These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Zachary Abulencia Lindsey Wilson College
2 Shawn Ewing Treehouse Racing
3 Jon Siccardi Treehouse Racing
4 Michael Fenoff Team Bikes & Moore
5 Richard Park Hub Endurance Chattanooga
6 Jamie Ingalls Hub Endurance Chattanooga
7 Tracy Terpstra Krystal / Scenic City Velo
8 Eric Lovins Dan's Competition Factory Racing
9 Rick Harris Treehouse Racing
10 Kenny Thatcher Hub Endurance Chattanooga
11 Nicholas Stone Cookeville Bicycles
12 William Welborn Treehouse Racing
13 Jordan Graff Bike Surgeon / Continental Tire
14 Nathan Newton Team Bikers Choice
15 Alexander Stevens Team Bikes and More
16 Lawrence Russell Krystal Cycling Team
17 Gregory Colby Harpeth Bicycles Racing
18 Thomas Boyle Treehouse Racing
19 Michael Lightman 901 Racing
20 Steve Ziemba
21 Frank Martin Velo City Pro Cycle
22 Rip Clayton Treehouse Racing
23 Benjamin Webster Caney Fork Racing
24 David Hack Dan's Competition Factory Racing
25 Christopher Palk Caney Fork Racing
26 David Ferguson River City Racing- KY
27 Jay Phillips 901 Racing
28 Don Fields Treehouse Racing
29 Kevin Ray Team Bikers Choice
30 Joseph Lambert Jackson Spokes
31 Andy Sweet Hub Endurance Chattanooga
32 David Bradbury Treehouse Racing
33 Cooper Magli Treehouse Racing
34 Richard Brookover Caney Fork Racing
35 Chuck Byrge Harpeth Bicycles Racing
36 James Dawson Alabama Wheelmen / Mirror Publishing
37 Upton Dabney Cookeville Bicycles
DNF Stephen Wilham Krystal Cycling Team
DNF Joseph Shapiro Columbia Cycling Club- Tennessee
DNF Davis Yarbrough Bicycles Etc.

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nathan Stone Harpeth Racing
2 Matt Mcculley BPC Cycling
3 Jeffrey Kauppi Results Physiotherapy
4 William Greene
5 Michael Barrett Krystal / SCV
6 Jason Torrence Harpeth Bicycles Racing
7 David Jensen
8 David Sweeny Trace Bikes
9 Michael Watts Pennyrile Area Cyclist
10 Scott Turner Trace Bikes
11 Nate Lelek Team Bikers Choice
12 David Koonce
13 Scott Baas Cookeville Bicycles
14 Eric Dincauze Trace Bikes
15 Stephen Albright
16 Forrest Ashby
17 Benjamin Mulvaney
18 Octavio Subia BPC Cycling Team / ACCM
19 Scott Chen Team Gran Fondo
20 James Simms MOAB
21 Tom Davis Trace Bikes
22 Rick Curvin Cookeville Bicycles
23 Sean Samber Team Bikers Choice
24 Mike Riley Team Bikers Choice
25 Josiah Lightle Harpeth Bicycles Racing
26 Steven Austin
27 Phil Stanfill Columbia Cycling Club
28 Michael Stockburger 901 Racing
29 Daniel Robertson
30 Keith Weil Alabama Wheelmen
31 Michael Rawdon Cookeville Bicycles
32 Eric Jansen Trace Bikes
33 Arvin Jansen Trace Bikes
34 Timothy Nobles
35 Mike Fletcher Digital Beats Mobile DJ
36 Nick Reyes Trace Bikes
37 William Greene Amateur Cycling Club of Memphis
38 Peter Radebaugh Trace Bikes
39 William Willis Cookeville Bicycles
40 S Marshall
41 William Robinson Pennyrile Area Cyclists
42 Nicolas Scott Southern Indiana Cycling Race Team
DNF Tom Mueller Guitar Lab
DNF Alexander Gagliardi Krystal / Scenic City Velo

Men Masters 30-39

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Carr Treehouse Racing
2 Kenneth Poole SVMIC Cycling
3 Eric Carlile MOAB Masters Racing
4 Ben Reed SVMIC Cycling
5 Matthew Baxter Team Army-USAC
DNF Todd Huber SVMIC Cycling
DNF Trent Long Dancing Bear Lodge

Men Masters 40-49

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Robison MOAB Masters Racing
2 Rob Landes The Bike Surgeon / Continental Tire
3 Jason Tatum Team Simple Green/Bike Religion
4 Mark Miller Treehouse Racing
5 Chad Moss SVMIC Cycling
6 Matt Brindle Team Guitar Lab p/b Cady Wellness
7 Craig O'neill MOAB Masters Racing - Smoothie King
8 Shawn Hirt MOAB Masters Racing
9 Mark Rankin SVMIC Cycling
10 Kevin Hinson MOAB Masters Racing
11 Robert Richter Team Simple Green/Bike Religion
12 Michael Thomas Harper Auto / Knox Velo
DNF Thad Dehart SVMIC Cycling
DNF Jay Levy SVMIC Cycling
DNF Marcus Ambrester Team Simple Green/Bike Religion
DNF Keith Knittle MOAB Masters Racing

