These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Fat Tire

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matt Good Corner Cycle
2 Brendan Mulvey Cape Cod C4
3 Lucas Provost BZ RIDERS/
4 James Godbey 545 Velo
5 David Waltz Sys Velo
6 Keith Bleiler Corner Cycle
7 Jake Izikson 545 Velo
8 Christopher Burke NBX
9 Larry Alford 545 Velo
10 Varoujan Hagopian Team Bikes and Life
11 David Goldberg Pedal Power Training Solutions
12 Eric Brassell 545 Velo
13 Bennett Helfrich Corner Cycle
14 David Howland
15 James Casagrande
16 Rob Simms
17 Scott Smith Corner Cycle
18 Michael Bingham
19 Jorge Cantos Bike Zone
20 David Aittaniemi Corner Cycle
21 Dan Baker
23 Greg White Corner Cycle
24 Michlle Kjoller Bike Zone
25 Jeff Siegert Corner Cycle


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Hayden Ruthven CCCC
2 Evelyn Yeh
3 Audrey Saksena Team ERRACE


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Hale Hup United
2 Bob Bisson "Spin Arts Cycling
3 Scott Martin Scottee's Westport Bicycle
4 Herb Grignon Fritz's Bicycle Shop
5 Kenny Fries Scottee's Westport Bicycle
6 Lewis Collins 545 Velo
7 Thomas Francis Wheelworks Racing
8 Thomas Hurley
9 Stephen Putnam Cycle Lodge
10 Lucas Provost BZ RIDERS/
11 Matt Gillhausen Tradewind Energy
12 Frederick Marius Team Psycho
13 Christopher Burke NBX
14 Keith Honda unattached
15 Alan Potter Steve the Bike Guy
16 Robert Campbell Cycle Lodge
17 Miguel Rivera Team Travis Cycle
18 Yun Saksena Boston Road Club
19 Scott Roy Cycle Lodge
20 Doug Sherman
21 Dan Baker
22 Frank Petty
23 Ron Grandchamp Family Bike Racing
24 Michael Baker C4/Cape Cod Racing
25 Keith Schachter
26 Chris Trabulsie

MEN 4-5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chase Kerzel CURE RAGE
2 Henry Sick
3 John Skarupa CURE RAGE
4 Brendan Hamel Corner Cycle
5 Hugh Ruthven Cape Cod Racing / C4
6 Erik Wells
7 Eric Hallman Grace Bicycles Velo Club
8 David Waltz 545 Velo
9 Juan Lopera 545 Velo
10 Frederick Marius Team Psycho
11 Stephen Furrer Cape Cod Racing / C4
12 James Godbey 545 Velo
13 David Stearns Fritz's Bicycle Shop
14 Matt Noonan 545 Velo
15 Vladimir Capka CycleLoft
16 Varoujan Hagopian Team Bikes and Life
17 Miguel Rivera TEAM TRAVIS CYCLE
18 Peter O'brien Steve the Bike Guy
19 David Bancroft Team Spark HFOT
20 Adam Toledo Sea Sports Cyclery and Outdoor
21 Larry Alford 545 Velo
22 Kevin Violet Seasports Cycling
23 Masanori Kamihara SDL YAMAHA
24 Grayson Ford AP Junior Racing
25 Anthony Case
26 David Goldberg Pedal Power Training Solutions
27 Jake Izikson 545 Velo
28 Alan Potter Steve the Bike Guy
29 Douglas Hempel C4 / Cape Cod Racing
30 Mark O'neill Team Motion/Steve the Bike Guy
31 Chris Daigneault Sea Sports Cyclery & Outdoor
32 Anthony Melfi "Bike Path Pictures Inc"
33 Matthew Carey Pedal Power
34 Mark Strasnick Apex Velo
35 Jeff Dieffenbach 545 Velo
36 Chris Letizia Hup United
37 Phil Pereira Whaling City Velo
38 Andrew Maker SeaSports Cyclery & Outdoor
39 Elcio Maciel BZ RIDERS!
40 Timothy Dow Sea Sports Cyclery
41 James Casagrande
42 Tim Mcgill C4 - Cape Cod Cycling Club
43 Richard Cole Team Spark
44 Robert Edgren Team Lanterne Rouge
45 Shawn Wolf Corner Cycle
46 William Deckert Bike Zone Cape Cod
47 Oscar Yeh Keep It Tight
48 Robert Doucette Fritz's Bicycle Shop
DNF Timothy Mayo Fritz's Bicycle Shop/ 3Cross Brewery/ Handsacrossw


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Wissell B2C2/JRA
2 Kevin Hines Corner Cycle
3 Jonathan Spooner #teamspooner
4 Matt Good Corner Cycle
5 Brendan Mulvey Cape Cod Cycling/C4

Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Skarupa CURE RAGE
2 Chase Kerzel CURE RAGE
3 Lawrence Purtill Stedmans Bicycle Co
4 Karen Purtill Stedmans Bicycle Co
5 Matthew Delaney
6 Robert Edgren Team Lanterne Rouge


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Emily Curley Corner Cycle
2 Nicole Yeh Keep It Tight
3 Angelica Pires moraes BZ RIDERS!
4 Kelly Foss SVC/Bikeworks
5 Jitka Borowick DEVO Cycling Cape Cod
6 Susan Aygarn-kowalski Team Spark
7 Karen Purtill Stedmans Bicycle Co
8 Acmae El yacoubi 545 Velo
9 Mimi Poupart Cape Cod Cycling Racing
10 Linda Shelburne Cape Cod Racing/C4
11 Elaine Woodward Bike Zone
12 Alexandra Goward