These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jordan Lewis Cycle-Smart Elite Team
3 Andrew Schmidt Hincapie Sportswear Development
4 Daniel Gerow Marian University Cycling Team
5 David Wood Liberty Bicycles
6 Tim Barrett East Point Track Club
7 Benjamin Coleman Pro Tested Gear
8 Baird Sills
9 Trevor Harding LNC
10 Keith Handlon The Hillsborough Street Elite
11 David Ladson walls AYC Junior Development Team
12 James Brookshire Volharden
14 David Sellars Cardinal Bicycle
15 Chris Lessing Round-Here Racing
16 Abe Goorskey CycleWorks
17 Bret Pacheco BPCPA Cycling
18 Joseph Grimes DangerZone p/b #GLC
19 Brett Rumble Giordana-CST Cycling
20 Michael Potter High Country Development
21 Sebastian York Asheville Youth Cycling
22 Christopher Wyatt PEACHTREE BIKES
23 Eric Hoffman Berger Hardware Bikes
24 Reid Rhodes Velosports Racing Team
25 Eddie Jones Champion System - DCX
26 Sonni Dyer Industry9 Cycling p/b: ABRC
27 Nick Bragg Highlands Velo
28 Ben Brown
29 Kevin Burgess Lees McRae College
30 Dustin White Round Here Racing
31 Kyle Ellis Cycle Youth
32 Spencer Lowden Brevard College Cycling Team
33 Kyle Mcnamee Hoffenchard
34 Christopher Ragland Berger Hardware Bikes
35 Ivan Graudszus TEAM RIZE
36 Jared Kelley Asheville Cyclocross
37 Cris Bifaro
38 Ian Nelson Hoffenchard
39 Mansour Benkreira Birdsong Brewing/Common Market
40 Michael Byrd
41 Jimm Mcelroy VeloSports Racing
42 Greg Junge Team RIZE
43 Matthew Sand Bret Pacheco CPA Cycling
44 Henry Davis Wenzel Coaching Junior Development Team
45 Garrett Smith Reedy Creek Cycles
46 Mike King Starlight Cycling Apparel
47 Jake Rosenbloum BSM Cycling
48 Corbitt Bourne Floyd Outdoors/EMI
49 Steve Bennett
50 Karsten Bench Beers N Gears Bike Squad
51 Zach Lail Mock Orange Bikes 40+
52 Tony Sigrist Interactive Metronome
53 Wojtek Dyszkiewicz Birdsong Brewing/Common Market
54 Andrew Hall
55 Eric Carlson Rogues Racing
56 Boyd Safrit
57 Brandon Milet Rize Energy Performance Drink
58 Christopher Kent Team RIZE
59 Geoffrey Siepker US Military Cycling Team
60 Andrew Hager Team Hoffenchard
61 Joseph Emanuel Faster Mustache
62 William Sumner CycleTherapy/CLM
63 Josh Baker Hoffenchard
64 Nicholas Barlow Faster Mustache
65 Silas Moorefield cycle works
66 Richard Frye UNC Cycling
67 Jacob Pilkerton birdsong brewing p/b common market
68 Benjamin Turits Champion System/DCX
69 Connor Tankersley Village Volkswagen Cycling Team
DNF Sam Klontz Team Racing Cyclocross on Lundbecks presented by L
DNF Ryan Farris Evolution Jr Development
DNF Thomas Savage
DNF Joshua Cole Brevard College Cycling Team
DNF Charlie Putnal Crosstown Velo
DNF David Marbut Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta

Men 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Gearren ii Bicycle Sport
2 Andrew Hillier Bicycle Post
3 Bergen West Warren Wilson College
4 Andrew Dietz Generals
5 Larry Gibson Generals (UNCG collegiate)
6 Barry Wilcox iii Mars Hill University
7 Samuel Morkal williams Century Road Club Assoc
8 Nathan Lemons
9 Luke Mcmurtrey
10 Deane Gauthier Crosstown Velo
11 Sebastian Streit Team RIZE
12 Mike Tam Bicycle Sport/ Total Cyclist MTB
13 Ethan Dellamaestra Storm Racing Team
14 Tyler Conner
15 Kenneth Metzger Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
16 Andrew Fairman AYC Junior Development Race Team
17 David Beverly Birdsong Brewing/Common Market
18 Paul Vulcan Birdsong Brewing/Common Market
19 Regis Bryer Brevard College Cycling Team
20 Andrew Nicholson Western Carolina University
21 Jonathan Marshall Cool Breeze Team
22 Thomas Fleckenstein RTO National
23 Kelley Montoya Knoxville Bicycle Company
24 Ian Harding Greenville Spinners Racing
25 Jonathan Plaxton Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
26 Charlie Mckenzie AYC Junior Development Race Team
27 Jim Morrison Hoffenchard
28 Jesse Keicher
29 Brian Lafranchi Birdsong Brewing/Common Market
30 Luke Thomas Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
31 David Millsaps Oak City Cycling Project Racing Team
32 Evan Mcintosh Bret Pacheco CPA Cycling
33 Richard Rozzelle Earth Fare
34 Scott Spurlin Cycleworks
35 Ryan Chet Appalachian State University
36 Adam Long Constellation Cycling
37 Matthew Watts
38 Arthur Koch
39 Mark Collett BusyDadCycling
40 Joshua Eisner Inland Construction/ C2
41 Trampas Nevius Evolution Jr. Devo
42 Brenden Forbis BikeSource
DNF Frank Wood MSG Cyclocross

