These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3 A Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alex Vanias Bissell / ABG Nuvo
2 Randall Rodd Wolverine Sports Club
3 Jason Hess Specialized
4 Luke Cavender Wolverine Sports Club
5 Scott Kroske Wolverine Sports Club
6 Jason Mulawa
7 Chris Johnson Flying Rhino Cycling Club
8 Don Cameron
9 Tim Finkel Wolverine Sports Club
10 Rudyard Peterson Flying Rhino Cycling Club
11 Branden Lyon Ada Bike Club / East Hills Velo
12 Bob Hockin Team Giant
13 Rich Russell Essex Brass
14 Doug Mckibbon Wolverine Sports Club
15 Zachary Maino Ventus Cycling Team
16 Brian Adams MCG / Lathrup Industries
17 Brett Beddow Wolverine Sports Club
18 Cory Stange Bissell / ABG
19 Greg Archi Team CHCL
20 James Minnema Striders
21 Richard Rainville Racing Greyhounds
22 Alexey Vermeulen Bissell / ABG Nuvo
23 John Gabriel Team Velo Sport
24 Eric Leene Cilco Sport
25 Patrick Robb Wolverine Sports Club
26 Collin Snyder MCG / Trails Edge
27 Scott Fabijanski Wolverine Sports Club
28 Anthony Bruley Cadieux / Team O2
29 Ray Dybowski Wolverine Sports Club
30 David Hietikko Ada Bike Club / East Hills Velo
31 Adam York Felt Bicycles / Cleveland Clinic
32 Mark Parmelee Cycle Therapy
33 Peter Ehmann Team Giant
34 Mark Wolowiec Flying Rhino Cycling Club
35 Terry Ritter Team Giant
36 John Sammut Wolverine Sports Club
37 Jamie Smith Flying Rhino Cycling Club

Men Cat 3/4 B Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anthony Pratt Cyclin Pratt Profoma
2 Nick Laughton Cadieux / Team O2
3 James Bonnell MCG / Trails Edge
4 Tom Payn MCG / Trails Edge
5 Paul Skorupskas Cadieux / Team O2
6 Matthew Hepp Cyclefit
7 Rodney Eaton Flying Rhino Cycling Club
8 James Pratt Cyclin Pratt Profoma
9 Enrique Jackson Wolverine Sports Club
10 Stephen Charles Cadieux / Team O2
11 Mark Warner CFT Cycling Team / TNR Cycling Club
12 Jay Click MCG / Trails Edge
13 Steven Hetfield
14 Unknown Rider Cadieux / Team O2
15 Richard Clay Flying Rhino Cycling Club
16 Mark Caffyn MPI / Main Street Bicycles
17 Albert Lake Cadieux / Team O2
18 Nate Cole
19 Donald Cumming Wolverine Sports Club
20 Gennaro Capasso Flying Rhino Cycling Club
21 David Joos Cyclefit
22 Andrew Fedewa Flying Rhino Cycling Club
23 Jeff Plotzke Racing Greyhounds
24 Bill Guisinger Cadieux / Team O2
25 Scott Christensen
26 Keith Davis Cycle Therapy
27 David Wassmann Cadieux / Team O2
28 Loren Simons Priority Health
29 John Stefanides Wolverine Sports Club
30 Dave Rieland Cadieux / Team O2

Men Cat 5 C Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Emerson Cadieux / Team O2
2 Damon Marxer Racing Greyhounds
3 Dean Gericke Flying Rhino Cycling Club
4 Elliot Sarnacki
5 Sandy Gaulin Flying Rhino Cycling Club
6 Briggs Pille KLM / Cold Stone
7 Dori Leib Wolverine Sports Club
8 Matt Fill Flying Rhino Cycling Club
9 Eduardo Desa
10 Mark Hughes Flying Rhino Cycling Club
11 Todd Doolittle Flying Rhino Cycling Club
12 Michael Schultz Cadieux / Team O2
13 Simon Lynch Flying Rhino Cycling Club
14 Kristen Waite Cadieux / Team O2
15 Patrick Tomlinson Team Sandbag
16 Carla Murphy
17 Daniel Hoffman MCG / Trails Edge
18 Andrew Dever Cycle Therapy
19 John Gielow Wolverine Sports Club
20 Edwin Ho
21 Samuel Martin
22 Marty Mrozinski
23 Michael Gardynik Flying Rhino Cycling Club
24 Daniel Cole
25 Tim Morgan
26 Michael Brokenshire Flying Rhino Cycling Club
27 Michael Falconer
28 Douglas Wells Wolverine Sports Club

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