These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Masters Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nathan Coleman OrthoVirginia Racing/Catoctin C 53:20
2 Tony Leong TEAM BIKE DOCTOR s.t.
3 Ami Assayag Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team s.t.
4 Mark Light Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions 13
5 Jose Nunez DC Velo Racing s.t.
6 Dan Underwood Battley Harley-Davidson / Total s.t.
7 Alejandro Guzman CRCA/Foundation-CCB s.t.
8 David Fuentes Total Civil Construction p/b Ba s.t.
9 Brian Sjoberg TEAM BIKE DOCTOR s.t.
10 Samuel Torres Triangle Cyclists Racing Team s.t.
11 Louis Schimmel Rockland Cycling Velo s.t.
12 Dean Pierson Ocean Velo Club Culver and Pier s.t.
13 Jon Yu Triangle racing s.t.
14 Ramon Benitez OrthoVirginia Racing // Catocin s.t.
15 Jeffrey Miesemer MAMBO Kings Racing / Peddler's s.t.
16 Brian Sjoberg TEAM BIKE DOCTOR s.t.
17 Joshua West s.t.
18 Andrew Johnson The Cycle Works s.t.
19 Rich Ferraro UNDRBUDR Racing s.t.
20 Mitchell Jacaruso Brands Cycles/PWR'd by Revactin s.t.
21 Erik Engle OrthoVirginia Racing// Catoctin s.t.
22 Michael Carriglitto Keystone Racing p/b Lupine Ligh s.t.
23 Eric Anderson Team Somerset s.t.
24 Mauricio Daza Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV s.t.
25 Warren Holzman Team Alliance Environmental p/b 21
26 Eric Ragot Brands Cycles/PWR'd by Revactin s.t.
27 Gerald Finken NorthStar Mentors s.t.
28 David Osborne Artemis Racing s.t.
29 Dan Lichtenberger Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team s.t.
30 Chris Hayes SEAVS/Haymarket 24
31 Brian Crispell Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team s.t.
32 Kenn Barfell Vitesse s.t.
33 Randall Calvert Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team 35
34 Frederick Billet Team Alliance Environmental p/b 36
35 Willie Payton AXIS/CRCA 39
DNF James Babcock
DNF Richard Bean
DNF Kyle Brightbill
DNF Johann Burrowes WS UNITED
DNF Lincoln Crane CRCA
DNF Terry Feather Bigfoot Endurance
DNF Joseph Funaro Vitesse
DNF S. ryan Greysen QCW P/B Cadence Cycling
DNF Krzysztof Jedrzejewski WWVC Racing
DNF Billy Jones Texas Roadhouse
DNF Jason Jones Karma Racing Team
DNF Mark Kavanagh WWVC Racing
DNF Dion Konyshev
DNF Chris Loehner Brands Cycles/Pwr'd by Revactin/Metra Team
DNF Bob Long Ocean Velo Club/Culver & Pierson Housing Solutions
DNF Anthony Lowe nuh watch nuh face!!!
DNF Michael Miller Team Activeyards
DNF Luis Navarro Monamour/Brittsportwear
DNF John Olsen CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Juan Pineda Rockland Cycling Velo
DNF Mynor Pineda Rockland Cycling Velo
DNF Michael Porter Vitesse
DNF John Rais Guy's Racing Club
DNF David Rodda WWVC Racing
DNF Marcello Rodio Rockland Cycling Velo
DNF Chris Romero CRCA/BigHitRacing
DNF Joel Turske Philadelphia Autonomous Collective
DNF Justin Wheeler Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team
DNF Eric Williams Bicycle Therapy
DNF Fedor Wouda Karma Racing Team

Men Open Cat3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Pulomena Rogue Racing 54:17