Men Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jonathan Hamblen Kens Bike Shop - Hearts Racing
2 Westley Richards Clemmons Bicycle
3 David Marbut Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta
4 Raymond Laffin Crosstown Velo
5 Thomas Vandevender Asheville Cycloross
6 Charlie Putnal Crosstown Velo
7 Joseph Emanuel Faster Mustache
8 Wojtek Dyszkiewicz Birdsong Brewing/Common Market
9 Travis Beane Clemmons Bicycle Racing
10 Kelley Montoya Knoxville Bicycle Company
11 Jacob Pilkerton birdsong brewing p/b common market
12 Douglas Ahrens Evolution Jr. Devo
13 Daniel Allen Clemmons Bicycle Racing
14 Paul Mckeithan Evolution Jr. Devo
15 Adam Koch Mock Orange Bikes
16 William Sumner CycleTherapy/CLM
17 David Beverly Birdsong Brewing/Common Market
18 Carl Peltzer Clemmons Bike Shop
19 Josh Miller Clemmons Bicycle
20 Ronnie Bratcher L5Flyers p/b Maxxis
21 Antoinette Delucia Clemmons Bicycle Racing
22 Patrick Rimron CycleTherapy
23 Geoffrey Siepker US Military Cycling Team

Men 13-14 Juniors

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alastair Pounder AYC Junior Development Race Team
2 Anthony Bailey AYC Junior Development Race Team
3 Scott Spurlin Cycleworks
4 Dylan Richardson Evolution Jr. Devo
5 Kate Seiler Red Zone Cycling
6 Gabriel Mueller Inland
7 Ben Mckenzie AYC Junior Development Race Team
8 Joshua Morrow Asheville Youth Cycling
9 Charlton Stainback constelation cycling p/b: inland construction co.
10 Jackson Engle HammerCross
11 Jacob Eisner Inland Construction/ C2

Men 15-18 Junior15

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Farris Evolution Jr Development
2 Ethan Dellamaestra Storm Racing Team
3 Luke Thomas Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
4 Eli Woodard Hometown Manufacturing
5 Mike Lambert
6 Aidan Pounder AYC Junior Development Race Team
7 Parker Haney AYC Youth Cycling Development Team
8 Quinn Reece EVO DEVO
9 James Brookshire Volharden

