These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

A Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Josh Johnson Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
2 Alex Grman The Hub Racing
3 Jay Strothman Fulcrum
4 Nathan Rice Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
5 Jonathan Schottler GT Dirt Coalition
6 Mark Nagy Dogfish
7 Jeff Yielding Revolution Cycles
8 Matt Pence Mesa
9 Martin Lang Mesa
10 Scott Oglvie Dogfish
11 Zak Hafner Unattached
12 Matt James Mesa
13 Devin Clark Hub
14 Casey Saunders Dogfish
15 Drew Black Mesa
16 Rob Brokaw Team Mack
17 John Thrasher Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
18 Christopher Connolly Mesa
19 Kurt Fletcher Unattached
20 Scott Peipert Wild Trak
21 Anthony Dust Dogfish
22 David Stroot Lindenwod
DNF Dan Miller Team Seagal
DNF Justin Allen Dogfish
DNF Daniel Williams Bike Surgeon
DNF Johnny Merli Dogfish

B Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Elliot Usher Tryathletics �����
2 Gregory Lyeki Trek Store Stl
3 Keaton Hanson Dent Wizard
4 Matthew Schweiker Mesa
5 Greg Sandknop Team Seagal
6 Rob Mayfiel Unattached
7 Dan Young Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
8 Chris Cleeland Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
9 Richard George Mesa
10 Karl King Mesa
11 Josh Mueller Trekstore Stl
12 Bob Crow Dogfish
13 Jeremy Lines Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
14 Matt Kessler Unattached
15 James Klages Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
16 David Neis Bike Surgeon
17 Mike Weiss Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
18 Mark Overby Unattached
19 Mark Hofmeister Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
20 Eric Martin Dogfish
21 Michael Leistner Momentum Racing
22 Jay Marvin Unattached
23 Sven Sprogue Blind Squirrel
24 Matt Crews Hub
25 Kevin Hamilton Wild Trak
26 Jeremie Meitz Gateway
27 Greg Olsca Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
28 Kevin Moore Mesa
29 Ryan Hermsmeyer Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
30 John Reimbold Bike Surgeon
31 Jose Bermudez Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
32 Ryan Heine Hub
33 Chris Saxton Hub
34 Scotte Berteismeyer Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
35 William Howells Hub
36 Ralph Peremmer Pfoodman/Lone Wolf
37 Richard Piere ICCC
38 Glen Bullard Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
DNF Brenden Mcnamee DRJ Racing
DNF Carl Hoffman Manchester Racing
DNF Hannon Haggard Wild Trak

C Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matt Fickinger Mesa
2 Devlin Mcdonaugh Ghisallo Racing
3 Matt Goddard Unattached
4 Geoff Birch Ghisallo
5 Kellan True Southeast Mo State
6 Frank Brummer Team Mack
7 Bert Berla Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
8 Tim Mcallister Ghisallo
9 Andrew Person Unattached
10 Marc Cuifolo Unattached
11 Jeff Kloha Ghisallo
12 Stu Robson Ghisallo
13 Barry Blumenkemper Unattached
14 Justin Holden Wild Trak
15 Adam Gohn Souheast Mo. State
16 Alex Petkos Unattached
17 Mark Haggard Wild Trak
18 Kurt Schenk Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
19 Rob Ballou Unattached
20 Brent Newman Ghisallo
21 Josh Piker Unattached
22 James Frederick Unattached
23 Dan Gerry Unattached
24 Patrick Gribbon Ghisallo
25 Michael Humphries Unattached
26 Sam Klucker Unattached
27 Michael Humphries Unattached
28 Brenden Mcnamee DRJ Racing
29 Joshua Mackeen Unattached
30 Bill Hall Orzark Cycling
DNF William Weathers Unattached
DNF Gordan Eglavs Unattached
DNF Michael Bobelak Unattached


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sawyer Cleeland Big Shark Racin
2 Ashton Braddock Unattached


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Connolly Mesa
2 Matt Laberta Dogfish
3 Anthony Dust Dogfish
4 Eddie Klein Team Seagal
5 Matthew Dawson Dogfish
6 Matt Hoffmeyer Unattached
7 Matt Grothoff Team Seagal
8 Scott Hoffmeyer Team Seagal
9 Justin Jarden Wild Trak

Women Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christine Roettger Revolution
2 Elizabeth Heller Unattached
3 Courtney Green Unattached
4 Teresa Seplacek Velo Force
5 Suzanne Johnson Velo Force
6 Alice Butler The Hub
7 Stephanie Mcreary Unattached
8 Annie Gitomer Unattached
9 Gina Richard Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
10 Jessica Kovarik Columbia Bike Club
11 Maggie Miller Unattached
12 Katherine Mcreary Unattached
13 Nicole Long Unattached
14 Susan Kubinak Dogfisth
15 Mariasol Johannes Unattached
16 Jill Hemker Unattached
DNF Cory Redmond Fulcrum
DNF Jennifer Meyers Unattached

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