These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men A Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jesse Swift Gates Carbon Drive
2 Michael Burleigh Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
3 Gage Hecht Team Specialized Racing Juniors
4 Brad Neagos Natural Grocers Cycling Team
5 Thomas Meiser Feedback Sports Racing
6 Paul Lugar Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
7 Shawn Meredith Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
8 Vincent Davis Racer X Cycling
9 Daniel Wyszynski Optimize Endurance Services
10 Scott Forrest
11 William E allen Feedback Sports Racing
12 Tony A romagna Racer X Cycling
13 Andrew Sprafke Rocky Mountain Racing
14 Ed Oliver Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
15 Jon Alegranti
16 Carlos Vulgamott
17 Michael Burton Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
18 Charley Dean

Men B Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brad Neagos Natural Grocers Cycling Team
2 Greg Gorrell Feedback Sports Racing
3 Emery Legg Great Divide Brewing Company
4 Nathan Collier Peace Coffee Racing
5 Brad Fentress USC Cycling Team
6 William E allen Feedback Sports Racing
7 Steve Hageman PSIMET/Zilla Racing
8 Jared Shuttleworth
9 Jonathan T bravman Cycleton
10 Michael Schaub Feedback Sports Racing
11 Joshua Schroeder International Christian Cycling Club
12 Kirk Fogdall
13 Jason E reynolds
14 Dan Orlinski
15 Thomas Fiorillo VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
16 Michael Welker Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
17 Broc Thompson PSIMET/Zilla Racing
18 Paul Schaller Denver 38 Racing
19 Mac Whitney Denver 38 Racing
20 James Bedrosian Boulder Cycle Sport
21 Michael Koren VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
22 Galen Stilgebauer Rocky Mountain Road Club
23 Jason Gardner Routine Leg Works
24 William Capron Natural Grocers Cycling Team
25 Greg Scott
26 Jack Doherty Black Sheep Junior Cycling
27 Patrick Sullivan International Christian Cycling Club
28 Stuart Braddock Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
29 Sean P. malone Frites En Mayo Velo Club
30 Ryan Murphy Routine Leg Works
31 Kyle Thomas Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
32 Christopher Wahle International Christian Cycling Club
33 Ryan Hillard Frites En Mayo Velo Club
34 Ryan A wilson Evolution Racing
35 Christopher Taylor
36 James Servaites Boulder Cycle Sport
37 Bruce Goshorn
38 Sean Steeves Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
39 David Fitzpatrick TLR Cycling
40 Blaine Haskell
41 Gerry Reynolds Routine Leg Works
42 Robert Montgomery
43 Jerry Cutright International Christian Cycling Club
44 Seth Murphy
46 Collin Bantle University of Denver
47 Michael J riley
48 Thomas Grimaldi
49 Jim Simons
50 Eric Perryman Schwab Cycles Racing Team
51 Jason Douglass Boulder Cycle Sport
52 Kyle Gisbert Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
53 Lee Waldman Feedback Sports Racing
54 Scott Bristol Routine Leg Works
55 David Fitzpatrick TLR Cycling
56 Thomas Seybold Racer X Cycling
57 Brian M coleman
58 Edward Cookson
DNF Tony A romagna Racer X Cycling
DNF Matthew Otero International Christian Cycling Club
DNF Ian Gowing
DNF Jason Douglass Boulder Cycle Sport
DNF Rich Digeronimo Feedback Sports Racing
DNF Scott A bristol
DNF Bob Roman
DNF Tim Hodges IC3Colorado

Men C Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael S dunbar Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
2 Stefan Munck Local Velo
3 John B richards
4 Kenny Mcmenimen
5 Corey J baughman Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
6 Richard Grubin
7 Jordan C paulus Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
8 Scott Daub TLR Cycling
9 Liam Sullivan International Christian Cycling Club
10 Mark Lewis Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
11 Cole Trout
12 Daniel P tybor
13 Rick Abbott Excel Sports Boulder
14 Collin Bantle University of Denver
15 Michael C bateman
16 Dean Digulio
17 Joshua Schwiesow CROSS PROPZ RACING
18 Greg Floyd
19 Oliver J kilbury
20 Richard Wilkinson
21 Will Mcbryde Black Sheep Junior Cycling
22 Kevin Brett stakelin PSIMET/Zilla Racing
23 Greg Everett
24 George Scott Swift Cycling
25 Dan Wisleder
26 David Beitel
27 Mitchell R weller
28 Jack M stenson
29 Ryan Stowers Black Sheep Junior Cycling
30 Keaton Hodges International Christian Cycling Club
31 Kevin Leone
32 Gary J mullins
33 Steve Richardson
34 Nathan R newton IC3Colorado
35 Scott Hendricks Routine Leg Works
36 Benjamin M meiser
DNF Brandon Dyksterhouse
DNF John B eisert
DNF Will M doherty Black Sheep Junior Cycling
DNF Jack Boardman
DNF Chris Boardman
DNF Chris Zias

Men Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Stephen Shepherd Boulder Cycle Sport
2 Derek Bissett
3 Gordon Hirsch
4 Colin Mckernan Feedback Sports Racing
5 Derek Strong Gates Carbon Drive
6 Justin Sheldon
7 Chris Mcgee Feedback Sports Racing
8 David O'Brien
9 John Damiano
10 Jesse Pisel
11 Rider 513
12 Alvin Nordell Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
13 Geoff Klingsporn Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
DNF Robert W thayer Sonic Boom Racing

Women A Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tracy Yates Tough Girl Cycling
2 Kimberly Nuffer Boulder Orthopedics
3 Lea Julson Tough Girl Cycling
4 Lisa Strong Tough Girl Cycling
5 Heather Roach Team Small Batch
6 Jessica Bernstein Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
7 Brittany Jones Naked Women's Racing
8 Amanda Bye Naked Women's Racing

Women B Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
2 Courtney Green
3 Terri Smith Boulder Cycle Sport
4 Megan Hottman
5 Kristie Arend Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
6 Iling Matthews thompson
7 Julie Zias Boulder Cycle Sport
8 Nadine Pyter Twin Peaks Racing
9 Cathy Goodheart Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
10 Lynn Bush Tough Girl Cycling
11 Savannah Adams Front Rangers Cycling Club
12 Jennifer Lausen Twin Peaks Cycling,Inc
13 Jaclyn Gee
14 Alison Bodor
15 Devora E peterson
16 Karen Smith Racer X Cycling
17 Linda Stieduhar
18 Elizabeth Arend

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