Men Masters 50-59

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Gregory MOAB Masters Racing
2 Mitchell Danner Spring City Cycling Club
3 Tony Adair SVMIC Cycling
4 Paul Haanschoten Madison Cycles
5 Tod Williams MOAB Masters Racing
6 Chris Daffin SVMIC Cycling
7 Andy Norris SVMIC Cycling
8 Jack Evans Southern Express
9 Michael Moriarty Bikes Etc
10 Bernie Clincke SVMIC Cycling
11 Gregory Palevo
12 Ivan Murdock Gran Fondo Racing
13 Thomas King TVB Race/ Tomato Head
14 Steve Pavlovic Memphis Velo
15 Douglas Hardin Team Bikers Choice
16 Timothy Taylor Jackson Spokes
17 Thomas Gates MOAB Masters Racing
18 Lawrence Czarnecki Micro Metals/Bike Zoo/Sunspot
19 Paul Juarez TriStar Cycling Team
DNF Michael Hobson Team Simple Green/Bike Religion
DNF Edward Mcclarty MOAB Masters Racing
DNF David Hoffman MOAB Masters Racing

Men Masters 60-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Gee St Louis Cycling Club
2 Charles Gundlach

Men Pro/Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Justin Lowe Team Athletix Benefitting Globalbike
3 Michael Palevo Cumberland University
4 Paul Vankooten Hub Endurance Chattanooga
5 Ryan Sullivan Cumberland University
6 Jeffrey Mcgrane Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
7 Jonathan Jacob Bissell-ABG-NUVO
8 Jacques Cartier Harpeth Bicycles Racing
9 Mathew Meunier Cumberland University
10 David Carpenter Rasmussen Bike Shop
11 Ian Baker McDonalds Cycling Team
12 Michael Crouch Swiftwick Factory Racing p/b Cumberland Transit
13 Tommy Schubert Cumberland University
14 Bradley Spears Sonic Cycling
15 Stephen Bassett Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex
16 John Waggoner Sonic Cycling
17 Cameron Molchan Southern Cycling Operations (SCO)
18 Kurt Page Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
19 Joseph Ruf Madison Cycles
20 Christopher Cundiff Bicycles Etc.
21 Andrew Reardon Swiftwick Factory Racing p/b Cumberland Transit
22 Zachary Hoover Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
23 Nicholas Nichols Hub Endurance Chattanooga
24 Thomas Baggenstoss Krystal /
25 Matt West 901 Racing
26 Kyle Taylor Team Bikers Choice
27 Joseph Duhon Spring City Cycling Club
28 Troy Tucker Bazaar Voice / TriStar Cycling
29 Todd Hickman 901 Racing
30 Daniel Price Krystal /
31 Christopher Brown LITESPEED-BMW
32 Tim Moore 901 Racing
33 James Delong Krystal /
34 Matthew Russell Krystal / Scenic City Velo
35 Chris Spencer 901 Racing
36 Jason Guzak Swiftwick Factory Racing p/b Cumberland Transit
37 Jack Howland Krystal / SCV
38 Matthew Brooks Team Type 1- Development
39 Jon Wilton Harper Auto / Knox Velo
40 Juan Torres Cumberland University
41 Gregory Miller KnoxVelo Club
DNF Adam Hornbacher Madison Cycles
DNF Richard Hardin 901 Racing
DNF Logan Luker Cumberland University
DNF Richie Slagle MOAB
DNF David Worth Swiftwick Factory Racing p/b Cumberland Transit
DNF John Hart Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
DNF Jeremy Nagoshiner Swiftwick Factory Racing p/b Cumberland Transit
DNF Alan Dawkins Hub Endurance Chattanooga
DNF Hunter Meyer Krystal Cycling Team
DNF Shannon Williams Swiftwick Factory Racing p/b Cumberland Transit
DNF Dustin Greer Maxxis / First Endurance
DNF Luke Servedio Sonic Cycling
DNF David Novak Lindsey Wilson College

Women Cat1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Elizabeth Mccalley Micro Metals/Bike Zoo/Sunspot
2 Amy Phillips Mystique Cycling Team
3 Amanda Ragle Treehouse Racing
4 Parri Gilbride Team Belladium
5 Pamela Tate Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team
6 Paula Burks USSC-Trek p/b Vantaggio
7 Kailin Acheson Team Belladium
8 Shannon Dawkins Mystique Cycling Team
9 Jessica Owings SVMIC Cycling
10 Morgan Patton Team Type 1
11 Robyn Wilham Mystique Cycling Team
12 Kathy Mead SVMIC Cycling
13 Catherine Dewberry Team Belladium
14 Emily Magli Treehouse Racing
15 Christy Brown Mystique Cycling Team
16 Stephanie Rynas Mystique Cycling Team
17 Wendy Marin SVMIC Cycling
18 Kyrstin Bluhm Cumberland University
19 Morganne Endicott Cumberland University
20 Kelly Kowalczyk Rogue Racing Project
21 Casarah Gilliam Cumberland University
22 Chloe Ingalls Mystique Cycling Team
23 Christine Scully Team Type 1
24 Marsha Williams Treehouse Racing
25 Chrysa Malosh Treehouse Racing
26 Heidi Pius Team Type 1
DNF Valerie Nagoshiner Team Belladium
DNF Rachel Bartlett Mystique Cycling Team

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