These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Pro-Cat 12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samuel Boardman San Marcos CA 1:13:52
2 Chris Riekert San Jose CA 1:13:52
3 Kevin Girkins San Marcos TX 1:13:52
4 Cameron Piper Morgan Hill CA 1:13:52
5 Camden Vodicka San Marcos CA 1:13:52
6 Tim Mcbirney Menlo Park CA 1:13:53
7 Aidan Mcneil Cupertino CA 1:13:53
8 Colby Lange Edwards CO 1:13:54
9 Camilo Castiblanco San Francisco CA 1:15:24
10 Rodolfo Torres San Francisco CA 1:15:43
11 Kyle Kirby San Diego CA 1:16:50
12 Ruben Saatjian Santa Barbara CA 1:16:50
13 Leo Bugtai Pasadena CA 1:16:50
14 Jake Yackle Carson City NV 1:16:51
15 Timmy Bauer Placerville CA 1:16:51
16 Ethan Frankel Mill Valley CA 1:16:51
17 Thomas Herman Lakewood CO 1:16:51
18 Dillon Hollinger Santa Cruz CA 1:16:51
19 Alex Schueckler San Diego CA 1:16:52
20 Erik Muir Menlo Park CA 1:16:52
21 Tyler Pearce Bass Lake CA 1:16:52
22 Lance Haidet San Luis Obispo CA 1:16:52
23 Tristan Manderfeld Sauk Rapids MN 1:17:39
24 Blake Anton Arroyo Grande CA 1:17:39
25 Samuel Blackmon San Antonio TX 1:15:13
26 Hunter Wilson Redlands CA 1:15:26
27 Anthony Monteleone Portland OR 1:15:56
28 Joshua Carling El Dorado CA 1:16:03
29 Austin Venhuizen Los Angeles CA 1:17:45
30 Osvaldo Mora Norwalk CA 1:15:14
31 Eric Bryan San Francisco CA 1:15:44
DNF Jack Duncan Santa Rosa CA
DNF Dane Murphy Naperville IL
DNF Stephan Hoffman Santa Cruz CA
DNF Robert Evans Scotts Valley CA
DNF Kenneth Tsuda San Jose CA
DNF Jeff Linder San Jose CA
DNF Greg Mccullough San Francisco CA
DNF David Baar Santa Monica CA
DNF Dustin Denton Sacramento CA

Women Pro-Cat 12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sharlotte Lucas Hokitika WTC
2 Emily Vandyken Fort Worth TX
3 Kendall Ryan Camarillo CA
4 Melanie Wong San Ramon CA
5 Jaimee Erickson San Francisco CA
6 Ayesha Mcgowan Decatur GA
7 Nicole Pressprich Portland OR
8 Sawyer Taylor San Rafael CA
9 Sophie Andrews Bend OR
10 Amity Gregg Oakland CA
11 Michelle Henry Portland OR
12 Caroline Mani Colorado Spgs CO
13 Melissa Tallent Alexandria VA
14 Jamie-lee Wright Smiths BERMUDA
15 Leigh Ann fields Tulsa OK
16 Petra Schmidtmann
DNF Sophie Russenberger
DNF Samantha Goldenstein San Antonio TX
DNF Alexandra Burton Portland OR

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