These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Elite Juniors

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Zach Mcdonald Classic Cycles
2 Gavin Mannion Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team Inc.
3 Eric Emsky Rad Racing NW
4 Ian Terry RAD Racing
5 Nathan Brown Hot Tubes Development Team Inc.
6 Andrew Barker CLIF BAR Development Cyclo-Cross Team
7 Chris Wallace KCCX/VERGE
8 Connor Oleary FFKR Architects/
9 Robin Eckmann Team 5280 Magazine
10 Cody Kaiser California Giant Strawberries
11 Benjamin Swedberg Rad Racing NW
12 Morgan Ryan Team CICLE
13 Gabe Watson-norris Rad Racing Hagens Berman LLC
14 Madison Chilenski Team Oregon
15 Jeff Hopkins Willamette Valley Cyclery
16 Cole Cutright Oh Boy Oberto/Redline
17 Taylor Stewart Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz
18 Joshua Kaneg Bicycle Trip
19 Kyle Vanderstoep Bike Trip

Elite Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Normon Thibault Frontrunners
2 Michael Wissink Specialized
3 Tim Butler River City Bicycles
4 Patrick Wilder Cyclepath Racing
5 John Mccaffrey Bicycleattorney.Com
6 Doug Reid Veloce Cycles Portland
7 Tom Phillips Ragnarok Racing
8 Michael Gaertner Vertical Earth
9 Eirik Schulz Specialized/River City Bicycles
10 Scott Bradway Team S&M
11 Clay Harris Red Rocks Velo
12 Richard Mcclung Hagens-Berman Llp Cycling
13 Jeff Bannink Hup United
14 David Diviney Cyclepath Racing
15 Jeff Standish Therapeutic Associates Cycling Team
16 Jerry Long Htfu/Gt Bicycles
17 Martin Baker Bicycleattorney.Com
18 Doug Evans
19 Daniel Porter Cyclepath Racing
20 Maxwell Kullaway Hup United/ 333Fab
21 Damon Pettinger Hagens Berman Llp
22 Chad Berg Redline Bicycles
23 Todd Morse tucker Bicycle Centres/Collision 1
24 Brian Andriot
25 Brian Frykman Gallatin Alpine Sports / Intrinsik
26 Bill Huggins Cucina Fresca
27 Jon Gallagher Cole Sport
28 David Karman Hagens Berman Cycling LLP
29 Doug Graver Ragnarok Racing
30 Doug Karet
31 Michael Martin Guinness/Sunnyside
32 Karl Haunold Gsc United
33 Mark Mastoras Active Athlete/Squadra Ovest
34 Matt Jordan Hrs/Rock Lobster
35 Alec Duxbury Gin Optics
36 James Johnson Second Ascent/Stepdown Racing
37 Graham Christensen Vertical Earth
38 Michael Risner B.I.K.E/Rcb
39 Scott Barker
40 Kurt Brown Byrneinvent
41 David Prause Super Relax
42 Mark Knokey Vertical Earth
43 Erik Voldengen Bbc / Bike N' Hike
44 Chris Sautter Yakima Bike Vigilantes
45 Paolo Dabbeni Biciclista.It
46 Thom Kneeland Desalvo Custom Cycles
47 LeRoi Smith Ragnarok Racing
48 Matt Engel Bend Bike And Sport
49 Nathan Kiger Ragnarok Racing
50 David Pedersen Altezza 40 Racing
51 Rory Shackles Turin
52 Justin Serna Guinness Cycling
53 Karl Mikkelson Mt. View Cycles
54 Jason Dudek Second Ascent
55 Paul Anderson Half Fast Velo
56 John Radakowski
57 Eric Sletmoe Mt View Cycles
58 Jay Downs Fort Factory Team/Wvu Healthcare
DNF Dan Quirk Veloce/Felt
DNF Mike Szwaya Bicycleattorney.Com
DNF Scott Keiper Ragnarok Racing
DNF Brian Spears Half Fast Velo
DNF Jeff Lorenzen Disco Velo
DNF Matt Hill Redline Bicycles
DNF Brad Collins Sugoi

