These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men cat 4/5 1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Hunter Davis Team TATI
2 Andrew Toftoy Nature Factor/Finer Finish
3 Ben Omalley xXx Racing/Athletico
4 Jared Sheppard
5 Weston Martin Rhythm Racing
6 Paul Halupka Team TATI
7 Evan Kuchar XXX
8 Edwin Bagley Rhythm Racing
20 Elliot Bennett
21 Alfred Bryant Union Cycling
22 Michael Burns ABD
23 Jared Honn
24 Paul Ocampo Metro East Cycling
25 Daniel Ortiz Tuxedo Thunder
26 Simon Lach Teem Beer'd
27 Andre Odendaal Colavita racing
28 Ross Ratajczak Half Acre Cycling
29 Matt Riddle Team Pegasus
30 David Ortiz
31 Brian Rogers Union Cycling
32 Andrew Santos Tuxedo Thunder
33 Suchandra Thapa UCVC
34 Michael Schmalandt Cervelo/Castelli
35 Kyle Wigboldy Team TATI
36 Ian Whitney Half Acre Cycling
37 James Barclay
38 Eric Shivvers Half Acre Cycling
39 Paul Mumford Chicago Cutting Crew
40 Kyle Bainter Overdun Productions
41 Robert Higgins JOHNNY SPROCKETS
42 Timothy Barrett
43 Brandon Scheiner Team Pegasus
44 Sean Klontz Half Acre Cycling
45 Joel Mulder Tuxedo Thunder
46 Peter Monko Spidermonkey Cycling
47 Jack Arnolde
48 Paul Goc Team TATI
49 Justin Lebb Team Iron Cycles
50 William East
51 Bill Guy Half Acre Cycling
52 Tom Riley Half Acre Cycling

Men Cat 4/5 2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicholas Scavone Play It Again Sports Cycling
2 Mike Morell Chicago Cuttin' Crew
3 Ben Omalley xXx Racing/Athletico
4 Andres Echeverri Play it Again Sports Cycling
5 Jared Sheppard Tuxedo Thunder
14 Jeffrey Popelka Team TATI
15 Todd Simeone Tenspeed Hero / J.P. Graziano
16 Hayes Sanborn Spidermonkey cycling
17 Gilberto Romero
19 Andrew Toftoy Nature Factor/Finer Finish
20 Andres Alvear Play It Again Sports Cycling
21 Robert Burkitt None
22 Michael Burns ABD
23 Jack Arnolde
24 Alexander Brown University of Illinois-Chicago
25 Roderick De jesus Tuxedo Thunder
26 Bevan Brookfield Half Acre
27 Cesar Hernandez
28 Paul Halupka Team TATI
29 Robert Curtis PSIMET Racing
30 Barron Gira PSIMET racing
31 Sean Klontz Half Acre Cycling
32 Michael Jividen Tenspeed Hero / J.P. Graziano
33 Andrew Faley MWE
34 Tim Holt BSM Cycling
35 Andres Quiros Play It Again Sports
36 Andre Odendaal Colavita racing
37 Peter Monko Spidermonkey Cycling
38 Kyle Millns
39 Themis Mavrogordatos University of Chicago Velo Club
40 Michael Mantak Half Acre Cycling
41 Thomas Macneill-zimmerman Play it Again Sports Cycling
42 Andrew Nordyke Chicago Cuttin' Crew
43 Jason Fergurson Wheel Fast
44 James Yoo
45 Chris Zibutis
46 Caleb Spencer PSIMET Racing
47 Joe Sirchio Psimet
48 Isaiah Jay Tenspeed Hero / J.P. Graziano
49 Nikos Hessert xXx Racing-AthletiCo
50 Carter Kleiman Vision Quest LLC
51 Eric Landahl Spidermonkey Cycling
52 William East
53 Daryus Patel xXx biking
54 Sasha Reschechtko Tati

Women Cat 3 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sarah Rice Spidermonkey cycling
2 Morgan Moon Team TATI
3 Debra Sunderland TATI
4 Lindsay Knight Team TATI

Women Cat 4 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kristina Young Team TATI
2 Ellen Ryan XXX Racing
3 Eleanor Blick Johnny Sprockets
4 Sue Wellinghoff xXx Racing - AthletiCo
5 Sarah Lu Tati
6 Sheena Enriquez Team TATI
7 Rebecca Welbes Kinky Llama Racing
8 Sharon Budde xXx Racing-AthletiCo
9 Erica Gaddy Half Acre Cycling
10 Vanessa Buccella Half Acre Cycling
11 Colleen Jarema Johnny Sprockets
12 Kimberly Carlson
13 Hanna Goc Team TATI
14 Kristi Hanson Spidermonkey Cycling
15 Mary Randall
16 April Whitworth xXx Cycling
17 Anna Loosli Spidermonkey Cycling
18 Michelle Loomis
19 Shannon Keeton
20 Tonya Nicolaou
21 Robin Hoecker Half Acre Cycling
22 Jennifer Groen Half Acre Cycling
23 Annie Byrne
24 Michelle Moore
25 Erica Schwanke
26 Laura Pyle
27 Liz Markel Iron Cycles
28 Melanie Kujovich
29 Julie Hochstadter

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