These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Junior 15-18 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Enzo Allwein Lionheart Junior Racing
2 Alexander Christian Lionheart Junior Racing
3 Clayton Travis WAS Labs Cycling
4 Ruben Bacon Peloton Sports Group
5 Dylan Rockwood Lionheart Junior Racing
6 Zachary Young Bishops Racing
7 Ryan Mcloughlin Prochain Cycling
8 Zachary Ross Bishops Racing
9 Owen Busch Lionheart Junior Racing
10 Mackenzie Green Red Zone Cycling
11 Maxx Bowman Lionheart Junior Racing
12 Sydney Lach Bishops Racing
13 Connor Landreth WAS Labs Cycling
14 Emma Hayes Lionheart Junior Racing
DNF Maxwell Savage Lionheart Junior Racing

Juniors 9-14 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lucas Stierwalt Lionheart Junior Racing
2 Nicholas Petrov Lionheart Junior Racing
3 Lewis Gatch Lionheart Junior Racing
4 Jacob Krynock Lionheart Junior Racing
5 Joseph Weisgerber Lionheart Junior Racing
6 James Haubner Lionheart Junior Racing
7 Jonathan Hills Team Dayton Bicycling
8 Gianni Allwein Lionheart Junior Racing
9 Bartek Kawalkowski Lionheart Junior Racing
10 Preston Luniewski Lionheart Junior Racing
11 Rosalyn Willey Lionheart Junior Racing
12 Alex Weisgerber Lionheart Junior Racing
13 Ryder Thompson Lionheart Junior Racing
14 Alexa Stierwalt Lionheart Junior Racing
15 Olivia Rademacher Lionheart Junior Racing
16 Mariadelpilar Grolmes Lionheart Junior Racing
17 Michaela Schulze Lionheart Junior Racing
18 Reagan Long Lionheart Junior Racing
19 Conner Wilson Team Dayton Bicycling
20 Alexis Hills Team Dayton Bicycling
21 Ben Wilson Team Dayton Bicycling
DNF Christopher Mckenzie Lionheart Junior Racing

Men Master 30-44 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Neis Team Dayton Bicycling
2 Eric Lundgren JBV Coaching
3 Matt Weeks WAS Labs Cycling
4 Jay Karpinski
5 Brett Mckay
6 Doug Carraway Team Six One Four
7 Scot Herrmann Team Dayton Bicycling
8 Ernesto Marenchin WAS Labs Cycling
9 Scott Miller Team Dayton Bicycling
10 Cory Muth Monogram CX
11 James Dieringer Spin
12 Matt Stierwalt Rogue Racing Project
13 Bruce Pisarek Central Ohio Bicycle Club
14 Joseph Hall Queen City Wheels
15 Jeff Wass Team Prologue
16 Gary Burkholder Snake Bite Racing
17 Michael Gottfried Trek Store Cincinnati
18 Michael Adams WAS Labs Cycling
19 Christopher Arndt Paradise Garage Racing
20 Brad Fischer Team Six One Four
21 Christopher Huck North Coast Cycling
22 Eric Jennings Summit Freewheelers
23 Chris Romie
24 Corey Atchison Qwik Fix
25 Michael Whitaker Team Gravity Spa

Men Master 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Gatch Swallow Bicycle Works
2 Nate Loman Lake Effect Cycling Team
3 Peter Hills Team Dayton Bicycling
4 Raymond Auger
5 Brent Evans
6 James Baldesare Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF pb Felt Bicycles
7 Patrick Lach Zephyr Wheel Sports
8 William Marut Lake Effect Cycling Team
9 Jeffrey Craft Lake Effect Cycling Team
10 Dan Lach Zephyr Wheel Sports
11 David Hart Zephyr Wheel Sports
12 Jason Long Queen City Wheels
13 Derek Wilford Spin
14 Joe Bellante Bio Wheels Racing
15 Peter Post CMS Race Team
16 Andy Perrino Bio Wheels Racing
17 Corey Green Team Hungry
18 Glen Borkowski Cap City/Brioso Coffee Cycling
19 Rick Toler Team Dayton Bicycling
20 David Linden Team Dayton Bicycling
21 Lou Beckmeyer 7 Hills Racing Inc
22 Alan Willey Queen City Wheels
23 Jerry Hayes Rogue Racing Project 513
24 Rick Voithofer Team Six One Four
25 Mark Davis Blazing Saddle Racing
26 Robert Neuman
27 David Spurlock Queen City Wheels
28 Mark Farmer Team Six One Four
29 Ron Kubala
30 John Downey
31 Andrew Riess
32 Fred Steinbrecher Peloton Sports Group
33 Frank Strang Stark Velo
34 Christopher Fidler
35 Robert Breedlove Blue Sky Cycling Club
36 Lyle Dailey Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
37 Freter Chris Don Walker Cycles Racing
38 Peter Lytle
39 Ken Mills
40 Jos Belich
41 David Wright
42 Jeff Borisch
43 Dale Seeds Stark Velo
44 Bruce Skillings Team Dayton Bicycling
DNF Duane Busch
DNF Kathleen Neff Bishop Bicycles

Single Speed Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Boneff J's Bikes/IHOP 00:46:45
2 Ernesto Marenchin Pivot Cycles Twin 6 WAS Labs 00:49:57
3 Spencer Hackett Cap City/Brioso Coffee Cycling 00:50:09
4 Michael Gottfried Trek Store Cincinnati
5 Matt Harbaugh Team Hungry 00:52:20
6 Justin Brown Paradise Garage Racing 00:55:54
7 Katsu Tanda Paradise Garage Racing
8 Kristen Arnold Lady Gnar Shredders

Women Master 30+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Geraldine Schulze Bio Wheels Racing
2 Victoria Steen Lady Gnar Shredders
3 Laura Webb Spin
4 Anneke Frankemolle Lake Effect Cycling Team
5 Lorena Brown North Coast Cycling
6 Vicki Munnings WAS Labs Cycling
7 Elli Sigmond Team Dayton Bicycling
8 Maria Weese Bishop Bicycles
9 Kellie Strang WAS Labs Cycling
10 Julie Herrmann Team Dayton Bicycling
11 Taylor Leach Bishop Bicycles
12 Flavia Sancier Team Dayton Bicycling
13 Korin Evans
14 Catherine Neff Summit Freewheelers
15 Sandra Gliga Team Bicycle Hub
16 Tiffanie Hills Team Dayton Bicycling
17 Jillian Kellbach Queen City Wheels
18 Karen Wells-hamilton Bio Wheels Racing