Men 40+ Masters 40+ 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Roger Aspholm FinKraft Cycling Team
2 Charles Storm Storm Racing Team
3 Christopher Smith Power Fix CX
4 Ophir Sefiha Motion Makers - Specialized
5 Christopher Blake Bitter Dose Racing
6 Sam Morse Corner Cycle
7 Mike Stewart
8 Jeffrey Welch Industry Nine Cycling Team p/b ARBC
9 Dirk Pohlmann Texas roadhouse p/b moterex
10 James Pittman Crosstown Velo
11 Randy Shields Kens bike shop
12 Jason Morgan CrossTown Velo
13 Austin Walker Industry Nine Cycling Team p/b ABRC
14 Russel Henderson Crosstown Velo
15 Jeff Varner Mock Orange Racing
16 Charlie (jimmy) Bruner Inland Construction / C2
17 Timothy Hopkin Crosstown Velo
18 John Kirkwood crosstown velo
19 Robert Colbert Mock Orange Racing
20 Gary Yates
21 Robb Peterson Cycleworks
22 Peter Mathern Greenville Spinners Race Team
23 Bc Roberts Solum Racing
24 Andrew Pooser Chainheart Cycling Studio
25 Kevin Hessler Asheville Cyclocross
26 Adam Perez Revolution Cycle Sports p/b Lonerider Brewery
27 John Weigel GVC/
28 Chris Chotas Litespeed-BMW
29 Tim Hall Sonic Cycling
30 Mark Vomund Team Roger C Peace
31 Darren Comer Litespeed-BMW
32 Todd Davis KCOI Boulevard
33 Eric Smith Team Hoffenchard
34 David Gerrer Crosstown Velo
35 Charles Rossignol Litespeed-BMW
36 Alan Wages Cycle-Smart Grassroots Team
37 Eric Griffin SEAVS/Haymarket
38 Dwight Smith Reedy Creek Cycles
39 Joseph Cross Birdsong Brewing/Common Market
40 Travis Neumuller NGCA/Mission Source
41 Philip Kielty Raleigh Gyros
42 Jay Womack Hoffenchard
43 Cameron Brantley Asheville Cyclocross
44 Carl Peltzer Clemmons Bike Shop
45 David Nolletti VeloSports Racing
46 Raymond Laffin Crosstown Velo
47 Mark Jordan Cycletherapy Bikes
48 Hugh Moran Industry Nine p/b ABRC
49 Stoney Sanders Cycletherapy
50 Kevin Watt Durham Cycles
51 Robert Derose Hoffenchard / Thomson
52 Rick Pyle Cycleworks
53 Shawn Moore Fiets Maan Racing
54 Brady Rogers Litespeed-BMW
55 Tony Zaffino VeloSports Racing
56 Michael Seek Rogue Velo Racing
57 Peter Hymas Nashbar Cycling Club
58 Thomas Wilson Velosports Racing
59 Paul Paisant Mock Orange Bikes
60 Ronnie Bratcher L5Flyers p/b Maxxis
61 Brian Schultz Velosports Racing
62 Michael Seiler Rogue Racing Project
63 Daniel Allen Clemmons Bicycle Racing
64 Charlie Putnal Crosstown Velo
66 Terrence Slifer Total Cyclist MTB Team

Men 40+ Masters 40+ 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Patrick Rimron CycleTherapy
2 Eric Bray
3 John Bovine E3 Elite Human Performance
4 Erik Schreiner Constellation Cycling
5 Scott Kaysen WFO
6 David Lamond Crosstown Velo
7 Ron Heninger
8 Scott Richardson Evolution Jr. Devo
9 John Ventevogel Team HammerCross
10 Doug Brown Berger Hardware Bikes
11 Kevin Sigrist Gulf Coast Velo
12 Bryan Hoffman Oak CIty Cycling Race Team
13 Daniel Ingram DrunkCyclist
14 Phillip Jerome PAC
15 Mathew York AYC Club Team
16 Jeremy Peterson
17 John Luckett VeloSports Racing
18 Jim Siemens ABRC
19 Josh Miller Clemmons Bicycle
20 Jeff Hendricks
21 Michael O'Brien MOB Cyclocross Team Syndicate
22 Mark Montague Asheville Cyclocross
23 David Pressley Constellation Cycling
24 Eric Greenley NC B.E.Fit
25 Roy Jones Greenville Spinners Racing
26 Bob Burdon International Christian IC3
27 Jason Epstein Berger Hardware Bikes
28 David Haney AYC Youth Cycling Development Team
29 Thomas Ratajczak Asheville Bicycle Racing Club
30 Ryan Madamba
31 Lennox Oneil
32 Christopher Mumford Team Hammer Cross
33 Mark Stover
34 Joel Eisner Inland Construction/ C2
35 Larry Mayse
36 Bryan Engle HammerCross
37 Michael Quinn Slippery Sasquatch/ Bicycle Sport
38 Dan Smyrsky
39 David Rice Clemmons Cycling
40 Stephen Brackbill
41 Parrish Matthews
42 George Hatcher Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
43 Paul Mckeithan Evolution Jr Devo
44 John Smith AVLCX
45 Robert Nixon Charlotte Sports Cycling

Men 50+ Masters 50+ 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Barney Baxter Mock Orange
2 Steve Carpenter Peloton-Specialized
3 Andrew Good Coolbreeze Cyclery p/b Trek of Charlotte
4 Daryl Rains Mock Orange Bikes
5 Doug Shaw Crosstown Velo
6 Roger Payne BHB
7 Jeff Tripp BIKEMAN.COM
8 Michael Mueller Berger Hardware Bikes
9 Jeff Haase ABRC
10 Michael Henry
11 Chris St peter
12 Chuck Gillis Nashbar Cycling Club
13 Lonnie Brooks Cone Health / Cycles DeOro
14 Todd Thornton inland construction
15 Wayne Nix Hanging Dog Moonshine
16 Terry Forrest Atomic Cycles
17 Neil Myers Exton beverage Company
18 Scott Wagner MOSR
19 Andrew Danfy Spinx Bike Race team
20 Arthur Danfy team spinx
21 Skip Johnson Berger Hardware Bikes
22 Jim Emery Bicycle Sport
23 Ron Swenson Unattached
24 Mark Fasczewski The Generals
25 James Berry Spinx Bike Race Team
26 David Fuller Cycles deOro/Greensboro Velo
27 David Sawitke
28 John Baxter Inland/C2
29 Kerry Shields Kens Bike Shop

