These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Masters 35/45

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Richard Mihills unattached
2 Mark Kutney Van Dessel Factory Team
3 John Lux HVB/Marathon Roofing
4 Kristopher Auer C3/ADG/Joe's
5 Kirk Reisinger Wissahickon
6 Roger Masse All American Bicycle Club
7 William Browne Team N-Tieractive/Bike Doctor-Waldorf
8 Ron Huebner Potomac Velo Club
9 Sean Mealey Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing
10 Bernie Schiao LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies
11 Mark Dontigny Central Penn Racing
12 Douglass Gray First State Velo Sport
13 Michael Kolb First State Velo Sport
14 Mark Laser Yellow Breeches Racing
15 Mark Elsasser Bare Knuckle Brigade
16 Karl Kensinger
17 Kurt Mikeska Secret Henry's
18 Mike Buchness Pedal Shop/Old Dominion Brewing Company
19 Mike Connair Henry's Bikes
20 Jonathan Houghton
21 Kevin Breckenmaker Yellow Breeches Racing
22 Charles 'tom' Mcdaniel Secret Henrys
23 Paul Incognito Secret Henry's Team
24 Leo Pizzini Henry's Bikes
25 Shawn Downing Chesapeake Wheelmen/King Pawn
26 Joseph Kotun Lanterne Rouge
27 Douglas Galb
28 Tim Cusick WildBlues
29 John Hamilton Susquehanna Valley Velo Club
30 Gary Dugovich Beaver Valley Velo
31 Christopher Redlack
32 Jay Mongillo CCC / Keltic Construction
33 Gary Kelley South Mountain Velo Club
34 Patrick Leonard Evolution Racing
35 Christian Faino Evolution Racing
36 Joe Fritsch College Park Bicycles
37 Christopher Houston Yellow Breeches Racing
38 Judd Milne Squadra Coppi/IM Saab
39 John Nusbaum Warrenton Cycling Race Team
40 David Troop First State Velo Sport

Men 55+ 7 racers

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rob Lea Team Fuji
2 Nunzio Dibiasi Yellow Breeches Racing
3 James Carlson
4 Leo Pizzini Henry's Bikes
5 Donald Morrison Wissahickon
6 Ben Williams annapolis bicycle racing team/team snow valley
7 Fred Wittwer Charlottesville Racing Club

Men A 17 racers

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sean Galegher Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing
2 Kyle Hammaker TREK/VW
3 Weston Schempf FORT Frames*
4 Tim Cassan
6 Nathan Deibert Holmes Cycling
7 Joseph Reynolds Wissahickon Cyclery
8 Andrew Wulfkuhle ADG/Joe's Bike Shop/C3
9 Mark Kutney Van Dessel Factory Team
10 Bryan Butts Bianchi/GP/SPBRC
11 Paul Mica NCVC/INOVA
12 Erik Leaver NCVC/Innova Health System
13 Stephan Kincaid Meredith Group/GPOA/Cannondale Elite Cycling Team
14 Chris Mcgill Evolution Cycling
15 Erik Mitchell Quaker City Wheelmen - Team Breakaway
16 Chad Totaro Team Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon
17 Mike Hebe GPOA-Cannondale

MEN B 40 racers

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Todd Hesel Hunt Valley Bicycles / Marathon Roofing
2 John Brewer Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB
3 Evan Ellicott DCMTB/City Bikes
4 Zach Adams FORT Factory Team
5 Michael O'hara
6 Robert Campbell NCVC/Inova Health System
7 Andrew Grabarek CCC- Keltic
8 Ethan Townsend First State Velo Sport
9 Miles Smith C3/ADG/JOE'S
10 Tim Scesney
11 Gregory Lindstrom Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing
12 Morgan Gerlak C3/ADG/Joe's
13 Martin Kell Mountain Bikers of MIchaux
14 Matt Michel NCVC / Inova Health System
15 Brian Fouche LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies
16 Jared Nieters Warrenton Cycling
17 Don Kessel Holmes Cycling/Body Logic Therapy
18 Luke Sauder Hunt Valley Bicycle/Marathon Roofing
19 David Crouse The Bike Lane
20 Jim Mudd Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing
21 Darren Bernard Warrenton Cycling Race Team
22 Ryan Pomajevich GOTHAM
24 Chris Schaefer Yellow Breeches Racing
25 Kevin Dillard NCVC/Inova Health System
26 Gregory Sampson
27 Cary Hunter PVC
28 Mark Kilgore
29 Jonathan Kahler Team HumanZOOM /PBR
30 Tim Bowman Trophy Bikes
31 Syd Lea Team Fuji
32 Rob Collins
33 Joseph Ashman
34 Peter Bell Bike Doctor/Bayside velo
35 Richard Bilson Evolution Racing
36 Dan Conrad team shiftless
38 Erik Mitchell Quaker City Wheelmen - Team Breakaway
39 Marc Vettori Fort Factory Team
40 George Milinkovic

