These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tim Norris Lindenwood University
2 Alex Wieseler Marian University
3 Brandon Feehery Lindenwood University
4 Alexander Meyer University of Wisconsin-Madison
5 Blaine Benson Michigan State University
6 Sam Stone Marian University
7 Isaiah Newkirk Marian University
8 Johnathan Freter Lindsey Wilson College
9 Matthew Dooley Lindsey Wilson College
10 Adam Kaye University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
11 Joe Magro University of Notre Dame
12 Nicholas Chevalley Lindenwood University
13 Ian Baker University of Kentucky
14 William Kinsey Purdue University
15 Thomas Herman Ohio State University
16 Jonathan Heile University of Wisconsin-Madison
17 Naveen John Purdue University
18 Weston Luzadder Marian University
19 Joshua Johnson Marian University
20 Matt Gittings Marian University
21 Cody Anderson Lindenwood University
22 Gabriel Moss masaquiza Ohio State University
23 Neal Forbes Marian University
24 Justin Lowe Lindsey Wilson College
25 David Novak Lindsey Wilson College
26 Daniel Williams Lindenwood University
27 Filip Capala Lindsey Wilson College
28 Joey Iuliano Purdue University
29 Andrew Kramer Lindenwood University
DNF Nicholas Grigsby Lindsey Wilson College
DNF Daniel Gerow Marian University
DNF Matthew Brandt Lindenwood University
DNF Cody Goettl Lindenwood University
DNF Jonathan Heile University of Wisconsin-Madison

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Pratt University of Notre Dame
2 Taylor Ladd Lindsey Wilson College
3 Samuel Runningen Purdue University
4 Andrew Odonnell University of Notre Dame
5 Zachary Abulencia Lindsey Wilson College
6 Sam Dries University of Wisconsin-Madison
7 Kurt Tweedy Lindenwood University
8 David Yohe Marian University
9 Andrew Lang Saint Louis University
10 Benjamin Padilla Ohio State University
11 Reed Bagley Lindsey Wilson College
12 Alex Corrion Michigan State University
13 Grant Inglis University of Cincinnati
14 Brian Hurley University of Notre Dame

Men C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luke Tilmans University of Notre Dame
2 Michael Chifala University of Notre Dame
3 Tommy Peng Northwestern University
4 David Pratt University of Notre Dame
5 David Takahashi Case Western Reserve University
6 Garrett Sczechowski Purdue University
7 Joshua Corcoran University of Notre Dame
8 Zachary Dorsey Lindsey Wilson College
9 Ashley Anderson University of Wisconsin-Madison
10 James Snitzer University of Notre Dame
11 Jero Bean University of Wisconsin-Madison
12 Ryan Milmoe Purdue University
13 Andrew Ralston Oberlin College
14 Corey Anderson Michigan State University
15 Unknown Rider
16 Tyler Lucas Indiana University-Bloomington
17 Aaron Jaffe Northwestern University
18 Paul Gregory Michigan State University
19 Andrew Wright Lindsey Wilson College
20 Blake Walker Lindsey Wilson College

Men D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chad Lawver Mount Vernon Nazarene University
2 Paul Dentel University of Cincinnati
3 Jamie Anderson University of Cincinnati
4 Justin Miller Purdue University
5 John Kelley Marian University
6 Cole Smith Butler University
7 Patrick Handy University of Notre Dame
8 Jacob Pratt Michigan State University
9 Donald Williams Marian University
10 Jared Salinger University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
11 Chris Sparace Northwestern University
12 Alexander Cheatham Northwestern University
13 Joseph Gambino Northwestern University
14 Alex Graham Butler University
15 Marcus Thompson Purdue University
16 Max Lamme University of Cincinnati
17 August Kunkel University of Notre Dame
18 Philip Palmon University of Notre Dame
19 Isaac Bacon Oberlin College
20 Robert Maertz University of Cincinnati
21 Sage Aronson Oberlin College
22 Scott Ferguson Ball State University
23 Matt Figueroa Mount Vernon Nazarene University
24 Trenton Fitzgerald Mount Vernon Nazarene University
25 Kevin Poast Mount Vernon Nazarene University
26 James Cannon Marian University
27 Steven Sander Saint Louis University
28 Brook Luers Oberlin College
29 Charlie Magiera University of Notre Dame
30 Cory Hurst Michigan State University
31 Nathan Richards Northwestern University
32 Sarun Lorhpipat Purdue University
33 Robert Piscatelli University of Notre Dame
34 Mark Aikman Purdue University
35 Chris Rednour Mount Vernon Nazarene University
36 Seth Nachimson Oberlin College
37 Owen Kieffer-jones Ohio State University
38 Nathaniel Winters Mount Vernon Nazarene University
39 Edward Young Case Western Reserve University
40 Maxwell Goodman Case Western Reserve University
41 Brock Bedingfield Lindsey Wilson College
DNF Sean Robinson Ohio State University
DNF Sam Stroebel Ohio State University

Women A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sinead Miller Marian University
2 Kaitlin Antonneau Marian University
3 Allie Dragoo Marian University
4 Elizabeth Engwis Marian University
5 Brooke Crum Lindsey Wilson College
6 Coryn Rivera Marian University
7 Ashley Rethemeyer Lindenwood University
8 Regan Baum University of Kentucky
9 Mariasol Johannes Lindenwood University
10 Aimee Warnke Saint Louis University
11 Hannah Hayduk Lindsey Wilson College
12 Mika Jackson Marian University
13 Mikayla Lyman Lindsey Wilson College
14 Yesica Mendoza Lindsey Wilson College
15 Courtney O'neill Northwestern University

Women B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Stephanie Torres Marian University
2 Tiana Row Lindsey Wilson College
3 Hanne Zmierczak Lindenwood University
4 Nikki Ditsch University of Kentucky
5 Lauren Kraft Ohio State University
6 Vhasti Schmidt Lindsey Wilson College
7 Carolyn Mccann University of Notre Dame
8 Rebecca Hall University of Wisconsin-Madison
9 Caroline Binkley Northwestern University
10 Lacey Maglinger Lindsey Wilson College
11 Madison Mills Lindsey Wilson College
12 Marie Locke Ball State University
13 Hope Gibson Lindsey Wilson College
14 Christine Ricci Northwestern University
15 Jenna Tomasevich Case Western Reserve University
16 Katelyn Begley Lindsey Wilson College

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