These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Douglas Frenchak United Cycling
2 Gabriel Porterfield Torchy's Tacos/Bike Mart
3 Tim Smith Alliance St. Louis
4 Jabez Meulemans Primal - Audi Denver
5 Austin Edgar Cura Racing
6 Chad Cagle Team Topeca
7 Seth Lasley Omnia
8 Christian Deschamps Hot Tubes
9 Gregory Vanderpool Gregory Vanderpool
10 Andy Schnurbusch Power Up Cycling
11 Evan Mcquirk United Cycling
12 Michael Lambert Velovit Race Team
13 Ryan Szabo Empyr Cycling
14 Pablo Cruz Yoeleo TT p/b 4MIND Project
15 Taylor Herron Marx Bensdorf
16 Robert Deetz
17 John Shalekbriski DNA Cycling
18 Calvin Anderson LOGISTICS 918
19 Jacob Lasley Omnia
20 Kevin Solomon
21 Eric Snyder Pegasus Cycling
22 James Kraus Texas Roadhouse Cycling P/B Athletic Brewing
23 Evan Kemppainen Space City Development Team - Chapeau Labs
24 Nicholas Petrov Torchy's Tacos/Bike Mart
25 Emerson Cifuentes DNA
26 Philip Leachman Alliance St. Louis
27 Bryce Ward United Cycling
28 Grant Najera Soundpony Triad Bank
29 Chris Carlson Torchy's Tacos/Bike Mart
30 Jefferey May Premier Racing Texas
31 Matthew Amara Team Swift
32 Clifford Green Dallas Bike Works
33 Ryan Witt Primal - Audi Denver
34 Lucas Poupard Torchys Tacos/Bike Mart

Men Master Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Easter Methods to Winning
2 Randy Reichardt Above & Beyond Cancer P/B Bike World
3 Jarrod Moroni Rolla RC
4 Shawn Betz stages cycling
5 Jeremy Schwab VITE RACING
6 Matthew Baxter Nashville Local Cycling Masters
7 Rahsaan Bahati Bahati Foundation
8 David Koesel Monster Racing Team
9 Antony Barsi Black Swift / Cycleton
10 Chris Drummond The Meteor
11 Jerome Nadel ThirstyBear Cycling
12 Michael Giem Stages Cycling
13 Lee Bumgarner Team kaos
14 Benjamin Sharp Stages Cycling
15 William Plumlee Team Audi McKinney-Encore Wire p/b Cadence Cyclery
16 Mathew Ankney Omnia
17 Charon Smith Methods To Winning
19 Brent Grist BMC/Walmart Cycling Team
20 Christopher Dakin Rattlesnake Cafe
21 Dennis Lastochkin Night Owls p/b Hardwood Bargains
21 Michael Inglis Blackswift/Cycleton
23 John Brestovansky Sentir
23 Brady Prenzlow Donkey Label Racing
25 Patrick Gribbon Midwest Oral Surgery/GCC
26 Gregg Ueckert The Meteor
27 David Grundman Peets Coffee Racing p/b Veloro Bicycles
28 Winfield Gibson Soundpony Triad Bank
29 Chad Sprague SENTIR Racing Team
30 David Almanzan
31 Matthew Allen Stages Cycling
32 Patrick Fetzer
33 Anderson Bortoletto LAPT
34 Luis E rosero Team Audi McKinney Encore Wire pb Cadence Cyclery