2 Alexander Hedrick Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV 51
3 Andrej Vogel CRCA/KruisCX 52
4 Douglas Varela triana Aventi cycling Team s.t.
5 Jhoan Caicedo Aventi Cycling Team s.t.
6 Chris Wallenburg Aistriu Cycling s.t.
7 Ahmed Zuhairy GII Cycling s.t.
8 Jonathan Elison CS Velo s.t.
9 Maximus Anderson RedShift Racing s.t.
10 Matthew Mcgauley QCW P/B Cadence Cycling s.t.
11 Mark Steffen King Kog / Sun and Air s.t.
12 Philip Daniels Dangerous Creatures s.t.
13 Aaron Seip Evolution Cycling/Lindsay Cars s.t.
14 Jo Evers s.t.
15 Chris Eck Tri State Velo s.t.
16 Michael Jones CS Velo 57
17 Dan Lichtenberger Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team 58
18 Juan Bolivar Aventi Cycling Team s.t.
19 O'neill Gatta Vitesse s.t.
20 Sebaj Adele CRCA/Major Taylor Development T s.t.
21 Thomas Sheeran Aistriu Cycling s.t.
22 Ryan Frey s.t.
23 Josh Armstrong Team Bikenetic 1:02
24 Carl Jacob Aistriu Cycling s.t.
25 Daniel Iachetta Team B3 Bicycles s.t.
26 Brian Crispell Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team s.t.
27 Michael Principato Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV s.t.
28 Richard Bean Gold Coast Triathlon Club 1:08
29 Mayron Betancur Aventi Cycling Team 1:14
30 Joseph Gilch Aistriu Cycling 1:20
31 Sean Butler Blue Bell Wealth Management p.b 2:24
32 Mark Kavanagh 3:37
DNF Babalola Ajisafe CRCA/ Major Taylor Development Team
DNF Israel Arroyo La Grupetta All Star
DNF Ian Auger CRCA/KruisCX
DNF Evan Bauer CRCA/KruisCX
DNF Avi Bhuyan Vitesse
DNF Leonardo Cardona Aventi Cycling Team
DNF Josh Cauffman Trestle Bridge Racing
DNF Victor Choi
DNF John Churan WWVC Racing
DNF Jimmy Dyches Harford Velo Cycling Club
DNF Antonio Estepan Rockland Cycling Velo
DNF Christopher Foltz
DNF Gary Gardella
DNF Nathan Gilmore
DNF Kevin Griffin Cumberland Valley Collective
DNF Ethan Hendricks Gotham Cycling
DNF Jonah Hover Edge Cycling
DNF Stephen Justice
DNF Tom Keady Rogue Racing LI
DNF Logan Kelly
DNF Owen Loustau Vitesse
DNF Diego Monsalve Aventi Cycling Team
DNF Robert Orr QCW P/B Cadence Cycling
DNF David Quigley
DNF Mark Rahman Karma Racing Team
DNF Michael Richardson
DNF Jose Rivera bulgado Rockland Cycling Velo
DNF Jon-moses Robinson O.N.I.
DNF David Rodda WWVC Racing
DNF Samuel Santos Bicycle Therapy Racing
DNF Felipe Schaun machado CRCA/Good Guys Racing p/b
DNF Billy Scott
DNF Joseph Secoges QCW P/B Cadence Cycling
DNF Mason Shirey Vitesse
DNF Ryan Singh CRCA/KruisCX
DNF John Stoveld
DNF Steven Taylor Aistriu Cycling
DNF Joel Turske Philadelphia Autonomous Collective
DNF Luis Navaro
DNF Justin Pak

Men Open Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cesar Marte Rockland cycling velo 1:12:28
