rathbun Minnesota Cycling Team 52:02.rd
21 Grant Larvick Angry Catfish 51:59.rd
22 Mike Brotman Synergy 52:23.rd
23 Robert Marhefke 52:55.rd
24 Bryan Harwood CROSS PROPZ RACING 53:00.rd
25 John Iltis 53:20.rd
26 Paul Inkala 53:26.rd
27 Stuart Benson Cyclove 53:29.rd
28 Dan Inderieden 54:17.rd
29 Koen Bastiaens 52:33.rd
30 Chris Sur 54:31.rd
31 Robert Ogren Kenwood Racing 54:35.rd
32 Greg Mealhouse Synergy 55:19.rd
33 Bruce Porter St Paul Bicycle Racing Club 55:45.rd
34 Ken Earley Cat 6 Racing 55:52.rd
35 Shannon Smith St Paul Bicycle Racing Club 54:23.rd
36 Andy Powell 56:56.rd
37 Todd Trembley Milltown Cycles 57:43.rd
38 Barry Schmitt 56:26.rd
39 James Cullen Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club 58:53.rd
40 Jason Goldberg St Paul Bicycle Racing Club 58:10.rd
41 Mark Overgaard Gopher Wheelmen 49:26.rd
42 Jeremy Norton Behind-Bars/LGR 49:31.rd
43 Tom Bengel 51:09.rd
44 Robert Vigil Minnesota Cycling Team 51:48.rd
DNF William Dick Top Natchez Racing 56:03.rd
DNF Reece Oleson Angry Catfish 36:56.rd
DNF Drew Wilson Almanza 26:55.rd

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Drew Wilson 46:56.rd
2 Josh Bauer Hollywood Cycles 47:20.rd
3 Ethan Furois Gopher Wheelmen 47:27.rd
4 Samuel Bramel Gopher Wheelmen 47:39.rd
5 Taylor Krosbakken Great Plains Cycling Club 48:22.rd
6 Ryan Marsel Behind-Bars/LGR 48:54.rd
7 Jeremy Ames Angry Catfish 49:11.rd
8 Buckley Birkholz 49:42.rd
9 Brian Bice Omnium Racing 50:01.rd
10 Taylor George Crossniacs 50:02.rd
11 Chris Van ert Peace Coffee Racing 50:11.rd
12 Adam Rambow Crossniacs 51:07.rd
13 Reece Oleson St Paul Bicycle Racing Club 52:17.rd
14 Spencer Salmon Great Plains Cycling Club 52:30.rd
15 Eric Boyles Behind-Bars/LGR 53:18.rd
16 Ian Johnson Behind-Bars/LGR 54:03.rd
17 Todd Heiser Silver Cycling 55:39.rd
18 Andrew Sherve Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz 51:01.rd
DNF Brady Prenzlow Balance Cycling/Erik's Bike Shop 24:37.rd
DNF Benjamin Cox 18:07.rd

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christian Brekke 32:04.rd
2 Dave Fetters 32:25.rd
3 Thomas Wavrin Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc. 32:27.rd
4 Quentin Ikutaschodde Synergy 33:09.rd
5 Ryan Carlson Twin Six 33:32.rd
6 Matthew Johannsen Omnium Racing 33:39.rd
7 Grant Halsey Gopher Wheelmen 33:52.rd
8 Dave Merry 34:03.rd
9 Todd Thurmes 34:08.rd
10 Ryan Larson Birchwood/GIS 34:11.rd
11 Brian Gaines Gopher Wheelmen 34:50.rd
12 Anthony Ferrara 34:56.rd
13 Eric Wetteland Synergy 35:04.rd
14 Peter Behm St Paul Bicycle Racing Club 35:05.rd
15 Andrew Holien 36:00.rd
16 Mark Eikenberry 36:08.rd
17 Justin Rumley 36:12.rd
18 Chad Millner 36:17.rd
19 Ken Earley Category 6 Racing Squad 36:27.rd
20 Craig Estenson 36:32.rd
21 Michael Mckinney 36:34.rd
22 Mat Fisk 36:59.rd
23 Christian Huseby Omnium Racing 37:00.rd
24 Scott Voermans 37:27.rd
25 Ryan Guthrie Gopher Wheelmen 37:41.rd
26 Jeff Damm 37:42.rd
27 Brian Malarski County Cycles 38:03.rd
28 Matt Lovaas International Christian Cycling Club 38:18.rd
29 Nick Mele 39:28.rd
30 Nathan Brennaman Birchwood/GIS 39:34.rd
31 Meredith Rambow Birchwood/GIS 40:31.rd
32 Dustin Skarda 40:54.rd
33 Ted Higman Synergy 43:13.rd
34 Doug Dye 32:39.rd
35 Kent Furois Gopher Wheelmen 33:09.rd
36 Mark Mettler Minnesota Cycling Team 34:00.rd
37 Andrew Smith 37:16.rd

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Linda Sone Cycle-Smart Inc. 50:32.rd
2 Carol Seipp Silver Cycling 53:48.rd
3 Cathy Yndestad Life Time Fitness 54:19.rd
4 Alex Lacey Omnium Racing 55:32.rd
5 Patti Schmidt Lifetime Fitness 55:51.rd
6 Anya Malarski Gopher Wheelmen 59:37.rd
7 Kris Brazil Milltown 48:55.rd
8 Barb Alexander Curt Goodrich Racing Team 49:33.rd
9 Heather George Birchwood/GIS 54:54.rd
10 Desta Meyer Silver Cycling 54:54.rd
DNF Niki Soderberg Cyclocrossracing 28:32.rd

Women Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anya Malarski Gopher Wheelmen 38:51.rd
2 Megan Barr Birchwood/GIS 38:54.rd
3 Alicia Fisk 39:46.rd
4 Kelly Catlin Gopher Wheelmen 39:58.rd
5 Sandra Gross 42:33.rd
6 Linsey Hamilton Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz 43:07.rd
7 Tina Raehsler Big Ring Flyers 43:16.rd
8 Valerie Mcgoldrick Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc. 33:05.rd
9 Kendra Estenson Bianchi/Grand Performance 37:34.rd
10 Jennifer Mettler 37:50.rd
11 Miriah Dahlquist 37:56.rd
12 Jenna Westlake Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc. 38:44.rd
13 Skye Goedert 40:16.rd

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