These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat4 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Roald Ansano Dave Jordan Racing 1:40:36
2 Stuart Richards Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
3 Gabriele Carpentieri NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners s.t.
4 Matthew Cortright -1 lap
5 Messiah Davis Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
6 Timothy Dickinson Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
7 Geoffrey Landman RBNY Racing-Verge Sport s.t.
8 David Shirzad -1 lap
9 Caleb Hill RBNY Racing-Verge Sport s.t.
10 Rolando Angel FIRE CYCLING TEAM -1 lap
11 Nathan Brauer Foundation -1 lap
12 Patrick Bard Rapha Cycling Club -1 lap
13 Ricardo Ludtke -1 lap
14 Darrell Tucker Major Taylor Development Team -1 lap
15 Futoshi Mukai Rapha Cycling Club -1 lap
16 Brian Hansen 42x21ATQ -1 lap
17 Mitchell Napolitano Team -1 lap
18 Richard Shin -1 lap
19 Tomas Martinez FIRE CYCLING TEAM -1 lap
20 Charlie Stein Trek Bikes NYC -1 lap
21 Dan Goldberg RBNY Racing-Verge Sport -1 lap
22 Jason Bell RBNY Racing-Verge Sport -1 lap
23 Kevin Sattin -1 lap
24 Michael Davis Dave Jordan Racing -1 lap
25 Alfonso Jimenez FIRE CYCLING TEAM -1 lap
26 Osiel Parra FIRE CYCLING TEAM -1 lap
27 Robert Haight RBNY Racing-Verge Sport -1 lap
28 Scott Griffin -1 lap
29 Garth Runkel Bicycle Workshop -1 lap
30 Ian Auger KruisCX -1 lap
31 Gabriel Schuster KruisCX -1 lap
32 Bill Moss RBNY Racing-Verge Sport -1 lap
33 Richard Sberlati NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners -1 lap
34 Brian Hammond Rapha Cycling Club -1 lap
35 Thomas Shi NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners -1 lap
36 Daniel Berner Dave Jordan Racing -1 lap
37 Robert Sullivan Rapha Cycling Club -1 lap
38 Andrei Nugaev NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners -1 lap
DNF Evan Bauer KruisCX
DNF Juan Barraza Rapha Cycling Club
DNF Chris Washburne Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Jonathan Tan RBNY Racing-Verge Sport
DNF Giovanni Cafiso Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Robert Tam Rapha Cycling Club
DNF Sergio Aguirre Foundation
DNF Pablo Rivera KruisCX
DNF Kevin Scott Rapha Cycling Club
DNF Ted Cadieux KruisCX
DNF James Gilbert NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners
DNF Zachry Gladney Foundation
DNF John Watson
DNF Emlen Harmon
DNF Michael Defelice NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners

Men Cat5 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Austin Meyer Foundation 1:29:53
2 Madison Tse CRCA/Team 16
3 Joel Erickson s.t.
4 Juan Restrepo Houlihan Lokey s.t.
5 Hernando Rueda e2Value p/b Verge Sport s.t.
6 Corey Benson s.t.
7 Samuel Hocking s.t.
8 Alhan Keser s.t.
9 Simon Western s.t.
10 Carlos Alvarez s.t.
11 Gregory Odland s.t.
12 Felipe Castaneda s.t.
13 Alejandro Enriquez FIRE CYCLING TEAM s.t.
14 Maurice Goldstein 23
15 Jakob Gorgens Rapha Cycling Club 27
16 Jaciel Figueroa FIRE CYCLING TEAM 34
17 Jason Zheng 43
18 Gabriel Cruz FIRE CYCLING TEAM 1:11
19 Daniel Reumund 2:21
20 Nicolas Morales FIRE CYCLING TEAM 8:53
DNF Andrew Donovan
DNF Ichiro Okamoto Team Bluestone Lane
DNF Kris Judd