Men Pro/Cat 1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luke Lamperti TRINITY Racing
2 Alfredo Rodriguez Best Buddies Racing
3 Bryan Gomez Best Buddies Racing
4 Ty Magner L39ION of Los Angeles
5 Cesar Serna Team Audi McKinney-Encore Wire p/b Cadence Cyclery
6 Sugio Henao Emanuel Ibarry and 2NDBIKE TEAM
7 Gavin Hoover L39ION of Los Angeles
8 Brandon Feehery Project Echelon Racing
9 Cruz Edvardo ButcherBox Cycling
10 Sam Morris DCC
11 Andrew Dillman Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team PB Athletic Brewing Co
12 Thomas Gibbons Automatic Racing
13 Cade Bickmore Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team PB Athletic Brewing Co
14 Andrew Giniat CS Velo
15 Sebastian Cano Aminorip Factory Racing
16 Jack Shuckra Empyr Cycling
17 Cory Williams L39ION of Los Angeles
18 Oscar Pachon DCC
19 Dillon Geary Team Mack
20 Samuel Boardman L39ION of Los Angeles
21 Denis Rugovac Team Audi McKinney-Encore Wire p/b Cadence Cyclery
22 Jonathan Brown Blazers
23 Francisco Lara carbajal DCC
24 Colin Patterson Automatic Racing
25 Owen Gillott Team CLIF Bar Cycling
26 Jaun Esteban arango Emanuel Ibarry and 2NDBIKE TEAM
27 Manuel Porzner DCC
28 Kyle Tiesler Nashville Local Cycling
29 Andrew Dewar Team CLIF Bar Cycling
30 Christopher Morales Emanuel Ibarry and 2NDBIKE TEAM
31 Connor White CS Velo
32 Evan Bausbacher Ride Bikes Bro
33 Tanner Ward Best Buddies Racing
34 Mason Schofield Space City Development Team - Chapeau Labs
35 Joe Waters Empyr Cycling
36 Jacob Kelly Team Audi McKinney-Encore Wire p/b Cadence Cyclery
37 Preston Glace Ride Bikes Bro
38 Ed Veal Automatic Racing
39 Patrick Welch Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite Cycling
40 Asa Black First Internet Bank
41 Caleb Langley First Internet Bank
42 Michael Hernandez Best Buddies Racing
43 Hasani Hennis Miami Blazers
44 James Hilyer Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team
45 Dante Young Blazers

Women Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Skylar Schneider L39ION of Los Angeles
2 Peta Mullens Roxsolt Liv SRAM
3 Olivia G cummins LUX-CTS p/b Specialized
4 Kendall Ryan L39ION of Los Angeles
5 Andrea Cyr ButcherBox Cycling
6 Maddy Ward InstaFund Racing
7 Erica Zaveta Colavita Factor_ Pro Cycling Team
8 Paola Munoz CWA Racing p/b Goldman Sachs ETFs
9 Danielle Morshead LA Sweat
10 Alexis Ryan L39ION of Los Angeles
11 Maggie Coles-lyster DNA Pro Cycling Team
12 Katherine Sarkisov LUX-CTS p/b Specialized
13 Jennifer Valente Virginia's Blue Ridge TWENTY24
14 Marlies Mejias garcia Virginia's Blue Ridge TWENTY24
15 Gillian Bennett ButcherBox Cycling
16 Christina Smith Colavita Factor_ Pro Cycling Team
17 Kaia Schmid UCI WTW: Human Powered Health
18 Nicola Macdonald Roxsolt Liv Sram
19 Zoe Ta-perez LUX-CTS p/b Specialized
20 Brittany Parffrey Colavita Factor_ Pro Cycling TEam
21 Stephanie Halamek Philly Bike Expo
22 Hana Hermanovska ButcherBox Cycling
23 Taylor Kuyk-white Philly Bike Expo
24 Melanie Wong ATX Wolfpack p/b ProBikeKit
25 Jessica Bonilla escapite CWA Racing p/b Goldman Sachs ETFs
26 Lizzy Gunsalus Levine Law Group - CCB
27 Rachel Plessing ButcherBox Cycling
28 Kaitlyn Agnew ATX Wolfpack p/b ProBikeKit
29 Cassidy Hickey LUX-CTS p/b Specialized
30 Aubrey Drummond LUX-CTS p/b Specialized
31 Erica Clevenger DNA Pro Cycling Team
32 Marjie Bemis CWA Racing p/b Goldman Sachs ETFs
33 Shayna Powless L39ION of Los Angeles
34 Claire Windsor LUX-CTS p/b Specialized
35 Lisa Jacob Fearless Femme Racing