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Cat 3 Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Peter Smith Essex County Velo
2 Karl Krantz
3 Marc Bavineau ECV
4 Corey Masson
5 Talbott Ingram Harborodecycle
6 Ryan Rumsey
7 Erik Osborn BIKEMAN.COM
8 Brendan Gallivan Gallivan Corporation/cbrc
9 Anders Larson BIKEMAN.COM
10 Joshua Austin Team 201A/I smell bad
11 Miro Koulnis NCC/Bikereg
12 Tyson Parody Putney/West Hill
13 Justin Ziemba Team International Bike/NERAC
14 Colin H. Murphy Essex County Velo / Boston University Cycling
15 William Palm Cox Communications Cycling Team
16 David Foley BOB-MISFITS
17 Ronnie Steers Gamache Cyclery
18 Pierre Vanden borre Hup United
19 Robert Poole

Cat 4 Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Murphy Carey
2 Justin Cox Tuckaway Farm
3 Cort Cramer CCV
4 Dan Ouellette Gamache Cyclery
5 Sam Dodge Stage 1 Fusion THINK Cannondale
6 Christian Eager QuadCycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
7 Joey Solomon stage1/cannondale
8 Kevin Sweeney black death racing
9 Garett Burke
10 Colin Reuter
11 Matthew Spaits Boston Road Club
12 Zachary Wills Alan factory Team
13 Doug Hartwell EGF
14 Nathan Pfeifer
15 Dan Zube Sam's Club International Racing Team
16 John Naegle MIT Cycling / FXDD
17 Erin Bennett Team Harbawside
18 Thomas Needham
19 Mike Anthony UNH
20 Jack Hayden
21 David Lafferty MIT Cycling / FXDD
22 John Hartshorne NorEast Cycling
23 John Wilde Harvard U Cycling
24 Sven Lohse Essex County Velo
25 David Loszewski BOB/Skofield Builders
26 Brett Durham
27 Jeffrey Seifer Boston Road Club
28 Retelle Ryan NEBC/Cycleloft

College A Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jessica Miller UNH Cycling
2 Sonya Cates MIT
3 Sarah Hart Colby College Cycling
4 Melissa Smith UNH Cycling
5 Katie Dunn Tufts
6 Natalia Gardiol MIT Cycling
7 Kristen Naegle MIT
8 Jan Weyant-hamel
9 Jennifer Stebbins Dartmouth College Cycling

College B Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeff Lukach UNH Cycling/Team Eagle
2 Eric Silva Tufts University
3 Nathaniel Campbell Brandeis University Cycling
4 Cimarron Wortham MIT Cycling / FXDD
5 Cory Johannessen Harvard University Cycling
6 Joshua Jamner Colby College Cycling
7 Nick Loomis MIT Cycling - FXDD
8 Alex Buck UNH Cycling

Juniors 10-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
2 Bradford Perley Trek/Cape-Able
3 Steve Simonds SMCC/Giant
4 Collin Huston Southern Maine Cycling Club
5 Ryan Barlow ALAN GOLD
6 bontomoa
7 Joshua Leniann GOLD
8 Peter Goguen Union Velo
9 Anders Wolfe NEBC
10 Tommy Goguen Union Velo
11 Tiffany Bontomo