2 Sean Guydish Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite s.t.
3 Hasani Hennis CRCA/Foundation-CCB Elite Team s.t.
4 Nathan Surowiec Kelly Benefit Strategies / LSV 12
5 Ismael Collado acosta Rockland Cycling Velo s.t.
6 Alberto Ramos verrazano racing team s.t.
7 Stalin Quiterio cuello CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
8 Cesar Gallego ButcherBox Cycling s.t.
9 Matt Mcloone Total Civil Construction p/b Ba s.t.
10 Jared Babik TEAM GPOA s.t.
11 Patrick Brown NEPA Velo pb DiscoverNEPA 14
12 Mario Irvin crespo Aistriu Cycling s.t.
13 Matt Stordy ButcherBox Cycling s.t.
14 Calvin Hoops QCW P/B Cadence Cycling s.t.
15 Colin Fitzgerald Doylestown Bike Works s.t.
16 Mike Jones s.t.
17 Jake Castor s.t.
18 Patrick Collins s.t.
19 Samuel Barnagaud Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
20 Owen Musser Kelly Benefit strategies Elite s.t.
21 Jonathan Marshall QCW P/B Cadence Cycling s.t.
22 Brad Green 18
23 Raynauth Jeffrey CRCA/Foundation-CCB Elite Team s.t.
24 Baris Aytan CRCA/Foundation-CCB Elite Team s.t.
25 Connor Ryan Total Civil Construction p/b Ba 20
26 Elliot Olsen s.t.
27 Andrew Wulfkuhle GPOA s.t.
28 Michael Black QCW P/B Cadence Cycling 24
29 Michael Chauner Vitesse 29
30 Guillaume Nelessen Doylestown Bike Works p/b Fred 30
31 William Elliston STK Cycling 34
DNF Michael Anthony CRCA/Foundation-CCB Elite Team
DNF Aaron Barr Divine Swine Cycling
DNF Johann Burrowes WS UNITED
DNF Randall Calvert Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team
DNF Ethan Craine New England Devo
DNF Juan David fonseca San Benito
DNF Benjamin Gorodetsky New England Devo
DNF Alejandro Guzman CRCA/Foundation-CCB
DNF Derin Iscan New England Development p/b cadence wealth
DNF Matt Jablonski Total Civil Construction p/b Battley Harley-Davidson
DNF Jamual John CRCA/Foundation-CCB Elite Team
DNF Briton John WS United
DNF Simon Jones Hagens Berman Axeon (UCI CT)
DNF Billy Jones Texas Roadhouse
DNF Marc Kubushefski Doylestown Bike Works
DNF Steven Kurpiewski TEAM GPOA
DNF Daniyal Matthews Bellville Cycling Club
DNF Ryan Mcgiboney TEAM GPOA
DNF Colin Mckenna Holmes Factory Racing
DNF Christopher Meacham Doylestown Bike Works p/b Fred Beans
DNF Nathan Roberts Vitesse
DNF Josh Rovner Jamison Cannondale
DNF Jesse Stauffer QCW P/B Cadence Cycling
DNF Billy Taylor Star Track Cycling
DNF Joseph Tortorelli
DNF Juan Vargas Rockland cycling velo
DNF William Walton Vitesse
DNF Tony Wolf QCW P/B Cadence Cycling
DNF Ramon Benitez artemis

Women Open Cat4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Olivia Sandoval Kelly Benefit Strategies 38:03
2 Michelle Pemberthy Cycling Connection s.t.
3 Bijou Vaultz Team Abundance / CRCA / Major T s.t.
4 Faith Irvin 700cYCLING Concepts s.t.
5 Azyra Franklin Kelly benefits strategies/LSV s.t.
6 Bree Dillon s.t.
7 Angy Guzman MANGY 1:58
8 Natalie Gulla Ostroy-NYC Velo 2:00
9 Michelle Nedd Getting It In Cyclists s.t.
10 Ashli Savoy Getting it in Cyclists (GII) 2:16
11 Megan Carrier Ostroy / NYC Velo -1 lap
12 Falecia Stuckey Getting It In Cyclist -1 lap
13 Kirby Kelly Ostroy - NYC Velo -1 lap
14 Claire Lutz WBPHL -1 lap
15 Luz Chaver Rockland cycling velo -1 lap
16 Keva Perry Getting it in Cyclists -1 lap
17 Marlina Hardy Mathletes Racing -1 lap
18 Diane Akerman CRCA/KruisCX -1 lap
19 Corrie Tice WBPHL Racing -2 laps
20 Taneika Duhaney Getting It In Cyclists -2 laps
21 Elizabeth Tobey CRCA/KruisCX -5 laps
22 Katie Cheong Star Track Cycling -5 laps
DNF Megan Bagley CRCA/KruisCX -14 laps
DNF Morgan Gerace WBPHL Devo -8 laps
DNF Ivana Seric -9 laps
DNF Ajoa Abrokwa K.R.T. Race Team -9 laps

Women Open Pro/Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Taylor Kuyk-white Philly Bike Expo P/b VeloJawn 47:14
2 Amber Joseph Barbados 29
3 Colleen Gulick Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team s.t.
4 Laura Van gilder Mellow Mushroom s.t.
5 Candice Votava Artemis Racing s.t.
6 Julianna Rutecki Vitesse s.t.
7 Ainhoa Perez-diez OrthoVirginia Racing s.t.
8 Vanessa Romano Philly Bike Expo p/b VeloJawn s.t.
9 Stephanie Halamek Philly Bike Expo s.t.
10 Emma Bast s.t.
11 Elspeth Huyett Blacklist Bikeworks LLC s.t.
12 Dori Buckethal OrthoVirginia Racing s.t.
13 Dana Haberern s.t.
14 Masami Yamashita Team Alliance 1:44
15 Sabrina Hayes SEAVS / Haymarket s.t.
16 Kathryn Goffin University of Iowa Sports Medic s.t.
17 Skyler Espinoza Alto Velo s.t.
18 Tara Seplavy CRCA-KruisCX 1:54
20 Cara King CWA Racing p/b TREK -1 Lap
21 Homare Yamashita Team Twenty20 Sho-air Devo -1 Lap
22 Jacqueline Paull Aistriu Cycling -1 Lap
23 Svetlana Mack Artemis -1 Lap
24 Joan Hanscom Team EPS p/b Brielle Cyclery -1 Lap
DNF Jennifer Rhodes STK Cycling