These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeff Linder Webcor/Alto Velo
2 Scott Penzarella Studio Velo
3 Alec Kassin Whole Athlete
4 Matthew Valencia Team Specialized Racing Junior
5 Chris Laberge Team Specialized Racing Junior
6 Kieran Cox Berkeley Bicycle Club
7 Fergus Tanaka chica sexy
8 Paul Ngo Team Mike's Bikes
9 Jason James Squadra Ovest Cycling
10 Michael Boehme Colavita Racing-Norcal
11 Michael Roecklein Becher +
12 Eric Davis Audi
13 Isaiah Rapko Above Category Racing
14 Todd Kohli Kryki Sports/Audi Cycling
15 Ian Swinson Squadra-Ovest Cycling
16 Chris Dawson Rio Strada Racing
17 Jason Berens Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Neva
18 Jack Maddux Team Specialized Racing Junior
19 Daniel Vigil Audi
20 Anthony Coando Squadra Ovest
21 Kalani Hines metromint cycling
22 Tony Homes R 4 R - Make A Wish
23 Jonathan Christensen DJs Excavation/Delta Velo
24 Nick Kinney Whole Athlete
25 Bjorn Fox Above Category Racing
26 Scott Butler Michael David Winery Cycling T
27 Stephen Synhorst Sacramento Golden Wheelmen
28 Jeffrey Palileo Squadra Ovest Cycling
29 Bernhard Stonas BBC
30 Matthew Esselstrom Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
31 Thierry Blanchet North Atlantic Velo/ClassBook.
32 R Todd crisafulli R4R-Make A Wish
DNF Matthew Abdalah Form Fitness Cycling Team
DNF Nathan Shaw Fusion Sport USA
DNF Garrett Wynne The Olympic Club
DNF Marco Carvajal California Giant Berry Farms/S
DNF Lance Cameron DUN Clapin MBRT

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Harlanddunaway Davis Bike Club
2 Oliver Ryan R4R-Make A Wish
3 Jimmy Pham Taleo Racing
4 Patrick Ruggles
5 Oliver Weiss Rio Strada Racing
6 Greg Tsutaoka Berkeley Bike Club (BBC)
7 Ken Stroub Youngs Comm/SSC
8 Stephen Shafer Youngs Comm. Trans./Yokohl Ran
9 Hussein Saffouri Berkeley Bike Club (BBC)
10 Jason Neu SJBC
11 Chase Goldstein
12 Curt Mills Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Neva
13 Matthew Triska Squadra Ovest Cycling
14 Peter Tousignant third pillar
15 Rozel Tupaz Taleo Racing
16 George Taylor Davis Bike Club
17 Eric Clauss Squadra Ovest Cycling
18 Oscar Aguilera N/A
19 Daniel Stevens
20 Craig Martin Rio Strada Racing
21 Matthew Muegge Above Category Racing
22 Kalman Zeiger Chica Sexy
23 Michael Mcguire Taleo Racing
24 Ian Dewar California Giant Berry Farms
DNF Katherine Hamilton Echelon/ZTeam

Men Cat1/2/3 Master 35-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jan Weissenberger SAFEWAY/PureRed Creative/Bicyc
2 Kevin Metcalfe Team Specialized Racing Master
3 Dana Williams Fusion Sport USA
4 James Coats calif giant berry farms/specia
5 Kyle Glerum SAFEWAY/PureRed Creative/Bicyc
6 Dennis Hopp SJBC
7 Stephen Janke Rocknasium
8 Jason Snovel Mercedes Benz/Folsom Bike
9 Joseph Oliveri Rocknasium
10 Keith Defiebre Bay Bikes Specialized
11 Ryan Wong Form Fitness
12 Rob Cady Rocknasium
13 Jonathan Eropkin SAFEWAY/PureRed Creative/Bicyc
14 Tony Homes R 4 R - Make A Wish
15 Rodney Spradlin Rocknasium
16 Jason Smith Dolce Vita Cycling
17 Matthew Beebe Team Bell Lap
18 Lance Cameron DUN Clapin MBRT
19 Scott Butler Michael David Winery Cycling T
20 Todd Paoletti Fusion Sport USA
21 Mark Herynk Unattached
22 Emory Ball Audi
DNF Richard Snodsmith Fusion Sport USA
DNF Matt Connolly Rio Strada Racing
DNF William Howard / schwalbe tire
DNF Craig Roemer Team Specialized Racing Master
DNF Stephen Synhorst Sacramento Golden Wheelmen
DNF Ron Rouse Rio Strada Racing

