These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men A

(48 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Wyatt Stoup Pennsylvania State University 0:0:0
2 Charles Salzer Franklin and Marshall College
3 Steven Rusnak US Military Academy
4 Derek Harnden University of Vermont
5 Etienne Moreau Queens University
6 Samson Mchugh University of Pittsburgh
7 Daniel Blizzard Yale University
8 Robert Burnett Franklin and Marshall College
9 Jon Slaughter Queens University
10 Brenden Siekman US Military Academy
11 Andrew Lysaght Massachusetts Institute of Technology
12 Spencer Schaber Massachusetts Institute of Technology
13 Jelle Stoop Yale University
14 Zachary Ulissi Massachusetts Institute of Technology
15 Eran Preble University of Delaware
16 Adam Bry Massachusetts Institute of Technology
17 Matthew Nichols Dartmouth College
18 Arnaud Borner Pennsylvania State University
19 Stephen Wright Hamilton College
20 Hunter Resek University of New Hampshire
21 Michael Farrar Northeastern University
22 Maximilian Jentzsch Dartmouth College
23 Matt Waller Pennsylvania State University
24 Matthew Buckley University of Vermont
25 Kevin Ordons University of Pittsburgh
26 Kyle Kukieza West Virginia University
27 Daniel Holmdahl Dartmouth College
28 James Bolognani University of New Hampshire
29 Alan Royek Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
30 Jeremy Shirock Pennsylvania State University P&P
31 Gregory Keith US Military Academy P&P
32 Nick Garcia US Military Academy P&P
33 Steven Francisco University of Delaware P&P
34 Mike Mccafferty Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway P&P
35 Peter Hagerty Rochester Institute of Technology P&P
36 Ian Forsyth Yale University P&P
37 Joseph Near Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
38 James Clarke Queens University P&P
39 Nehemiah Mchugh University of Pittsburgh P&P
40 Chris Rodgers Pennsylvania State University P&P
41 Adam Capatch Pennsylvania State University P&P
42 Colby Samstag University of Pennsylvania P&P
DNF Dan Ipp Rochester Institute of Technology
DNF Kevin Mcguire Pennsylvania State University
DNF Patrick Doumont US Military Academy
DNF James Wolf Franklin and Marshall College
DNF Daniel Rossi Franklin and Marshall College
DNF Drew Scoles University of Rochester

Men B

(44 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Taylor Smith University of New Hampshire 0:0:0
2 Jacob Warshaw University of Vermont
3 Andre Rauh University of Delaware
4 Connor Walsh Rochester Institute of Technology
5 Charles Spanjers Pennsylvania State University
6 Greg Disanto University of New Hampshire
7 Vinnie Depalma University of Pittsburgh
8 Joseph Halo Pennsylvania State University
9 James Kennedy University of New Hampshire
10 Christopher Mondiek Rochester Institute of Technology
11 Brandon Knettel Lehigh University
12 Brennan Berardo Queens University
13 Kevin Rutherford US Military Academy
14 Andrew Weinstein Princeton University
15 Michael Garretson Pennsylvania State University
16 Brian Tino Bucknell University
17 Samuel Cowans Bucknell University
18 Ross Creed Temple University
19 Andy Godish Pennsylvania State University
20 Madison Matthews Pennsylvania State University 1 lap
21 Byron Hood Harvard University 1 lap
22 Nicholas Geiser Yale University P&P
23 Frank Lao University of Delaware P&P
24 Aaron Perelman Stevens Institute of Technology P&P
25 Brian Coate Northeastern University P&P
26 Robert Abramson Carnegie Mellon University P&P
27 Matthew Mosca Franklin and Marshall College P&P
28 Eric Schumacher Lehigh University P&P
29 Brian Decann West Virginia University P&P
30 David Hocker Princeton University P&P
31 Paul Strein US Military Academy P&P
32 Andrew Walker University of Delaware P&P
33 Matthew Holub University of New Hampshire P&P
34 Ryan Mckenna Franklin and Marshall College P&P
35 Michael Houghton US Military Academy P&P
36 Garrett Lynch Harvard University P&P
37 Alex Borsuk University at Buffalo P&P
38 Patrick Bastianelli US Military Academy P&P
39 Michael Carroll Columbia University-NYC P&P
40 Andrew Piechowicz University at Buffalo P&P
DNF Zheren Yang Columbia University-NYC
DNF Thomas Devane US Military Academy
DNF Matthew Warbrick Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
DNF Jordan Oroshiba University of Rochester

