These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Amos Harvey Round Here Racing
2 Fletcher Lydick Frazier Cycling
3 Charles Lessing RHR
4 Ryan Wolfe ATHCX
5 Rob Simpson ATHCX
6 Elliott Baring Cycle Youth
7 Michael Schmid Deeds Publishing
8 James Tudor Peachtree Bikes
9 Jeff Clayton
10 Michael Weigand Stomach of Anger
11 Chris Shadburn Round Here Racing
12 Kenneth Fischer Reality Bikes
13 Andrew Rytlewski
14 Eric Vanname L5Flyers p/b Quantum Mechanics
15 Jon Wienandt Team Fond Du Lac/Oshkosh Cyclery
16 Donald Hoefer
17 Duncan Mcguire Deeds Publishing
18 Bobby Thrash FFCC
19 Kelly Edwards ACC
20 Richard Tillotson
21 Kyle Schultz ATLX
22 William (dub Smith FFCC
23 Stephen Jansa GTC
24 Franklin Paine Deeds Publishing
25 Jim Bilotto L5Flyers p/b Quantum Mechanics
26 Torre Smitherman Bike Town USA
27 Asa Marshal
28 Theodore Fazur L5Flyers p/b Quantum Mechanics
29 Ronnie Bratcher L5Flyers p/b Quantum Mechanics
30 Sergei Grigorian Bike Raising
31 Mikey Waine Junior Flyers
32 Mike Waine
33 Muse Davis ATLX

Cat 4 (19-34)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kinzer Hewitt Atomic Cycles
2 Nick Ray
3 Justin Bashe
4 Tomas Petit
5 Charlie Putnal Big Ring Racing
6 Wesley Burruss Depaula Racing
7 Wes Wright Atlanta Trek
8 Jeff Hopkins
9 Stephen Lavoie ATHCX
10 Blake Bradford C Town Bikes
11 Pete Edmonson
12 Willem Kaiser Junior Flyers
13 Joseph Wilkinson
14 Garrett Eckerl C Town Bikes
15 Garrett Jaenicke
16 Davis Branyon Frazier Cycling
17 Jon Bowers
18 Bobby Brown
19 Terry Murray
20 Brandon Andrews Freeflite

Cat 4 (35+)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brian Murphy
2 Scott Morris
3 Chris Bulloch
4 Matthew Harris C Town Bikes
5 Harry Boxler
6 Steve Spence Smyrna Bicycles
7 Mark Baldwin
8 Clay Benoit Smyrna Bicycles
9 Paul Linck
10 Lyle Lydick Frazier Cycling
11 Dawson Morton
12 Doug Mclaughlin Smyrna Bicycles
13 Jack Whisler
14 Ray Healy
15 James Varner C Town Bikes
16 Josh Vandall
17 Gordon Dunn C Town Bikes
18 Obed Ingram C Town Bikes
19 Gary Ross ATLX
20 Cornelio Delasalas Team Sopo Bikes
21 Ryan Summers
22 Robert Mccollum Team Cadence
23 Carlos Saavera
24 Fred Carty
25 Christopher King
26 Carl White North Star Bikes
27 Richard Hubbard Northstar Racing
28 Bob Knoll Wheel Hopper
29 Jorge Robledo
30 Larry Mayse Studio 7
31 Johnny Mayero Frazier Cycling

Elite Masters 35+ (1/2/3)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Kuhn Hup United
2 Christopher Wyatt Peachtree Bikes
3 Brady Rogers LITESPEED-BMW
4 Daryl Sawyer FFCC
5 Alex Clifford Faster Mustache
6 Jay Wansley Peachtree Bikes
7 Kenneth Fischer Reality Bikes
8 David Hicks HomeSmart/L5Flyers
9 Franklin Paine Deeds Publishing
10 Jon Cheaves C Town Bikes
11 Nick Harmer Faster Mustache
12 Jason Spruil Faster Mustache
13 Curt Arey ATLX
14 Joshua Frank ATLX