Men C 37 racers

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Steven Burke Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing
2 Jamie Elsasser Team Einstein's Cycling
3 Timothy Whittemore
4 Matthew Summers Team N-Tieractive/Bike Doctor-Waldorf
5 Chad Culbertson CRC of A / Hart's Racing
6 Joseph Gordon Team Cycle Works
7 Robert Thomas Secret Henry's Team
8 Chuck Buczeskie Mountain Bikers of Michaux
9 Trevor Shattuck TEAM BBL
10 Jason Ferrier
11 Craig Hise Yellow Breeches Racing
12 Greg Hoffman Bike Doctor
13 Brian Colby
14 Dave Gonder
15 Jason Yeager The Cycle Works
16 Michael Taylor Yellow Breeches Racing
17 David Highfield
18 Nick Capriotti
19 Norman Brach
20 Thom Moore Potomac Velo
21 Jon Queittslis
22 Alven Williams
23 Robert Colby NCVC/Inova Health Systems
24 Seth Witman Team Cycle Works
25 Tom Slowikowski Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing
26 Mark Fitzwater secret henry's team
27 John Capriotti
28 Jaerry Burkett
29 Hans Bakermans World Cup Ski & Cycle
30 Brian Stoner Cole's Bicycle Velo Club
31 James P Saunders Route 1 Velo / Capitol Hill Bikes
32 Vinnie Galatro Bully Dog Bikes
33 Bartine Hunt
34 Harris Finkelstein Schmookadeedoos
35 Joe Lillibridge LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies
36 Bartley Mulligan
37 Nathan Wilson NCVC/Inova Health System

U16 Jrs. 7 racers

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tyler Brown Bike Line/LWA
2 Justin Mauch NCVC/Inova Health System
3 Josh Starr Yellow Breeches Racing
4 Reed Mann
5 Brandon Fetrow Yellow Breeches Racing
6 Tanner Browne Team N-Tieractive/Bike Doctor-Waldorf
7 Avery Wilson NCVC/Inova Health System

U19 Juniors 4 racers

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nathan Wilson NCVC/Inova Health System
2 Josh Starr Yellow Breeches Racing
3 Justin Mauch NCVC/Inova Health System
4 Avery Wilson NCVC/Inova Health System

Women A 12 racers

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Deidre Winfield Velo Bella-Kona
2 Mandy Lozano Cheerwine
3 Melanie Swartz Velo Bella - Kona
4 Lisa Vible C3/ADG/Joe's Bike Shop
5 Jessica Singerman Bike Line and Twin Six
6 Jessica Hill
7 Lynda Maldonado Human Zoom
8 Alicia Parr Stuart Engineering/Inside Out Sports
9 Beth Mason C3/ADG/Joe's
10 Marni Harker Revolution Cycles/Rock Creek Racers
11 Marisa Peacock POTOMAC VELO
12 Jennifer Bodine Artemis/GWU

Women B 14 racers

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mary Fetrow Yellow Breeches Racing
2 Elizabeth Harlow Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing
3 Liz Feeney Sturdy Girl Cycling
4 Christina Briseno NCVC/Inova Health System
5 Doron Petersan NCVC/INOVA
6 Jess Kates Galatro Bully Dog Bikes
7 Kera Daily Wild Blues
8 Kathrin Schumacher CRC of A / Harts Racing
9 Michele Mark
10 Diane Vettori secret henry's team
11 Kathleen Fite Charm City Cycling, LLC
12 Kerry Combs Independent Fabrication
13 Christine Kelley Team BBC
14 Tanner Browne

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