Elite Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Trebon Kona 1.03:07
2 Todd Wells Team Gt 0.31
3 Tim Johnson Cyclocrossworld Cannondale 0.41
4 Jeremy Powers Cyclocrossworld Cannondale 2.15
5 Troy Wells Team Clif Bar 3.14
6 Barry Wicks Kona 3.22
7 Andy Jacques-maynes California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized 3.42
8 Nicholas Weighall Rad Racing/Hagens Berman 4.08
9 Daniel Summerhill Team Clif Bar 5.01
10 Dan Timmerman Reynolds/Swan Cycles 5.32
11 Chance Noble California Giant 5.46
12 Chris Sheppard Santa Cruz/Giro/Easton/ 5.57
13 Carl Decker Giant 6.09
14 Adam Mcgrath Vandessel 6.15
15 Solomon Woras Vanilla 6.40
16 Joachim Parbo Ccv Leopard Cycles 6.52
17 Shannon Skerritt Vanilla Bicycles 7.15
18 Kevin Hulick Vanilla Bicycles
19 Gian Dalle angelini Team Redline 7.40
20 Justin Robinson California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
21 Molly Cameron Vanilla Bicycles! 7.43
22 Brett Luelling Capitol Subaru Cycling 8.11
23 Bjorn Selander Ridley Factory Team 8.12
24 Mitchell Peterson Monaviecannondale.Com 8.32
25 Kevin Bradford-parish Redline Bikes 8.43
26 Spencer Paxson Team S&M/Kona
27 Sean Babcock Team S&M 8.48
28 Drew Mckenzie Straight Up Cycles/Argon18 9.35
29 Jeremy Ferguson California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
30 Russell Stevenson Redline Bikes
31 Steve Fisher Rad Racing Nw
32 Jason Sager Monavie/Cannondale
33 Dave Hackworthy Ridley Factory Team
34 Kristopher Holden Vertical Earth/Rotor
35 Benjamin Popper Hrs / Rock Lobster
36 Joseph Brenner Eschelon Elite
37 Ryan Iddings Lapierre Usa
38 Chris Parrish Hagens Berman Cycling
39 Justin Finn Spooky Bikes
40 Joshua Berry Team Bode
41 Andrew Llewellyn Calistoga Racing Team
42 Mitchell Hoke Clif Bar Development Cross Team
43 Nathan Bannerman Bicycle Centres - Collision 1
44 Steven Hunter Veloshop
45 David Yeater River City Bicycles
46 Evan Plews Capitol Subaru Cycling/Scottusa
47 Scott Carlile Tai Cycling/Hammer Nutrition
48 Benjamin Dodge Sugarcrm
DNF Jesse Anthony Team Jamis Bikes
DNF Matt Shriver Uci Ct: The Jittery Joes Pro Cycling Team
DNF Christopher Jones Sonic/Louis Garneau/ Jittery Joes
DNF Erik Tonkin Kona
DNF Braden Kappius Clif Bar Development Cross Team

Elite Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Katerina Nash Luna Women'S Mtb Team
2 Georgia Gould Luna
3 Sue Butler Monaviecannondale.Com
4 Rachel Lloyd California Giant Berry Farms
5 Wendy Simms Kona
6 Kelli Emmett Giant Bicycles
7 Maureen Bruno roy Mm Racing P/B Seven Cycles
8 Amy Dombroski Webcor/Alto Velo
9 Meredith Miller California Giant Berry Farms
10 Josie Jacques-maynes California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
11 Wendy Williams River City Bicycle Team
12 Emily Van meter River City Bicycle Team
13 Pepper Harlton Juventus Cycling Club
14 Rhonda Mazza Team S&M/Sellwood Cycle Repair
15 Barbara Howe Velo Bella
16 Kristi Berg Redline Bicycles
17 Coryn Rivera Kahala Lagrange
18 Jadine Riley Team Group Health
19 Joele Guynup Island Racing Club P/B Robert Cameron Law
20 Kari Studley Velo Bella - Kona
21 Shannon Gibson Velo Bella - Kona
22 Maria Stewart Velo Bella - Kona
23 Marne Smiley
24 Shannon Holden Velo Bello
25 Joanna Mensher Gentle Lovers
26 Lianna Miller Spike
27 Angela Mysliwiec Avanti/Ti Cycles Racing Team
DNF Alice Pennington

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