Men C1

(43 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicholas Chen Cornell University 0:0:0
2 Christian Thompson New York University
3 R. Wilson tarbox iv New York University
4 David Brown University of Vermont
5 Ian Bensco Pennsylvania State University
6 Brett Wachtendorf Pennsylvania State University
7 Dana Greenlaw University of Vermont
8 Ben Civiletti University of Vermont
9 Tanner Haskins University of Vermont
10 Jonathan Cusick University of Vermont
11 Benjamin Reddy Columbia University-NYC
12 Greg Mcelravy University of Vermont P&P
13 Chad Baltozer Pennsylvania State University P&P
14 Jacob Rubin University of Delaware P&P
15 John Kavouris University of Pittsburgh P&P
16 Christopher Barr University of New Hampshire P&P
17 Adam Beaudoin Queens University P&P
18 Jason Leblanc Queens University P&P
19 Andreas Boehm Pennsylvania State University P&P
20 Ernie Lehman Pennsylvania State University P&P
21 Eric Macedo University of Delaware P&P
22 Stephan Kadauke University of Pennsylvania P&P
23 William Watkins Indiana University-PA P&P
24 Jeff Beyer West Virginia University P&P
25 Neal Overbeck Drexel University P&P
26 Lucas Robichaud University of New Hampshire P&P
27 Ethan Pfenninger University of New Hampshire P&P
28 Andrew Baker University of Delaware P&P
29 Drew Steeves Queens University P&P
30 Cameron Asbury West Virginia University P&P
31 Eric Emery Cornell University P&P
32 Benjamin Rittenhouse Pennsylvania State University P&P
33 Nicholas Ferra Drexel University P&P
34 Andrew Lopatka University of Pittsburgh P&P
35 Peter Mintun Cornell University P&P
36 Brendan Diener Drexel University P&P
37 Alexander Radkoff Pennsylvania State University P&P
38 Jacob Perlmutter University of Pittsburgh P&P
39 Joseph Lee Columbia University-NYC P&P
40 Travis Rabbit University of Pittsburgh P&P
41 David Stauffer Cornell University P&P
42 Calvin Troxell Pennsylvania State University P&P
43 Jonathan Tang Pennsylvania State University P&P

Men C2

(25 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Benjamin Woolston Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:0:0
2 Alexander Slavitz Bucknell University
3 Luis Leme US Military Academy
4 Patrick Hammer Stevens Institute of Technology
5 Tanner Devoe Princeton University
6 Gregory Harkay Pennsylvania State University
7 Luke Thomas Rochester Institute of Technology
8 Brian Case Bucknell University
9 Michah Douglas US Military Academy
10 Ryan Campbell Millersville University-Pennsylvania
11 Blake Sedore Queens University
12 Kyle Shatzer Carnegie Mellon University
13 Andrew Miller Rochester Institute of Technology
14 Nicholas Wimer Dartmouth College
15 Daniel Lazier Bucknell University
16 Adam Trexler Yale University
17 Lucas Harris Hamilton College
18 Isaiah Levy US Military Academy
19 ? Max Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
20 Brian Tang Yale University P&P
21 Adam Schneider Dartmouth College P&P
22 Sean Leary US Military Academy P&P
23 Joseph Turner Princeton University P&P
DNF Carsten Hansen Dartmouth College
DNF Chris Buehler Carnegie Mellon University

Men D1

(27 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joseph Rich University of New Hampshire 0:0:0
2 Jordan Thompson Pennsylvania State University
3 Conor Madison University of New Hampshire
4 Andrew Markiewicz Pennsylvania State University
5 Eric Luke Northeastern University
6 Adam Fender Temple University
7 Nicholas Esposito Northeastern University
8 Alexander Buell University of New Hampshire
9 Nicholas Wells New York University
10 Richard Ebersole Temple University
11 Benjamin Cargill University of New Hampshire
12 Sean Gribbin University of New Hampshire
13 James Smith Cornell University
14 Cody Slack Pennsylvania State University
15 John Knisely Pennsylvania State University
16 David Hopper Pennsylvania State University
17 Thomas Calcagni Drexel University
18 Logan Cawley Pennsylvania State University
19 Charles Allen New York University P&P
20 David Neider University of New Hampshire P&P
21 Matthew Drury Pennsylvania State University P&P
22 Nickolas Kirkner Drexel University P&P
23 Philip Leopold Indiana University-PA P&P
24 Tyler Fitzgerald University of Vermont P&P
25 Pino Jorge New York University P&P
26 Justin Mitchell West Virginia University P&P
27 Marco Piccirilli West Virginia University P&P