Elite Masters 45+ (1/2/3)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Schmid Deeds Publishing
2 Richard Mauney FFCC
3 Richard Burton FFCC
4 Jeff Clayton
5 William (dub Smith FFCC
6 Gary Dalton Cox/WE Stedman Cycling
7 Gregory Schisla GTC
8 Michael Fitzgerald Aarons
9 Charles Clark Cycle-Therapy GA
10 James Behning C Town Bikes
11 Patrick Buckley East Point Track Club
12 Howard Buckley Loose Nuts Cycles
13 Ronnie Bratcher L5Flyers p/b Quantum Mechanics
14 Andy Bailie L5Flyers p/b Quantum Mechanics
15 Sergei Grigorian Bike Raising
16 Asa Marshall OMBA Macon
17 Michael Johnson


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Davis Branyon Frazier Cycling Juniors
2 Keegan Schimmelman
3 Leon Waine Junior Flyers
4 Sean Branyon Frazier Cycling Juniors
5 Troy Waine Junior Flyers
6 Reece Latham
7 Fletcher Lydick Frazier Cycling
8 Elliott Baring Cycle Youth
9 Tomas Petit
10 Justin Bashe Frazier Cycling Juniors


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Turner Team Jamis
2 Frank Travieso Miami Chasis
4 Douglas Ollerenshaw LITESPEED-BMW
5 Eric Neely Sugoi
6 Shey Lindner C Town Bikes
7 David Sagat Fuji Bikes
8 Ryan Murray Nouveau Velo Cycling Team
9 Brian Deloughy Bikeman . Com
10 Eric Nicoletti Faster Mustache
11 Brandon Pruett Rome Velo
12 Ian Prunier Smyrna Bicycles
13 Alex Clifford Faster Mustache
14 Aaron Pyle ACC
15 Jafer Beizer C Town Bikes
16 Eric Anderson Deeds Publishing
17 David Hicks HomeSmart/L5Flyers
18 Darren Comer

Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mclean Harris Smyrna Bicycles
2 Rob Simpson ATHCX
3 Kelly Edwards ACC
4 Charlie Putnal Big Ring Racing
5 Jon Wienandt Team Fond Du Lac/Oshkosh Cyclery
6 Mike James
7 Joshua Frank ATLX
8 Richard Tillotson Sfatto
9 James Behning C Town Bikes
10 Kyle Schultz ATLX
11 Steve Spence Smyrna Bicycles
12 Gordon Dunn C Town Bikes
13 Charles Clark Cycle-Therapy GA
14 Ronnie Bratcher L5Flyers p/b Quantum Mechanics
15 Woitek Wysocki GTC
16 Aaron Pyle ACC
17 Bennett Brian
18 Daniel Mccarthy Smyrna Bicycles
19 Joseph Wilkinson
20 Muse Davis ATLX
21 Robert Mccollum Cadence Bikes
22 Jack Whisler

Women 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Shannon Greenhill Peachtree Bikes
2 Paula Burks USSC-Trek p/b Vantaggio
3 Lisa Randall Sorella Cycling
4 Kimberly Sawyer FFCC
5 Elizabeth Lee Louis Garneau Factory Team
6 Laura Andrews Free Flyte
7 Laura Colbert Loose Nuts Cycles
8 Beth Gearhart
9 Amy Frank ATLX
10 Janice Eirich

Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jean Miller Sorella
2 Zoe Frazier
3 Kim Pounders Smyrna Bicycles
4 Lori Balistreri ATLX
5 Aimee Henderson
6 Miriam Vos Sorella
7 Ashley Chan NGCA
8 Catherine Donnelly Smyrna Bicycles
9 Caroline Haynie Smyrna Bicycles
10 Rebecca Bowers
11 Gloria Duarte
12 Anna Frey
13 Carol Mulligan
14 Jennifer O'connor Sorella

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