Pro/Cat 1/2/3 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bill Ash Foundation 1:50:27
2 Jesus Martinez Dave Jordan Racing 2
3 Tom Rodarie Rockstar Games 31
4 Boguslaw Wielgos Foundation s.t.
5 Santiago Pelaez Foundation 32
6 Stalin Quiterio cuello Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
7 Alex Sanborn Foundation s.t.
8 Tony Pletcher Good Guys Racing p/b HighWaterW s.t.
9 Paul Yeates Rockstar Games s.t.
10 Christophe Palazzi CRCA/Blue Ribbon - Talent Cycles s.t.
11 David Taylor NY Vision Group/Fuoriclasse Rac 43
12 Vincent Rhino GF Capital/ H&E Enterprise s.t.
13 William Nowak GF Capital/ H&E Enterprise 50
14 Jonathan Perry Rapha Cycling Club 1:31
15 Russell Karn Team s.t.
16 Alyosha Smolarski GF Capital/ H&E Enterprise s.t.
17 Benjamin Gorodetsky s.t.
18 William Montanez s.t.
19 Romain Leidelinger 42x21ATQ s.t.
20 Joseph Mohan Team Veselka 1:33
21 William Lopez Houlihan Lokey 1:37
22 Taylor Graham Dave Jordan Racing 1:39
23 Simon Khalif GF Capital/ H&E Enterprise 1:40
24 Vinicius Tavares 1:41
25 Corey Williams To Be Determined 1:43
26 Greg Hruby Rockstar Games 2:00
DNF Christopher Shaw Rockstar Games
DNF Jeffrey Young Aska
DNF Ira Blumberg Aska
DNF Michael Beckerman Team Veselka
DNF Stephen Jamison Jamison-Cannondale
DNF Nicholas Toscano RBNY Racing-Verge Sport
DNF Pascal Sauvayre Team Veselka
DNF Robert Constantino To Be Determined
DNF James Mahlmann Rockstar Games
DNF Eric Sutherland GF Capital/ H&E Enterprise
DNF Rafael Diaz-granados Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Ricardo Tessarotto NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners
DNF Jonathan Trevett To Be Determined
DNF Jacob Yundt Aska
DNF Matthew Vandivort To Be Determined
DNF Daniel Schmalz Rockstar Games
DNF John Moynagh
DNF Gerardo Martinez
DNF Roman Onosovski
DNF Eben Weiss

Women Cat4/5 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Galen Bolard Century Road Club Association 50:56:00
2 Megan Baker 2
3 Sandrine Veillette 10
4 Kimmy O'connor 1:00
5 Connie Bree CRCA/KruisCX 1:04
6 Naveen Wall CRCA/To Be Determined s.t.
7 Elizabeth Tobey CRCA/KruisCX s.t.
8 Maura Hays FIRE CYCLING TEAM 1:07
9 Kristen Neimeth s.t.
10 Natasha Merle Major Taylor Development Team s.t.
11 Betsy Hafkin s.t.
12 Aura Lagnado VERGE SPORT 1:15
13 Claudia Albuquerque 2:47
14 Pamela Abbott 4:03
15 Meg Dahlgren 5:26
16 Kristyn Pluchino 5:28
17 Megan Bagley CRCA/KruisCX 5:47
18 Hameda Mckenzie 5:52
19 Zenaida Ayala Major Taylor Development Team 6:56
20 Tracy Sidesinger 9:15
21 Irina Dmitrieva 10:40
22 Shelley Solomon 15:45
23 Joy Booker 15:48
24 Suzanne Turner 15:52
25 Madelyn Young 16:04

Women Pro/Cat Open Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tiffany Thomas Rapha Cycling Club 1:52:40
2 Shane Ferro To Be Determined 1:26
3 Kristina Grossmann -1 lap
4 Emma Betuel Houlihan Lokey -1 lap
5 Sarah Sauvayre Team Veselka -1 lap
6 Andrea Archer Houlihan Lokey -1 lap
7 Yesica Mendoza Team Veselka -1 lap
8 Carla Clifford Houlihan Lokey -1 lap
9 Lucie Vagnerova Team Veselka -1 lap
10 Lisa Kennish To Be Determined -1 lap
11 Roos Voorend -1 lap
12 Ceren Bingol Rockstar Games -1 lap
DNF Ellen Moses Team Veselka
DNF Sasha Orlick To Be Determined
DNF Diane Akerman KruisCX
DNF Dana Haberern KruisCX

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