Men Cat1/2/3 Master 45-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevin Metcalfe Team Specialized Racing Master
2 Donald Langley Morgan Stanley Smith Barney/Sp
3 Craig Roemer Team Specialized Racing Master
4 Lawrence Nolan Team Specialized Racing Master
5 Chris Wire SJBC
6 Mike Gadow SJBC
7 Michael O'rourke SAFEWAY/PureRed Creative/Bicyc
8 Joseph Oliveri Rocknasium
9 Andrew Nevitt SJBC
10 Richard Pepper West County Revolution
11 Daniel Smith Morgan Stanley Smith Barney/Sp
12 David Acri Audi
13 John Hansen wells fargo racing team
14 Michael Boehme Colavita Racing-Norcal
15 Tony Reid SAFEWAY/PureRed Creative/Bicyc
16 Kelly Silberberg SJBC
17 Rodney Spradlin Rocknasium
18 Michael Deusebio Morgan Stanley Smith Barney/Sp
19 Paul Diaz Colavita Racing-NorCal
DNF Jess Raphael SAFEWAY/PureRed Creative/Bicyc
DNF Clark Rasmussen Wells Fargo Racing Team
DNF Dennis King CCT Central Consttine
DNF Gregg Betonte SAFEWAY/PureRed Creative/Bicyc

