These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Noe Nava Dallas Bike Works 42:42:00
2 Parker Terlaak Playtri Racing s.t.
3 Jason Ross Rockwall Racing s.t.
4 Jason Bradberry Mirage 42:45:00
5 Thomas Garrad Dallas Bike Works 42:55:00
6 Greg Dundas Playtri Cycling s.t.
7 Ryan Crissey MATRIX / RBM s.t.
8 Clifford Green Dallas Bike Works s.t.
9 Elias Flores-aldaz Playtri Race Team s.t.
10 Brian Mier Playtri Race Team s.t.
11 Seth Inurrigarro Rockwall Racing s.t.
12 Boyd Wallace Dallas Bike Works s.t.
13 Florentino Martinez s.t.
14 Russell Carawan Dallas Bike Works s.t.
15 Nic Fatemi Dallas bike works s.t.
16 Ben Sewell King Racing Group s.t.
17 Scott Ellison Matrix/RBM s.t.
18 Troy Anderson Gs Tenzing s.t.
19 Mario Carballo Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
20 Gilberto Velazquez s.t.
21 Mike Herrick McKinney Velo s.t.
22 James Jones Mirage s.t.
23 Manuel Alba Specialized s.t.
24 Tony Kay s.t.
25 Eric Alvarado Dallas Bike Works s.t.
26 Jason Harper Team Bicycles Plus s.t.
27 Emilio Lopez 43:02:00
28 Erik Stevens s.t.
29 Donoven Francis Bicycles Plus s.t.
30 Keith Boudewijn Rockwall Racing s.t.
31 Phillip Whitejackson Dallas Bike Works s.t.
32 Chris Burt Dallas Bike Works s.t.
33 James Kennedy Playtri Race Team s.t.
34 Brent Martinelli GS Tenzing 43:08:00
35 David Mcgaffin Rockwall Racing s.t.
36 Maddie Woolley Lux/Specialized By Cynergy 43:23:00
37 Roberta Rodriguez 40:52:00
38 Ryan Hobbs Rapha 43:41:00

Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeff Moltenberry Rock Riders Cycling 32:04:00
2 Tony Kay s.t.
3 Mario Carballo Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
4 Emilio Lopez s.t.
5 Jason Harper Team Bicycles Plus s.t.
6 Brent Martinelli GS Tenzing s.t.
7 Riley Boldt Welhous Bikes s.t.
8 Nicholas Stone Dallas Bike Works s.t.
9 Jose Rueda Dallas Brakeless s.t.
10 Joe Siwinski Dallas Bike Works s.t.
11 Juan Sanchez Dallas bikes Works s.t.
12 Court Kretzmeier s.t.
13 Rigoberto Huerta s.t.
14 Leah Gifford Team Sundae Fundae 32:20:00
15 Allen Herrington King Racing Group 33:48:00
16 Mauricio Caballero Dallas Bike Works s.t.
17 Jeremy Adams Dallas Brakeless 34:47:00
18 Jacob Levy King Racing Group 33:48:00
19 Mark Dannehl Team Bicycles Plus 34:08:00
DNF Scott Mcclurg Playtri Racing DNF


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Gaona Giant lakeside 1:01:07
2 Larry Decicco GS Tenzing s.t.
3 John Bain Gs Tenzing s.t.
4 Kyle Swanson Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling s.t.
5 Cesar Serna Bicycle plus racing n 1:01:09
6 Nick Torraca CCR Roofing 1:01:11
7 Randy Lee Giant Lakeside Audi Mckinney pb Baylor Scott & Whi 1:01:13
8 Joseph Spragins United Cycling Team 1:01:48
9 Michael Vitale Meteor-Allied s.t.
10 Patrick Breen Dallas Bike Works s.t.
11 John Mckelvy GS Tenzing 1:01:52
12 Douglas Pedersen Team Cadence Cyclery 1:01:55
13 John Murazak Crest/Rbm Racing 1:01:58
14 Chad Harvey 1:02:38
15 Richard Hellberg Dallas Bike Works 1:01:20
16 Hadishalem Hagos 1:01:25
17 Brett Ross United Cycling 1:01:48
18 Jose Aguilar 1:01:54
19 Riley Walberg GS Tenzing 1:01:58
20 Gary Dutschmann GS Tenzing 1:02:08
21 Bret Crosby Team CCR Roofing 57:23:00
22 Adrian Gawel GS Tenzing 1:01:46
23 Nard Moseley King Racing Group 1:02:24
24 Shawn Bentley Bicycles Plus Racing 55:13:00
25 Matthew Gosling Team Party Time 56:37:00
26 James Dowhin Team Party Time 1:02:33
27 Brad Melear Team Party Time 1:00:11
28 Randall Courtney Team Party Time 1:03:21
29 Ryan Crissey MATRIX / RBM 1:03:21
30 Donoven Francis Jesuit College Preparatory Of Dallas DNP
31 Seth Inurrigarro Rockwall Racing DNP
32 Carlos Gonzalez DNP
DNF Michael Wert GS Tenzing DNF
DNF Colby Logback Team Party Time DNF
DNF Clifford Green Dallas Bike Works DNF

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