Masters 35/45/55 (Pro-3)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Meerse Hurricane Mountain Multisport
2 Troy Fenderson Boston Scientific Cycling Gold
3 Alan Starrett
4 Richard Brown NorEast Cycling Silve
5 Kurt Perham Cycle-Smart
6 Eiric Marro BOB/Skofield Builders Gold
7 Keith Button noreast cycling Silve
8 William Sawyer Gearworks - Spinarts
9 Andrew Durham CCB/Volkswagon
10 Paul Lynch bicyclelink/mbrc
11 Chris Borrello Gear Works/Spin Arts
12 George Gagnen Bronz
13 Stephen Frothingham CCB/Volkswagen Bronz
14 Dave Barr Fitchburg Cycling
15 David King CCB/Volkswagen
16 William Casazza BOB/Skofield Builders
18 Paul Weiss Portland Velo
19 David Leedberg GearWorks / Spin Arts
20 John Mosher Bicycle Link/MBRC
21 Mike Rowell NEBC
22 Steven Bonadio ARC-EN-CIEL
23 Mike Hoover
24 Terrence Parker Boston Scientific Cycling
25 Sean Langford ccb-volkswzgn
26 Matt Spence Onion River Sports
27 Robert Naser Caster's/Majik Coffee p/b Apex Tech Group
28 Drew Davis QuadCycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
29 Robert Fitzhenry NHCC/Team NH
30 Mark Suprenant CCB/Volkswagen
31 Bob Lesmerises White Mountain Velo
32 Carl Ring NHCC/ Team NH

Masters 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Sheehan GMBC/Catamount
2 Todd Sauage Minwte Road Club
3 John Laupheimer NEBC/CycleLoft
4 Ned Connell Putney/West Hill
5 Charles Bourdages
6 John Witmer GMBC/Catamount
7 Fran Boudreau Unattached
8 Michael Hamlet Minuteman Road Club
9 Robert Tyszko Team NHCC/New Hampshire Cycling Club
10 Joe Rapuano Essex County Velo
11 Robert Tutwiler noreast cycling
12 Michael Olbrys Minuteman Road Club
13 Michael Whitfield NHCC/Team NH
14 Tim Savage Southern Maine Cycling Club
15 Herbert Bates
16 Jack Chapman Nault's Cyclery/
17 Gary Lavigne Southern Maine Cycling Club
18 Ron Hines
19 David Alden-st. pierre

Pro/1/2/3 Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew O'keefe CCB Volkswagen
2 Jonny Bold Corner Cycle
3 Daniel Coady NCC /
4 Jonathan Bruno Independent Fabrication/Channel Cafe
5 Mark Nicholson / Token Products
6 Robbie King Priority Health
7 Curtis Boivin
8 Brett Racine Bliss Racing
9 Jerome Townsend Alan Factory Cyclocross Team
10 Ryan Larocque Team Bicycle Alley
11 Daniel Estevez Hot Tubes
12 St.martin Noreast Cycling
13 Brian Keegan Noreast/ATT Wheels
14 Joshua Lipka UNH Cycling/Team 201A
15 Patrick Goguen NCC/

Women 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erin Duggan Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield - CCCC (road)/Velo
2 Lynch Tamela
3 Linnea Koons
4 Cathy Rowell NEBC/Cycleloft
5 Katie Dunn TUFTS
6 Sally McInnis JRA Cycles
7 Kerry Combs Independent Fabrication
8 Stacey Luoma Tuckaway Farm
9 Teri Carilli NEBC/Cycle Loft
10 Allison Palmgren
11 Rebecca Zanconato HUP United
12 Hannah Sarnow NERAC
13 Julie Lockhart NEBC/Cycle Loft
14 Karen Tripp NorEast Cycling
15 Leslie Ludtke New Hampshire Cycling Club

Women Pro/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kathy Sarvary Gearworks/Spin Arts Cycling Team
2 Marianne Stover Independent FAB
3 Alie Kenzer IBC/NERAC
4 Karen Tripp NorEast Cycling Gold
5 Kim Blodgett International Bikes
6 Rhonda Morin Portland Velo Club/Cyclemania
7 Arley Kemmerer Boston Scientific/Team 201A
8 Kelly Chang Wheelworks
9 Erin Duggan Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield - CCCC (road)/Vel
10 Leslie Ludtke New Hampshire Cycling Club Silv
11 Melody Gray RHINO BIKES/ NHCC Gold
12 Kathryne Carr
13 Catherine Dudley Sleepy kitty cat Silv
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