These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Timothy Huber
2 Patrick Cowlin The Chainlink
3 Stephen Merlo RCC
4 Roderick De jesus Zubaz Racing
5 Stuart Graham PSIMET Racing
6 Ruairi Brady PSIMET Racing
7 William Lopez Got Wind
8 Ryan Cox Bloomington Cycle and Fitness
9 Austin Kelley
10 Pete Pavek
11 Bobby Morales Bonkers Cycling
12 Ryan Osullivan
13 Jacob Wilson Half Acre Cycling
14 Stephen Farr Major Taylor Chicago
15 Jack Cahillane Spidermonkey
16 Paul Girgis xXx
17 Patrick Mclarty PSIMET Racing
18 Drew Coelho
19 Kevin Huang Team Veloz
20 Adam Osborne
21 Chris Brown
22 Scott Joyce Bloomington Cycle and Fitness
23 Luke Rusznica Intent
24 Evan Arena Chainlink
25 Jeremy Kaufman xXx
26 Eric Stuck PSIMET Racing
27 Armando Lorenzana Team Veloz
28 Michael Matson PSIMET Racing
29 Daniel Weiss University of Chicago Velo Club
30 Zachary Weidenaar PSIMET Racing
31 Willem Van vliet
32 Eric Turner
33 Andrew Wise xXx
34 Julian Mejia Team Vemoz
35 Kyle Millns Intent
36 Patrick Cooney
37 Karl Repay Trek Verge Racing
38 Douglas Price The Chainlink
39 Anthony Repay Trek-Verge Racing
40 Diego Hernandez Team Veloz
41 Thomas Martin Half Acre Cycling
42 Eric Nikolaus
DNF Brian Lucero Team Veloz
DNF Dan Leonard ABD Cycling Team

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nathan Fisk
2 Stuart Graham PSIMET Racing
3 Stephen Merlo RCC
4 Stephen Wunrow The Bike Hub
5 Matthew Higgins Team DARC
6 Jake Mullen
7 Austin Kelley
8 Willem Van vliet
9 Karl Repay Trek Verge Racing
10 Eric Turner
11 Adam Osborne
12 David Belknap
13 Michael Doyle
14 Kyle Urban
15 Fernando Ramirez
16 Evan Arena Chainlink
17 Andrew Wise xXx
18 Craig Donavin
19 Bob Crossen
20 Luke Rusznica Intent
21 Jason Ward
22 Filip Soltys
23 Eric Nikolaus
24 Douglas Price The Chainlink
25 Matthew Somers INTENT
26 Anthony Repay Trek-Verge Racing
27 Daniel Murphy
28 Patrick Cooney
29 Scott Joyce Bloomington Cycle and Fitness
30 David Stanford
31 Khaled Aboueid
32 Dan Leonard ABD Cycling Team
33 Dwayne Richmond Stay Rad
34 Cory Benedict

Women Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacqueline Wunrow The Bike Hub
2 Kelly O'brien BFF Bikes Racing
3 Caroline Rodriguez-nelson Intent
4 Lisa Luttenegger Spidermonkey Cycling
5 Margaret Mcgill BFF Bikes Racing
6 Babs Owca Half Acre Cycling
7 Haley Engle Half Acre Cycling
8 Kelley Sarussi PSIMET Racing
9 Amy Dykema Half Acre Cycling

Women Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Elizabeth Golden
2 Donais Deetz BFF Bikes
3 Anna Henschel Bonkers Cycling
4 Magdalena Glotzer University of Chicago Velo Club
5 Rosemary Colgan BFF Bikes Racing
6 Lily Ramos
7 Amber Nichols BFF Bikes
8 Anna Mather
9 Devon Snyder

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