Men D2

(38 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kamal Ndousse Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:0:0
2 Tyler Keyes Slippery Rock University
3 Joshua Lewis Slippery Rock University
4 Cameron Mcphaden Queens University
5 Daniel Delbosque Yale University
6 Marco Scheuer Hamilton College
7 Ryan Cummings Dartmouth College
8 Carrick Porter Stevens Institute of Technology
9 Sean Severt Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
10 Kyle Pakeman Queens University
11 Benjamin Conley Hamilton College
12 Michael Kraus Princeton University
13 Mike Yalch Millersville University-Pennsylvania
14 William Holm Bucknell University
15 James Lin Dartmouth College
16 Andrew Doumont US Military Academy
17 Matt Stanton Dartmouth College
18 James Curtis Rochester Institute of Technology
19 Peter Tarnawskyj Rochester Institute of Technology P&P
20 Zhongrong Wang Franklin and Marshall College P&P
21 Gabriel Greenlaw Rochester Institute of Technology P&P
22 James Myers Slippery Rock University P&P
23 Ian Gielar Rochester Institute of Technology P&P
24 Chris Walton Queens University P&P
25 Kyle Irwin Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania P&P
26 Cajer Gong Carnegie Mellon University P&P
27 Nick Lagrow Carnegie Mellon University P&P
28 Zachary Taylor US Military Academy P&P
29 James Poland Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania P&P
30 Adam Klosowiak Princeton University P&P
31 Luke Niezelski Stevens Institute of Technology P&P
32 Matthew Smith Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
33 Killian Castner Rochester Institute of Technology P&P
34 Brandon Wilson Hamilton College P&P
35 Maxwell Wagner Bucknell University P&P
DNF Brian Gardiner Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DNF Thomas Lehman Franklin and Marshall College
DNF John Prazer Slippery Rock University

Men Intro

(7 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samuel Bulow Yale University 0:0:0
2 Nathanael Friday Dartmouth College
3 Ernesto Jimenez Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4 Peter Glogovsky Franklin and Marshall College
5 Percy Chan Queens University
6 Aaron Todisco Franklin and Marshall College
7 John Ortiz Dartmouth College

Women A/B Combined

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mandy Marquardt Penn State-Lehigh Valley 0:0:0
2 Kelly Desharnais Bucknell University
3 Casey Kelly Rochester Institute of Technology
4 Carolyn Carlstrom Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
5 Leslie Lupien Dartmouth College
6 Katie Quinn Massachusetts Institute of Technology
7 Yuri Matsumoto Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8 Ashley Hopwood Northeastern University
9 Jessica Kutz Pennsylvania State University
10 Courtney Gregor Franklin and Marshall College
11 Eileen Evans Harvard University
12 Erica Blom Yale University
13 Jamie Brabston Stevens Institute of Technology
14 Gabriella Allong US Military Academy
15 Carren Stika Pennsylvania State University
16 Shaena Berlin Massachusetts Institute of Technology
17 Emily Paxson University of Vermont
18 Adriane Hairston Temple University
19 Isabella Oleksy University of New Hampshire
20 Hayley Wickstrom University of Pittsburgh 1 Lap
21 Taylor Rojek DeSales University 1 Lap
22 Alison Crocker Boston College 1 Lap
23 Morgan Farnsworth Pennsylvania State University 1 Lap
24 Sophy Lee Harvard University 1 Lap
25 Shannon Burke University of Vermont 2 Laps
26 Ashley Hurst Yale University 2 Laps
27 Hannah Garrett Yale University 2 Laps
28 Michelle Font US Military Academy 3 Laps
29 Emily Mcmanus US Military Academy 4 Laps
30 Lauren Heiliger US Military Academy 4 Laps
DNF Sarah Haight US Military Academy DNF

Women C

(18 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rugile Kaladyte Rochester Institute of Technology 0:0:0
2 Elizabeth Pettitt University of New Hampshire
3 Erin Spaulding University of New Hampshire
4 Mckayla Dunfey Hamilton College
5 Annie Parodi University at Buffalo
6 Marina Brown Yale University
7 Jennifer Webster US Military Academy
8 Victoria Ollo US Military Academy
9 Jasmine Hansen US Military Academy
10 Karen Lam New York University
11 Kelsey Byrd Dartmouth College 1 Lap
12 Jennifer Wilson Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1 Lap
13 Katherine Oxman Franklin and Marshall College 1 Lap
14 Frances Sayler Hamilton College 1 Lap
15 Angela Vargas US Military Academy 2 Laps
16 Elif Erez Yale University 2 Laps
17 Vanessa Daneshvar Franklin and Marshall College 2 Laps
DNF Hannah Cole University of New Hampshire

Women Intro

(5 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alissa Peterson University of Vermont 0:0:0
2 Connie Chung Harvard University
3 Nicole Miller Stevens Institute of Technology
4 Jeanna Clark Harvard University
5 Christine Kobza Bucknell University

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