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Men Cat 1/2/3/4/5 Masters 50+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Scott Arrigoni Verdigris-Village CX
2 David Schrauth The Pony Shop
3 Christando Lombardo Verdigris-Village CX
4 Gregory Anderson Spin Doctor Cyclewerks CX Team
5 Danny Warner Verdigris-Village CX
6 Tony Pacini ABD Cycling Club
7 Matt Howley EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters
8 James Linn Ten27 Cycling Club
9 Steel Bokhof The Pony Shop
10 Fred Schuler xXx Racing
11 William Waters South Chicago Wheelmen
12 Timothy Denman Verdigris-Village CX
13 Allan Thom The Pony Shop
14 Scott Ross
15 Alfonso Reyes Heritage Race Club
16 Randal Warren xXx Racing
17 Mike Grimm Flatlandia Cycling Team
18 Matthew Paradis Team Bicycle Heaven
19 Joel Roth Team TATI
20 Dean Ott Main Street Bicycles Sasquatch Squadron
21 Brian Kavanagh The Pony Shop
22 Ludwig Montfort ABD Cycling Club
23 John Bucksbaum The Pony Shop
24 Thomas Kramer Verdigris-Village CX
25 John Reimbold Heckawee
26 Albert Weigel Verdigris-Village CX
27 John Craychee Team Bicycle Heaven
28 Thomas Carlson
29 Jeff Biedka Verdigris-Village CX
30 Wojciech Czerkies
31 George Lambros Flatlandia Cycling Team
32 Craig Mckenzie ABD Cycling Club
33 James Linehan Roscoe Village Bike Racing
34 Robert Berg Tower Racing
35 Michael White Verdigris-Village CX
36 Walter Stoops ABD Cycling Club
37 Julian Coupland Verdigris-Village CX
38 John Stainthorp xXx Racing
39 Kevin Mitchell
40 Juan Victoria
41 Randy Edmondson Verdigris-Village CX
42 Duane Higgs Verdigris-Village CX
43 Chris Mailing Ten27 Cycling Club
44 Edward Reed The Pony Shop
45 John Mahr Wheel Fast Racing
46 Calvin Brown
47 Charles Goldman
48 Tim Belton
49 Ron Sloan
DNF Andre Odendaal Team Higher Gear

Men Cat 2/3/4 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Maxx Hall Verdigris-Village CX
2 Lucas Seibel Spidermonkey Cycling
3 Michael Dutczak South Chicago Wheelmen
4 Thomas Babinski Rhythm Racing
5 Pj Cavoto jr Spidermonkey Cycling
6 Tom Driver Burnham Racing
7 Andrew Zens Rhythm Racing
8 John Boggs xXx Racing
9 Eugenijus Skibarka Team UPB /
10 Ted Burger Flatlandia Cycling Team
11 Tristan Whitehead Burnham Racing
12 John Bistolfo Velosmith Bicycle Studio
13 Nathan Schneeberger Johnny Sprockets
14 Aaron Byrnes Spidermonkey Cycling
15 David Ginsberg
16 William Sawyer xXx Racing
17 Hayes Sanborn Spidermonkey Cycling
18 Cameron Pease Main Street Bicycles Sasquatch Squadron
19 Mitch Emerson
20 Joseph Doyle Kelly's Team
21 Mark Witthoefft The Pony Shop
22 Ludwig Montfort ABD Cycling Club
23 Trent Williams Spidermonkey Cycling
24 Matt Fox
25 Jim Polizos Rhythm Racing
26 Bob Ryan Tuxedo Thunder Cycling
27 Isaac Drew Team Bicycle Heaven
28 Arthur Miles Vision Quest LLC
29 Dan Kalny North Central College
30 Kenneth Dorado Spidermonkey Cycling
31 Jon Labok
32 George Keppler Half Acre Cycling
33 Brandon Todd
34 Michael Chong
35 Alejandro Collins
36 Ben Wuellner
37 Alvin Ang FIL AM BIKERZ
DNF Sean Seamon
DNF Juan Victoria

Mixed Cat 1/2/3/4/5 Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Louis Kuhn The Pony Shop
2 Michael Naughton
3 Lucas Seibel Spidermonkey Cycling
4 Mike Conroy Mox Multisport
5 Peter Chrapkowski Twin Six
6 Robert Higgins Johnny Sprockets
7 Patrick Myers Team TATI
8 Walid Abu ghazaleh The Pony Shop
9 Andrew Haala Tuxedo Thunder Cycling
10 Vesselin Velev
11 Ara Oggoian Team Bicycle Heaven
12 Avi Neurohr Chicago Cuttin Crew
13 Jacob Huizenga
14 Brent Wegscheid Johnny Sprockets
15 Troy Crady Mox Multisport
16 Sean Kennedy Johnny Sprockets
17 Nathaniel Miller Spidermonkey Cycling
18 Jessica Hill The Pony Shop
19 Justice Leppanen The Pony Shop
20 Brandon Gobel Chicago Cargo
21 Chase Wreyford Tuxedo Thunder Cycling
22 Christopher Berthold Velosmith Bicycle Studio
23 Brad Keyes
24 Seth Gable Tuxedo Thunder Cycling
25 Maria Larkin Chicago Cuttin Crew
26 Jason Alvarado The Bonebell
27 William Barnes Higher Gear Chicago Cycling Club
28 Gregory Kick Intelligentsia Racing Society
29 Drew Priest-grochowski
30 Sarah Rice Spidermonkey Cycling
31 Jim Drummond Activator Cycle Club
32 Brian Boyle South Chicago Wheelmen
33 Steven Dickerson Intelligentsia Racing Society
34 Cory Norris Scum City Racing
35 Thomas Kaiser Main Street Bicycles Sasquatch Squadron
36 Mike Naylor DeathRow Velo
37 Marie Snyder Chicago Cuttin Crew
38 Kyle Millns
39 Michael Malone
40 Stephen Drew Team Bicycle Heaven
41 Kelly Clarke Spidermonkey Cycling
DNF Sophia Robinson
DNF Marcus Delgado Mox Multisport

Women Cat 4 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christine Tejada The Pony Shop
2 Jennifer Harrison
3 Lindsey Fahey Spidermonkey Cycling
4 Lily Wilcock Kinky Llama Racing
5 Ann Martens Spidermonkey Cycling
6 Laurie Chipps Half Acre Cycling
7 Catherine Wilson
8 Beth Christiansen Union Cycling Team
9 Katie Paradis Team Bicycle Heaven
10 Ronit Bezalel
11 Annie Byrne Half Acre Cycling
12 Michelle Moore Spidermonkey Cycling
13 Anna Bacsik Kinky Llama Racing
14 Caryn Solomides Team UPB /
15 Erica Scott KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
16 Sue Wellinghoff xXx Racing
17 Ella Neurohr Chicago Cuttin Crew
18 Maryann Sedor
19 Sarah Gulseth
20 Sophia Robinson
21 Elizabeth Markel
22 Kathryn George
23 Jasmin Welter Femme Rouge
24 Sheila Wilson
25 Ellie Thompson
26 Kimberly Scheer xXx Racing
27 Kirsten Lefeldt
28 Anne Brynn
29 Sara Laurino
30 Katie Casey Half Acre Cycling
31 Melissa King
32 Claudia Reyestodd Heritage Race Club
33 Patricia Ledesma Union Cycling Team
34 Kelsey Phillips
35 Katie Kolon Spidermonkey Cycling
36 Stewart Chapman Spidermonkey Cycling
37 Elizabeth Bosch
38 Graciela Val
DNF Kaitlyn Bowden PSIMET Racing
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