These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Bozarth-dreher
2 Joe Mccracken
3 Kendrick Neptune Velo Roussillon Racing
4 Jonathan Browning FRESH Racing
5 James Daniels Violet Crown Sports Assoc
6 Eric Quiat
7 Scott Morris
8 Omar Espinoza Shama Cycles
9 Dan Foehner
10 Sam Comer Violet Crown
11 Stuart Gardner Bike Barn Texas
12 Travis Crisman Pearland Cycling Race Team
13 Guadalupe Ontiveros Sugar Cycles
14 Gregory Guardado
15 Andres Boza
16 Paolo Pelusi
17 John Maloney Blue Agave Racing
18 David Moulton Pearland Cycling Race Team
19 Justin Paschall
20 Christopher Conley Blue Agave Racing
21 Justin Ogden
22 Donald Gwartney Team Life Cyclers ( TLC)
23 Brandon Copley Violet Crown
24 Nathan Winkelmann
25 Keith Bartholomew United Cycling Team
26 Juan Marroquin
27 Drew Cardoza Hodges Bend Racing
28 Peter Saulino Sugar Cycles
29 Jeffrey Contreras Sugar Cycles
30 Kendrick Neptune Velo Roussillon Racing
31 Alan Bryson swcc
32 Adrian Campos Pearland Cycling Race Team
33 Andrew Martin Bat City Cycling
34 Alexander Bartz Northwest Cycling Club

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erik Lee
2 Ken Corby A Bloc
3 Daniel Altoran
4 Lars Betancourt
5 Christoph Seirdl
6 Joe Self
7 Ricky Hawley
8 Eric Ramirez
9 Shon Sparks Sugar Cycles
10 Jason Rose Northwest Cycling Club
11 Chisholm Macdonald Northwest Cycling Club
12 Royce Morales
13 Eros Adragna Handlebar Bicycle Club
14 William Lewis FRESH Racing
15 Keenan Godburn Texas Pro Health Racing
16 Xiangxing Liu Violet Crown
17 Leonardo Penuela
18 Scott Williamson Blue Agave Racing
19 Chadley Wallace FRESH Racing
20 Ramkumar Gowrikumar Sugar Cycles
21 Toby Troquille FRESH Racing
22 Paul Von burg Northwest Cycling Club
23 David Bulgerin
24 Allan Reitzer Otto Velo Racing
25 Daniel Gaspard Northwest Cycling Club
26 Reid Hutchins
27 Hunter Shelton Otto Velo Racing
28 Anthony Velebil A Bloc
29 Douglas Shotts Woodlands Cycling Club Race Team
30 Brian Bolton Hodges Bend Racing
31 Ivan Campos Team Life Cyclers ( TLC)
32 Jonathan Perry
33 Max Granat
34 Adam Bryand FRESH Racing
35 Michael Morgan Crest/RBM Racing
36 Iszac Rose Northwest Cycling Club
37 Reggie Jonaitis The Second Echelon
38 Clint Fesler Fort Bend Kia Racing
39 Chandler Williams
40 Bryan Hearn
41 Shawn Chmil
42 Erik Malone FRESH Racing
43 Charlie Syversen
44 Kenneth Lee Blue Line Bike Lab
45 Mike Arnold Otto Velo Racing
46 Ben Owens Matrix/RBM
47 Benjamin Proko
48 Luke Williams Otto Velo Racing
49 Jason Harper Team Bicycles Plus
50 Paul Hailey Blue Agave Racing
51 Ryan Moore
52 Jonathan Roberts Northwest Cycling Club
53 Juan Sanchez Dallas Bike Works
54 Andy Scott Northwest Cycling Club
55 Arinze Okolo
56 Jason Hunsinger Team Life Cyclers ( TLC)
57 Chuck Worthen FRESH Racing
58 Adrian Hembree
59 Jeremy Brown
60 Victor Rasanow Woodlands Cycling Club Race Team
61 Wayne Lovejoy FRESH Racing
62 David Scholl
63 Randy Jensen FRESH Racing
64 Reese Vannerson
65 Jose Chan
66 Derek Korinek
67 James Mcnease
68 Charlie Syversen

Men Junior 11-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sebastian Bech Northwest Cycling Club
2 Lucas Rose Northwest Cycling Club

Men Master 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris St. peter
2 Daniel Piercy Velo Roussillon Racing
3 Chris Lowry
4 Roberto Castano Blue Agave Racing
5 Marc Coppedge Meteor-Allied
6 Hunter East Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc
7 Jason Lewiss ATC Racing
8 Danny Hayden FRESH Racing
9 Rodney Rios Bike Barn Texas
10 Brent Turner Bike Barn Texas
11 Todd Finley Crest/RBM Cycling
12 Brian Schow Crest/RBM Racing
13 Troy Reynolds Reynolds Roofing Racing
14 Bradley Herle Windsor Door Racing
15 Casey Gudgell Texas Pro Health Racing
16 Douglas Ray DNA Cycling Texas Masters
17 Vince Dietsch Velo Roussillon Racing
18 Rick Neptune Velo Roussillon Racing
19 Tim Granshaw DNA Cycling Texas Masters
20 Glen Watson Bike Barn Texas
21 Jason Guzak
22 Logan Hunn Bike Barn Texas
23 Todd Bausch Texas Pro Health Racing
24 Charles Cox
25 John Murazak Crest/RBM Racing
26 Todd Mitchell Bike Barn Texas
27 Jason Codianne Sugar Cycles
28 Daniel Piercy Velo Roussillon Racing
29 Andrew Kutach FRESH Racing

