These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

(33 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Benjamin Zawacki Team Mountain Khakis p/b SmartStop 1:54:24
2 Manny Goguen TEAM CF st
3 Aaron Hubbell NUVO Cultural Trail st
4 Michael Rea st
5 Bobby Bailey 1K2GO SPORTS st
6 Dylan Mcnicholas CCB Racing st
7 Tim Mitchell CCB Racing st
8 Ryan Fleming MetLife Cycling Team st
9 Kurt Schmid CCB RACING TEAM st
10 Harrison Harb Boston Bicycle School st
11 Jackson Weber Embrocation Cycling Journal st
12 Brian Wilichoski CCB st
13 Alex Abarbanel-grossman Team CF st
14 Adam Myerson Team Mountain Khakis p/b SmartStop st
15 Andrew Gardner MetLife Cycling Team st
16 Lucas Fortini TEAM CF st
17 Ryan Kelly NorEast Cycling st
18 John Herrick Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
19 Samuel Evans-brown MC Cycle and Sport at :12
20 Stephen Wright Team CF st
21 Tristan Baldwin TEAM CF st
22 Erick Anderson Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
23 Patrick Goguen TEAM CF st
24 Peter Goguen TEAM CF 1:38
25 Chris Worden CCB/Wheelworks 2:53
26 Damien Colfer NorEast Cycling st
27 Tommy Goguen TEAM CF 4:54
28 Chandler Delinks CCB RACING TEAM
29 Nicholas Fanaras CCB/DOTGO
30 Morgan Hiller TEAM CF
31 Jorma Mueller Ride Studio Cafe
32 Matthew Simpson Embrocation Cycling Journal

Men Cat 4

(33 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erik Gonsiorowsk Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1:32:22
2 Andy Gould Blue Steel Cyclery st
3 Alfred Bissell Essex County Velo st
4 Jeremy Cratty Minuteman Road Club st
5 Ansel Dickey Killington Mountain School Cycling Team st
6 Travis Bickford CCB Racing Team st
7 Kevin Hays OA/Cyclemania st
8 Michael Brier Refunds Now st
9 Patrick Newton CARVE st
10 John Raguin Minuteman Road Club st
11 Richard Batten Stage 5 Cycling Fusion st
12 James Petersen UMBRC st
13 Daniel Mccabe bikebarnracing st
14 Ronnie Smithers Essex County Velo (ECV) st
15 Kevin Woodhouse OA/cyclemania st
16 Ryan Henry Cycle Lodge st
17 Chris Field ECV st
18 David Kell Maine Cycling Club at :36
19 Alexander Bulger 1:15
20 Benjamin Kramer Sunapee Racing Team 1:19
21 Robert Rolsma Essex County Velo (ECV) 1:25
22 Jonathan Anderson Essex County Velo 1:28
23 Geremia Ortega CCB/DOTGO 1:34
24 Christopher Moeckel Optimum Performance 1:38
25 Ben Corbalis PARLEE Cycles st
26 Benjamin Sawyer essex county velo 1:45
27 Daniel Johnson Essex County Velo st
28 David Symmes CCB/DOTGO 2:28
29 Philip Johnson Sea Side Cycle / ECV st
30 Nicholas Gilroy Essex County Velo (ECV) 12:18
31 Peter Vollers, jr. Killington Mountain School Cycling Team
32 Todd Wagner NorEast Cycling

Men Cat 5

(14 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Saffer 1:13:13
2 Peter Corriveau Noreast at 1:48
3 Joel Lamendola Quad Cycles 1:51
4 Eric Beard st
5 Jason Rossi st
6 Patrick Cochran ECV 2:59
7 Robyn Allen BOSTON ROAD CLUB 6:25
8 Justin Palmisano Essex County Velo (ECV) 8:51
9 Michael Mccabe bikebarnracing st
10 Michael Copacino st
11 David Beaulieu Essex County Velo 12:35
12 Adam Vaccaro 13:07
13 Pat Dennis
14 Cory Small

Men Master 40+

(32 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Patrick Ruane Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution 1:49:24
2 Paul Richard CCB Racing Team st
3 Ronald Bourgoin OA/CYCLEMANIA st
4 Tyler Munroe CCB/Volkswagen at :03
5 Eric Pearce Cyclonauts Racers :06
6 Bruce Diehl Sunapee/Continental Paving :13
7 Eric j. Carlson BLUE STEEL CYCLERY :18
8 Brett Walker 2:36
9 Paul Mcmahon CCB Racing 2:46
10 Steve Stockwell Sunapee/Continental/Revolution 2:49
11 Joseph Ackerman Cycle Loft Velo st
12 James Nash CCB Racing Team st
13 Geoff Hamilton CCB Racing st
14 Christopher Naimie Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
15 Geoff Mcintosh New Hampshire Cycling Club st
16 James Carrington Michael and the Cyclonauts st
17 Christopher White BOB-Goodale'sBike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/Ted W st
18 Eiric Marro BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero st
19 Paul Boudreau Essex County Velo st
20 Leo Devellian CCB Racing st
21 Mark Thompson Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution st
22 Keith Button CCB racing st
23 William Casazza BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero st
24 Bradford Kelley Sunapee / Continental Paving / Revolution Cyclery st
25 Michael Lovell sunapee/revolution cycles/continental paving st
26 Donald Crowell BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero 3:24
27 Duane Skofield BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero 3:42
28 Jay Clausen Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery
29 Tim Dodd NEBC p/b Cycle Loft
30 Wayne Santos BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero
31 Armand Pantalone BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero