These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ramon Benitez NSMI 52:20
2 Steven Ward s.t.
3 Edward Bennett CRCA/Jamison Capital/Cannondale 1
4 John Durso Morris Velo 4
5 Jose Guzman CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
6 Anthony Taylor s.t.
7 Jon Yu Triangle racing s.t.
8 Mynor Pineda Montclair bikery Racing s.t.
9 Horace Burrowes United s.t.
10 Mitchell Jacaruso Brands Cycle/gold Coast Porsche s.t.
11 David Grant ActiveYards / Chester County Ve s.t.
12 Joshua West s.t.
13 Ami Assayag Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team s.t.
14 Warren Holzman MAMBO Kings Racing s.t.
15 John Rachfal CS VELO s.t.
16 Otto Sanchez VR2209 11
17 Jeffrey Miesemer MAMBO Kings Racing / D&Q s.t.
18 Frederick Billet MAMBO Kings Racing/ D&Q 14
19 Stephen Jamison CRCA/Jamison - Cannondale 22
20 Willie Payton CRCA/AXIS 35
21 Michael Novemsky Montclair Bikery Racing 41
22 Jeffrey Appeltans Chester County Velo 1:01
DNF Rob Beighley Doylestown Bike Works p/b Fred Beans
DNF Michael Bowe Doylestown Bike Works p/b Fred Beans
DNF Christopher Chong-tenn Triangle Cyclists
DNF Scott Cullen PSR
DNF Scott Gamble ActiveYards / Chester County Velo
DNF Peter Goff ProPower/CycleSolutions
DNF Jerry Hine Mambo Kings Racing D&Q
DNF Bob Kehl Guy's racing Club
DNF Keith Kemper
DNF Richard Leibfried ActiveYards / Chester County Velo
DNF Mark Light Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions
DNF Robert Mecea
DNF Michael Miller Active Yards
DNF Eric Moon Millersburg Velo Club p/b Holmes Cycling & Fitness
DNF Kevin Moore keystone racing team
DNF Frank Negri Colavita/Whole Food Markets
DNF John Olsen
DNF Kevin Quinter Keystone Racing P/B Lupine Lights
DNF Chris Romero CRCA/Benzel Busch/Specialized Cycling Team
DNF Christian Sell
DNF Ron Short
DNF Scott Steward Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions
DNF Carlos Rogers
DNF Thomas Mains Van Dessel Factory Team
DNF Chris Diehl Zen Masters
DNF George Sherman Gotham

Men Open Cat3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nilsson Ruiz 55:03
2 Thomas Sheeran Aistriu Cycling 12
3 Trevor Raab The 5th Floor NYC 15
4 Mario Irvin crespo 37
5 Diego Rodriguez VR2209 s.t.
6 Douglas Varela triana Karma Racing Team s.t.
7 Voltaire Arradaza Karma Racing Team s.t.
8 Joseph Gilch Rothman Institute Cycling Team s.t.
9 Patrick Brown Veloce Elite s.t.
10 Elliot Olsen Karma Racing Team s.t.
11 Ami Assayag Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team s.t.
12 Andre Abdool Verrazano Team Racing s.t.
13 William Mikolajczak Aistriu Cycling s.t.
14 Robert Holzer Aistriu Cycling s.t.
15 Mayron Betancur Karma Racing Team s.t.
16 William Wahl VR2209 s.t.
17 David Gonzalez Monclaire bikery s.t.
18 Jim Elsner Beer Tree Cycling s.t.
19 Carl Jacob Rothman Institute Cycling Team s.t.
20 Maxwell Greene Veloce Elite s.t.
21 Philip Bennett daniels s.t.
22 Nicholas Basalyga CS Velo s.t.
23 Sean Butler Blue Bell Wealth Management p.b s.t.
24 Kevin Hsieh CRCA/KruisCX s.t.
25 Ben Harper People United 4 Microplastics p s.t.
26 Justin Davala s.t.
27 Jonathan Elison Guy's Racing Club 47
DNF Jeisson Betancur Team Colombia
DNF Michael Bowe Doylestown Bike Works p/b Fred Beans
DNF Brandon Brown The Velo shop
DNF Kevin Chapman Beer Tree Cycling
DNF Gary Gardella Aistriu Cycling
DNF David Gordon Indiana University Cycling
DNF Brendan Graham QCW P/B Cadence Cycling
DNF Michael Hulburt Johnny Sprockets
DNF James Joseph Sprintime united
DNF Max Knee Team Bicycle Thereapy
DNF Stephen Lambers QCW P/B Cadence Cycling
DNF Aviv Maizlin
DNF Sean Matkovic
DNF Robert Mecea
DNF Tom Morris CS Velo
DNF John Rais
DNF Tom Reeb Bicycle Therapy Racing
DNF Sam Riegel The Rothman Institute Cycling Team
DNF Pablo Rivera CRCA/ Kruiscx
DNF Michael Schweizer Blue Bell
DNF Devin Stief Tristate Velo
DNF Robbie Taylor Aistriu Cycling
DNF Christoper Uthgenannt Guy's Racing Club
DNF Eric Williams Bicycle Therapy
DNF Tom Wooten Rothman Institute Cycling Team
DNF Erik Shahumyan Verge Sport

Men Open Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ismael Collado acosta Montclair Bikery Racing 1:12:01
2 Steven Van heerden Vander Group s.t.
3 Matt Mcloone Total Civil Construction p/b Ba 35
4 Cesar Marte Montclair Bikery Racing s.t.
5 Carlos Andres brenes mata Colono cycling team s.t.
6 Stephen Hall Maloja Pushbikers s.t.
7 Joel Candido prado junior CS Velo s.t.
8 Ryan Jastrab Wildlife Generation s.t.
9 Jared Babik TEAM GPOA s.t.
10 Josh Van wyk Team OfficeGuru s.t.
11 Juan Pineda Montclair bikery Racing s.t.
12 Hugo Velazquez National Argentina team s.t.
13 Ruben Ramos National Argentina team s.t.
14 Alex Kellum QCW P/B Cadence Cycling s.t.
15 Chris Weddington Kelly Benefits s.t.
16 Christopher Meacham Doylestown Bike Works p/b Fred s.t.
17 Anthony Rodriguez Good Guys racing team s.t.
18 Colin Fitzgerald CS Velo s.t.
19 Jonathan Marshall QCW P/B Cadence Cycling s.t.
20 Greg Maccarty s.t.
21 Steve Frederick s.t.
22 Andrew Dudle Doylestown Bike Works p/b Fred s.t.
23 William Elliston Van Dessel Factory Team s.t.
24 Dakota Schaeffer Keystone Racing s.t.
25 Colin Kelly Doylestown Bike Works p/b Fred s.t.
26 Brad Green CS Velo s.t.
27 Lucas Strain Point S Nokian s.t.
28 Alec Ratzell Keystone Racing P/B Lupine Ligh s.t.
29 Connor Thompson Young Medalists s.t.
30 Calvin Hoops QCW P/B Cadence Cycling s.t.
31 Michael Martin The Pavement League s.t.
32 Michael Black QCW P/B Cadence Cycling s.t.
33 Nick Rogers QCW P/B Cadence Cycling s.t.
34 Marc Kubushefski CS Velo 48
35 John Levkulic Gotham Cyclists 49
36 Michael Astell Maloja Pushbikers 52
37 Michael Goret Morris Velo Sports s.t.
38 Michael Chauner Vitesse s.t.
39 Steven Kurpiewski TEAM GPOA 55
40 Andrew Wulfkuhle GPOA s.t.
41 Joshua Duffy Dulux s.t.
42 Timothy Weigelt CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale 1:38
DNF Alex Abarbanel-grossman Morris Velo
DNF Christopher Baccash Doylestown Bike Works p/b Fred Beans
DNF Dennis Borden Handlebars Cycle Co. / QCC
DNF Jack Drummond Philadelphia Ciclismo
DNF John Durso Morris Velo
DNF Erlin Garcia Good Guys Racing Team
DNF Nick Iacovelli Morris Velo Sport
DNF Stephen Jamison CRCA/Jamison - Cannondale
DNF Cody Lacosta Morris velo
DNF James Martin Aistriu Cycling
DNF Daniel Mullen QCW P/B Cadence Cycling
DNF Ryan Rapolas QCW P/B Cadence Cycling
DNF Brad Thompson
DNF Colton Valentine Bicycle Therapy Racing
DNF Marcin Wojcik Aistriu Cycling
DNF John Hunter Margie Bars
DNF Adriano Hauck Rohan Cycling
DNF Horace Burrowes United
DNF Wanya Cave TSV
DNF Brent Hinkle ActiveYards