Men 9-12 Juniors

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Wesley Haggstrom Evolution Jr Devo
2 David Wier Evolution Jr. Devo
3 Connor Smith AVLCX
4 Alison Mckeithan Evolution Jr. Devo
5 Ross Fulco
6 Korbin Nevius Evolution Jr. Devo
7 Ethan Britt Hammercross
8 Brady Vomund
9 Luke Nevius Evolution Jr. Devo
10 Eli Mumford Team Hammer Cross
11 Ellen Haggstrom Evolution Jr. Devo Team
12 Mark Vomund Team Roger C Peace

Men Elite UCI

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kerry Werner Optum pro CX p/b KBS 1:02:19
2 Travis Livermon Mock Orange Bikes /MOB Pro CX 1:02:24
3 Dan Timmerman House Industries - Simplehuman - Richard 1:03:20
4 Ben Frederick Hefler Performance Coaching p/b Bicycle O 1:03:30
5 Anthony Clark Jam NCC/ squid bikes 1:03:32
6 Eric Thompson Mt. Borah Epic Team 1:03:41
7 Andrew Dillman Cyclocross Network Racing 1:03:57
8 Robert Marion American Clasic Pro CX Team 1:04:08
9 Frank Travieso United healthcare of Georgia/ 706 project 1:04:13
10 Lewis Gaffney American Classic Pro CX Team 1:04:13
11 Tristan Cowie Mock Orange Bikes / MOB Pro CX 1:04:18
12 Bradford Perley Champion System/Cannondale 1:04:22
13 Kevin Bradford-parish SET Coaching/Specialized 1:05:14
14 Adam Myerson Team Smart Stop p/b Mountain Khakis 1:05:14
15 Philip Short Kens Bike Shop - Hearts Racing 1:05:15
16 Josh Kelley Chris King/ Cielo Factory Team 1:05:15
17 Westley Richards Clemmons Bicycle 1:05:26
18 Weston Schempf SEAVS/Haymarket 1:05:29
19 Byron Rice Clemmons Bicycle 1:05:30
20 Troy Wells Team Clif Bar 1:06:42
21 Jonathan Hamblen Kens Bike Shop - Hearts Racing 1:06:44
22 Andrew Reardon Team Sonic 1:06:58
23 Brendan Rhim California Giant Berry Farms p/b Speciali 1:06:58
24 Nick Waite Pro Tested Gear 1:07:25
25 Cory Rimmer King University/Kona 1:07:47
26 Hunter Resek Mars Hill University 1:08:09
27 Scott Smith JAM FUND p/bNCC 1:08:22
28 Brian Hill Stans NotTubes P/b Proferrin 1:08:25
29 Alex Ryan Mock Orange Bikes / Mob Pro Cx 1:08:54
30 Lucas Livermon Champion System/DCX 1 Lap
31 Andrew Bailey Piney Flats Bicycles and Fitness 1 Lap
32 Gunnar Bergey Champion System - Cannondale 1 Lap
33 Elliott Baring Ridley/Reality Bikes 2 Laps
34 Trent Blackburn Mock Orange Bikes / Mob Pro Cx 2 Laps
35 Ryan Gamm OVVS 2 Laps
36 Christopher Rabadi Battley/District Taco/ Dosnoventa 3 Laps
37 Joshua Whitmore Greenlife-Subaru Benefiting Globalbike 3 Laps
38 Grayson Brookshire Volharden 3 Laps
39 Dan Wolf Pro Tested Gear 3 Laps
40 Nate Morse Devo Team 3 Laps
42 David Hall Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing 3 Laps
43 Myles Lietzke Ms Roses P/b J.Brow-ChampSys 4 Laps
44 Travis Werts Team Sonic 4 Laps
45 Nolan Tankersley Village Volkswagen Elite Cycling Team 4 Laps
DNF Justin Mcquerry Team Novo Nordisk Development DNF
DNF Jason Scislowicz Revolution Cycle Sports DNF
DNF Nicholas Van winkle Litespeed-BMW DNF
DNF Josh Johnson Giant Off-Road Factory Team DNF