Men Master 60+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Charlie Johnson swcc
1 John Chu Windsor Door Racing
2 Brent Hartsell Windsor Door Racing
2 Steve Waterhouse Support Clean Sport/Guttenplan Coaching
3 Maurizio Topini Woodlands Cycling Club Race Team
3 Patrick Galvin Mirage
4 Joe Gonzalez Windsor Door Racing
4 Brad House Dallas Racing
5 Michael Lewis Windsor Door Racing
5 Russell Debarbieris Hammer Nutrition
6 Joel Hawks Windsor Door Racing
6 Bryon Fortney
7 David Almanzan
8 Gregg Goodwin McKinney Velo
9 Joseph Noack swcc
10 Michael Ereli A Bloc
11 Bret Roberts A Bloc Racing
12 Rich Dotson Windsor Door Racing
13 Gerry Leutner Woodlands Cycling Club Race Team
14 Alisdair Craig Woodlands Cycling Club Race Team
15 Stephen Nold Team Elevate Racing
16 Se Lee Crest/RBM Cycling
17 Jeffry Fene McKinney Velo
18 William Price Blue Agave Racing
19 Goran Petrovski Windsor Door Racing
20 Paul Waller Crest/RBM Cycling
21 Timothy Murphy Woodlands Cycling Club Race Team
22 Kent Mcquade Crest/RBM Racing
23 Willem Van der gryp Crest/RBM Racing
24 Michael Gacki Windsor Door Racing
25 Christopher Bartz swcc
26 Jonathan Snow A Bloc
27 Eric Oneal
28 Mark Barnett Southwest Cycling Club Racing

Men Pro 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mat Stephens UCI WPT: Cylance Pro Cycling
2 Michael Pincus Team CCR Roofing
3 Zach Stein Elbowz Racing
4 Tristan Uhl
5 Tanner Ward DNA Racing
6 Andy Jobin Elbowz Racing
7 Patrick Mannon Strike Cycling Elite Team
8 Franz Elliott
9 Brady Reed
10 Patton Sims Velovit/Palmer Safety
11 John Yoder Shama Cycles
12 Juan Restrepo
13 Mark Baerd Elevate-KHS
14 John Ryan Matrix/RBM
15 Stefan Rothe Elbowz Racing
16 Jeremy Schwab VITE RACING
17 Corey Bounds Team Yacht Club
18 Amilkar Asin suyek
19 Nicholas Turner Blue Agave Racing
20 Chase Collins
21 Taylor Pruet Shama Cycles
22 Said Assali Shama Cycles
23 John Wilmeth Cantu Cycling Wheels
24 Dennis Lastochkin
25 Philip Shama Shama Cycles
26 Craig Cameron VITE RACING
DNF Christopher Sims VITE RACING

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lauren Stephens UCI WPT: Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank
2 Emily Vandyken UCI WPT: Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank
3 Abby Ruess Orion Racing p/b Borah Teamwear
4 Flora Yan CWA Racing p/b TREK
5 Angela Man Blue Agave Racing
6 Carolyn Defoore Wolfpack p/b Hyperthreads
7 Jolanda Straathof
8 Sheree Benavides RBM/Matrix
9 Alison Bassity Shama Cycles
10 Kellie Nelson Crest/RBM Cycling
11 Venny Alub Cantu Cycling Wheels
12 Tamra Roberts Violet Crown
13 Kathy Garrett Northwest Cycling Club
14 Nicole Jurisch Shama Cycles
15 Casandra Dickerson Team isocentric
16 Helen Scott Northwest Cycling Club
17 Natalie Pruitt Blue Agave Racing
18 Sri Johnson Team Life Cyclers ( TLC)
19 Irene Benavides perez Northwest Cycling Club
DNF Haley Smith Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo

Women Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Caitlin White Violet Crown Sports Assoc
1 Mary Durrett
2 Anna Tillerson Bicycles Plus Racing
2 Jennifer E barth
3 Sarah Startz FCS | DNA Cycling Regional Team p/b JobDox
4 Chrissy Oyler Violet Crown
5 Kelci Molina Crest/RBM Cycling
6 Lydia Brough Violet Crown
7 Kendall Gill
8 Karyn Stern
9 Darla Shinn
10 Kendall Gill
11 Yen Nguyen Violet Crown
12 Amanda Schnell
13 Yesenia Flores

Women Junior 11-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Danielle Scoville Northwest Cycling Club

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