These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Pro/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Travis Werts Team Sonic - Treehouse Racing
2 Edward Krei Cumberland Transit Cycling
3 Britton Kinnard Team Sonic - Treehouse Racing
4 Tim Hall
5 Andrew Reardon
6 Jacques Cartier SVMIC Cycling
7 Jason Guzak
8 Thomas Gates Team Gran Fondo
9 Riccardo Cannone Team Gran Fondo
10 Robert Dodd Team Gran Fondo
11 David Briggs Tristar - BazaarVoice Cycling Team
12 Michael Palevo Team Bikers Choice
13 John Carr Cumberland Transit Cycling
14 Shannon Williams
15 Kurt Page SVMIC Cycling
16 Max Gander Tristar - BazaarVoice Cycling Team
17 Chris Stoll Team Gran Fondo
DNF Dwayne Toombs Tristar - BazaarVoice Cycling Team
DNF Kevin Hinson Team Gran Fondo
DNF Mathew Meunier
DNF Bradley Wormer Homegrown Bicycles
DNF John Waggoner Team Sonic - Treehouse Racing
DNF John Gore Team Gran Fondo
DNF David Richardson MOAB/Middle Tennessee Velo

Senior Men Category 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kyle Taylor Indian Cycle Racing
2 Joe Grubbs Team Bikers Choice
3 Steven Ragle Cumberland Transit Cycling
4 William Welborn Cumberland Transit Cycling
5 Steve Ziemba
6 Noah Hendrix Calfkiller Cycling Team
7 Matthew Thompson Unattached
8 Jeff Treuden Trace Bikes
9 Chuck Crouch Harpeth Bicycles Racing
10 Don Fields Cumberland Transit Cycling
11 Jordan Taylor Cumberland University
12 David Bradbury Team Gran Fondo
13 Christopher Beres Cumberland Transit Cycling
14 Philip Armbrust Cumberland Transit Cycling
15 Steve Godbey Team CFW- We Can!
16 Eli Wemyss Team Bikes and Moore
17 Douglas Hardin Team Bikers Choice
18 Rip Clayton Cumberland Transit Cycling
19 David Rose Team Bikes and Moore
20 Cooper Magli Cumberland Transit Cycling
21 Joshua Lewis Team Bikers Choice
22 Michael Edens Team Bikers Choice
23 Kevin Cleveland Cumberland Transit Cycling
24 Charles Gundlach Acme MultiSports
25 Chris Jarrett Unattached
26 Ellis Caldwell SVMIC Cycling
27 Francisco Rivera

Senior Men Category 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jon Cherry Team Bikers Choice
2 Billy Wood Team Bikers Choice
3 Eric Dincauze Trace Bikes
4 Kevin Early Team Bikers Choice
5 Matt Winn Team Gran Fondo
6 Grant Castle
7 Lonnie Puterbaugh Harpeth Bicycles Racing
8 Steve Saxton Trace Bikes
9 William Greene Unattached
10 Chris Wilson Team Bikers Choice
11 Matthew Simmons Team Bikes and Moore
12 Jared Stiefel
13 J.p. Mcneely
14 Stephen Jolley Unattached
15 Toby Wann Team Gran Fondo
16 Kyle Schirmer Trace Bikes
17 Jonathan Hamby Trace Bikes
18 Nate Lelek
19 Joshua Hix Team Bikers Choice
20 Chris Urban Unattached
21 Nick Reyes Trace Bikes
22 Marvyn Hortman
23 Pedros Rivera Unattached
24 Jon Eichert
25 Frank Hordos Trace Bikes
26 Alex Winston Unattached
27 Derek Lewis Harpeth Bicycles Racing
28 Josh Butler Team Andrew
29 John Scott Harpeth Bicycles Racing
30 Daniel Robertson
31 Parker Goodson Trace Bikes

Senior Women Category 1-4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sandra Talavera SVMIC Cycling
2 Amanda Ragle Cumberland Transit Cycling
3 Kailin Acheson Team Belladium
4 Marsha Williams Cumberland Transit Cycling
5 Olga Weeks SVMIC Cycling
6 Shannon Mathis USSC-Trek p/b Vantaggio / SCV
7 Paula Burks USSC-Trek p/b Vantaggio / SCV
8 Emily Magli Cumberland Transit Cycling
9 Valerie Nagoshiner Team Belladium
10 Allison Greening Cumberland Transit Cycling
11 Karah Lewis Team Bikers Choice
12 Heather Yost Unattached
13 Paige Vinson Unattached
14 Chrysa Malosh Cumberland Transit Cycling
15 Tammy Richardson MOAB/Middle Tennessee Velo