Women 2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Karen Tripp BIKEMAN.COM
2 Paige Shook Mars Hill University
3 Lindsey Crifasi District Taco Cycling p/b BicycleSPACE
4 Alex Christofalos Mars Hill University
5 Rebecca Falls AVLCX
6 Julie Paisant Mock Orange Bikes
7 Courtney Cotton Richmond Bicycle Studio
8 Danielle Clark
9 Laura Rice Pure Velo Racing
10 Melissa Cooper Storm Racing Team
11 Megan Archer Cycle-Smart
12 Kathleen Mckeithan Evolution Jr. Devo
13 Samantha Miranda Brevard College Cycling Team

Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrea Lesondak NC B.E.Fit
2 Lillith Ahrens Evolution Jr. Devo
3 Isabella Brookshire TWENTY16 Development Team
4 Sherri Nevius Evolution Jr. Devo Team
5 Dl Williamson MSG
6 Emily Funk Pisgah Area Cycling
7 Stephanie Myracle Generals
8 Skylar Bovine Evo Devo
9 Keren Bennett EvoDevo
10 Philicia Marion Cycleworks
11 Andrea Storck Team Hoffenchard
12 Antoinette Delucia Clemmons Bicycle Racing
13 Laura Cooke Team Hoffenchard
14 Victoria Haney AYC Youth Cycling Development Team
DNF Kate Seiler Red Zone Cycling
DNF Deborah Bradley 92Fifty
DNF Riley Gallagher Evolution Jr Devo

Women 40+ Masters 40+ 2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sarah Matchett CoolBreezeTrek
2 Kim Bishop Fiets Maan Racing/Luna Cycles
3 Andrea Tadros Clemmons Bike Racing
4 Cid Guy Tricyclists (Trikes)
5 Ann Kota CycleTherapy/CLM
6 Lorri Warlick Cycletherapy
7 Janet Trubey NCCX
8 Laura Calvin CoolBreezeTrek

Women 40+ Masters 40+ 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Angela Connaughton
2 Michelle Horvath The Generals Trek Team
3 Meredith Blake Spokeswomen Syndicate p/b Parcycles
4 Greta Haggstrom
5 Stephanie Cole Globalbike Charlotte
6 Noelle Frederickson Dirt Divas
7 Beth Harrelson
8 Caryn Stover
9 Mary Crowe
DNF Greta Haggstrom

Women Elite UCI

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Beth Ann orton Team S&M Sellwood Cycle Repair 0:48:32
2 Laurel Rathbun Raleigh-Clement 0:48:56
3 Allison Arensman K-Edge/Felt Cyclocross Team 0:49:00
4 Nikki Thiemann Rare Disease Cycling 0:49:02
5 Laura Winberry Speedvagen Family Racing 0:49:21
6 Jane Burlew AVLCX 0:49:36
7 Elizabeth White University of Vermont 0:49:51
8 Carol Seipp County Cycles Masters CX p/b TREK 0:49:58
9 Katherine Shields Kens Bike Shop 0:50:13
10 Hannah Arensman K-Edge/Felt Cyclocross Team 0:50:34
11 Brittlee Bowman House Industries - Simplehuman - Richard 0:50:35
12 Rebecca Blatt Van Dessel 0:51:07
13 Emily Werner Kens Bike Shop 0:51:28
14 Sara Tussey Mellow Mushroom Racing 0:51:39
15 Ally Stacher Specialized-Lululemon 0:51:43
16 Victoria Steen Lady Gnar Shredders 0:51:43
17 Jenna Blandford VO2 Multisport 0:52:12
18 Christina Birch JAM Fund / NCC 0:52:19
19 Corey Coogan cisek PowerFix CX 0:52:29
20 Sarah Hill Brevard College 0:52:35
21 Katherine Santos Red Zone Elite U23 0:52:41
22 Avanell Schmitz Tradewinds Racing p/b Mermaid Winery 0:53:09
23 Mackenzie Green Red Zone Elite U23 0:53:23
24 Katie Arnold Stanridge 0:53:23
25 Kimberly Flynn The Generals 0:53:52
26 Elizabeth So Team TATI 0:54:00
27 Susan Helm-murtagh TriCyclists BRC 0:56:58
28 Joanne Grogan 3 Laps
DNF Julie Hunter SEAVS/Haymarket pb Van Dessel DNF
DNF Suzanna Dupee Champion System DCX DNF
DNF Melissa Presnell Rogue Velo Racing DNF
DNF Heather Davis Allys Bar DNF