Men Pro/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Freddie Rodriguez Team Specialized Racing Master
2 Steve Reaney California Giant Berry Farms/S
3 Sterling Magnell McGuire Cycling Team
4 Justin Williams Major Motion Cycling
5 Dean Laberge Team Specialized Racing Master
6 Jared Barrilleaux California Giant Berry Farms/S
7 Nicholas Brandt-sorenson Sho-Air
8 Collin Samaan Wonderful Pistachios Pro Cycli
9 John Wilk Webcor/Alto Velo
10 Darin Divine Divine Electric Norcal
11 Roman Kilun Kenda p/b Geargrinder
12 Brandon Trafton California Giant Berry Farms/S
13 Benjamin Swedberg Cal Giant/Specialized
14 Andrew Kennedy Fremont Bank Cycling Team
15 James Laberge Team Specialized Racing Junior
16 Andres Gil Michael David Winery Cycling T
17 Rainier Schaefer Godspeed Courier / Mojo Bicycl
18 Eric Losak A Road Bike 4U Elite Team
19 Robert Scheffler Fremont Bank Cycling Team
20 Eric Riggs Yahoo! Cycling Team
21 Dana Williams Fusion Sport USA
22 Jeffrey Perrin Team Specialized Racing Junior
23 Bernard Van ulden Jelly Belly Presented By Kenda
24 Logan Loader RideClean p/b
25 Joel Robertson Webcor/Alto Velo
26 Tyler Dibble Yahoo! Cycling Team
27 William Zellmer Team Specialized Racing Junior
28 Martin Acosta McGuire Cycling Team
29 Timothy Farnham Wonderful Pistachio Pro Cyclin
30 Christopher Coble The Olympic Club
31 Taylor Clements NOW-MS Society
32 Andrew Goessling Firefighters Cycling p/b Advoc
33 Tosh Clements team coastal tree care
34 Jd Bergmann Team Clif Bar
35 Aaron Gallardo Team Helen's
36 Daniel Farinha Firefighters Cycling p/b Advoc
37 Shawn Rosenthal Team Mike's Bikes
38 Keith Szolusha CoreTechs Cycling Team
39 Robert Newman Williams Cycling p/b SC Velo
40 Nicholas Oliver Fremont Bank Cycling Team
41 Sean Mcbride TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling
42 Neil Bartley Squadra Ovest Cycling
43 Philip Roberts Cycles FANATIC
44 Doran Mori Team Clif Bar Cycling
45 Paul Sumner Divine Electric
46 Colby Farrell / Schwalbe
47 Cory Williams Major Motion Cycling Club
48 Graeme Galyer Orange Guy
49 Robert Evans McGuire Cycling Team
50 Lawrence Nolan Team Specialized Racing Master
51 Stephen Pelaez Team Bell Lap
52 Patrick Briggs Yahoo Cycling Team
53 Keith Miller California Giant Berry Farms/S
54 Tyler Brandt California Giant Berry Farms/S
55 Andrew Touchstone Olympic Club
56 Adam Ross Fremont Bank Cycling Team
57 Elliot Jaramillo McGuire Cycling
DNF Luther Kopf Dolce Vita Cycling
DNF David Mccook McGuire Cycling Team
DNF Sergei Badeka McGuire Cycling Team
DNF Kirt Fitzpatrick Muscle Milk
DNF Toby Long Squadra Ovest Cycling
DNF James Hardy Squadra Ovest Cycling
DNF Chris Carscadden HDR p/b Lombardi Sports
DNF Matt Connolly Rio Strada Racing
DNF Michael Hernandez Great Basin Imaging/Kinetic Cy
DNF Michael Jacques Team Clif Bar
DNF Michael Jasinski Fremont Bank Cycling Team
DNF Ashley Knights unattached
DNF Mark Marquez Fremont Bank Cycling Team
DNF John Piasta All Sport-Team Swift
DNF Charlie Schneider Whole Athlete - Specialized
DNF Sean Smith Webcor/AltoVelo
DNF Benjamin Stern Team Mike's Bikes
DNF Alexander Vaughan-ruiz The Team
DNF Russell White Davis Bike Club
DNF C Williams Monster Media/SC Velo
DNF James Ryan McGuire Cycling Team
DNF David Pouncy Squadra Ovest Cycling
DNF Angelo Digiovine Squadra Ovest Cycling
DNF David Benkoski Team Specialized Racing Junior
DNF Jamie Willin Olympic Club
DNF Glen Seitz-varnhagen 5 Rings Cycle Center

Women Pro/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Coryn Rivera Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12
2 Olivia Dillon Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12
3 Mary Elizabeth maroon Webcor/Alto Velo
4 Rebecca Werner Webcor/Alto Velo
5 Anna Barensfeld Missing Link Coaching Systems/
6 Jasmin Hurikino Vanderkitten-Focus
7 Mary Ellen ash Metromint Cycling
8 Devon Gorry Bike Station Aptos
9 Kristin Drumm Divine Electric Norcal
10 Rikke Preisler Metromint Cycling
11 Emily Thurston Touchstone Climbing & Fitness
12 Starla Teddergreen Vanderkitten-Focus
13 Elis Bradshaw Touchstone Climbing
14 Carol Irving Touchstone Climbing
15 Hanan Alves-hyde Peanut Butter & Co./Twenty12
16 Vanessa Drigo Vanderkitten-Focus
17 Elizabeth Newell Fremont Bank Cycling Team
18 Emily Matheu Red Racing
19 Jane Wolcott Webcor/Alto Velo
20 Maura Kinsella Vanderkitten-Focus
21 Susannah Breen Fremont Bank Cycling Team
22 Martina Patella Red Racing
23 Haley Juno-galdes Webcor/Alto Velo
24 Courtney Dimpel BSA RACING
25 Yukie Nakamura form fitness
26 Esther Aarts Colavita Racing NorCal
27 Bethany Allen Team Cycles Brixton
28 Rita Szeto Touchstone Climbing
29 Kira Prokopakis Los Gatos
DNF Jennifer Reither Vanderkitten Racing
DNF Heather Lipana Rio Strada Racing

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