Women Open Cat4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jimil Ataman The Derailleurs 36:28
2 Dana Haberern s.t.
3 Melissa Paquette QCW P.B. Cadence Cycling and Mu s.t.
4 Patricia Sonn Watts UP Cycling s.t.
5 Tatyana Rozental H&H racing s.t.
6 Maria Vlassenko CRCA/Radical Media s.t.
7 Amanda Deleo The Derailleurs s.t.
8 Jane Dmochowski The Derailleurs 43
9 Claire Carroll Women Bike PHL s.t.
10 Kelly O'brien Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team s.t.
11 Megan Bagley CRCA/KruisCX s.t.
12 Kate Zmich The Derailleurs s.t.
13 Stacey Hamblin Team Laser Cats s.t.
14 Knar Gavin Team Laser Cats 46
15 Kelly Duignan The Big Heat 2:37
DNF Megan Barto Millersburg Velo Club b/p Holmes Cycling & Fitness
DNF Michelle Harnish VeloDash / The Big Heat Cycling
DNF Danielle Redden Women Bike PHL Racing
DNF Katelyn Repash VeloDash/ The Big Heat

Women Open Pro/Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alijah Beatty Pickle Juice Pro Cycling team 46:57
2 Anita Yvonne stenberg Norway s.t.
3 Laura Van gilder Mellow Mushroom 1:04
4 Colleen Gulick Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team s.t.
5 Lauren Perry Fast Chance Womens Cycling s.t.
6 Daniela Christine lionco Abec Rio Claro s.t.
7 Claudia Gnudi Mathletes Racing s.t.
8 Jacqueline Mcclure CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale s.t.
9 Verena Eberhardt RSC ARB Sdburgenland s.t.
10 Jessica Chong s.t.
11 Taryn Mudge Mathletes Racing s.t.
12 Paige Williams BCA/Linen s.t.
13 Shaina Kravitz Team EPS/M3 p/b Brielle Cyclery s.t.
14 Kristen Lasasso Mellow Mushroom Racing s.t.
15 Jacqueline Paull Aistriu Cycling 1:10
16 Tiffany Thomas CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club 1:13
17 Arley Kemmerer Fearless Femme Racing 1:51
DNF Erica Berthou CRCA/Radical Media
DNF Becca Brown CRCA / Team VESELKA
DNF Maggie Coles-lyster Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team
DNF Michelle Lee Mathletes Racing
DNF Madeline Marbury Lowcountry Racing
DNF Denise Matheny
DNF Nanci Modica Radical Media
DNF Holly Neckermann The Derailleurs
DNF Jennifer Rhodes Team Skyline
DNF Michelle Ritondo Mathletes Racing
DNF Vanessa Romano Young Medalists
DNF Joanne Trimpi QCW p/b Cadence Cycling
DNF Mckensie Walker Team EPS/M3 p/b Brielle Cyclery
DNF Annette Weaver MAMBO Kings Racing/GoCycling/D&Q

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