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Men Master 40+ Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dieter Fox Fount Cycling Guild 2:39:06
2 Brian Bailey Pacific Office Automation Cycling Team 2:43:46
3 Brian Falkowski Mercedes Benz 2:51:13
4 David Chipchase Liquid Velo Cycling Team 2:51:13
5 Joaquin Luna Fell Swoop 2:51:13
6 Pj Bauser Ten Speed Hero 2:51:20
7 Antonio Castaneda jr Pacific Office Automation Cycling 2:51:20
8 Jeff Gaeckle Liquid Velo Cycling Team 2:51:32
9 Stephen Gingrich Apex Racing 2:56:22
DNF Bob Duffy Stages Cycling DNF
DNF Chad Brothers Tenspeed Hero DNF
DNF Jonas Bakkane Fell Swoop DNF
DNF Kevin Hodges Fount Cycling Guild DNF
DNF Stuart Ayling hagens berman DNF
DNF Claudio Pozzi Fount Cycling Team DNF

Men Master 40+ Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Titus Amundson Mercedes-Benz 1:53:09
2 Matthew Dann ACT 1:53:09
3 David Barna Dialed Cycling Team 1:53:09
4 Steven Crane Hagens Berman 1:55:28
5 Tye Blazey Aratech Racing 1:57:49
6 Robert Iuliano Gene Johnson Cycling Team 2:00:17
7 Joseph Thomas Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team 2:00:22
8 Cody Herriges Team Oregon p/b Rodda Paint 2:00:22
9 Noah Meyerhans Mercedes-Benz 2:00:22
10 Stephen Fontenot OMG Racing 2:00:45
11 Matthew Wartenbe 2:09:13
12 Steve Blackwell Mercedes-Benz 2:10:08
13 Ray Brown Aratech Racing 2:10:41
14 Jeff Evans Country Green Turf Farms 2:17:29
DNF Mark Clausen Taco Time Northwest/Seattle Super Squadra DNF
DNF Cliff Baranowski Team Oregon p/b Rodda Paint DNF

Men Master 50+ Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Greg Steele Pacific Office Automation Cycling 2:51:11
2 Brad Halstead CBC Racing Country Green Turf Farms 2:51:11
3 Mike Robson TenSpeed Hero 2:51:11
4 Robert Diaz Fount Cycling Guild 2:51:11
5 Mark Littrell Mercedes-Benz 2:51:11
6 Jude Larene Fell Swoop 3:10:48
7 Stowe Talbot Movement Mortgage / GERK? 3:10:48
8 Benjamin Stone Hagens Berman Cycling Team 3:20:00
DNF Ian Gibson Dialed Cycling Team DNF
DNF Gary Lardizabal Hagens Berman Racing DNF
DNF Phil Arnold Taco Time Northwest DNF
DNF Bryan Leach Leach Design Group DNF
DNF Scott Stout Hagens Berman DNF
DNF Kurtis Mccloud Movement Mortgage / GERKS DNF
DNF Nathan Hakken Apex Racing DNF

Men Senior Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Johnathan Hsu Expeditors 3:14:26
2 Sean Hollenbeck Expeditors 3:16:48
3 Erik Hammerquist Expeditors 3:18:45
4 Madison Molitor Fount 3:18:45
5 Zhaolong Wu Team Oregon P/B Rodda paint 3:18:45
6 Chris Twardzik Premier Racing 3:19:29
7 Max Ritzow Expeditors 3:20:07
8 Kent Ross 3:20:08
9 William Cucco Team Swift 3:23:33
10 Ayden Young Mercedes-Benz 3:23:33
11 Scott Ofarrell Premier Racing 3:23:33
12 Keelan Ontiveros Expeditors 3:23:33
13 Ray Lamont Gene Johnson Cycling Team 3:23:33
14 Eliot Crowther 3:23:33
15 Galen Erickson Gene Johnson Cycling Team 3:23:40
16 Andrew Austin Mercedes-Benz 3:35:36
17 Ian Tubbs Mercedes-Benz 3:35:36
18 Ciaran O'rourke Gene Johnson Cycling Team 3:41:44
DNF Ben Vanderzanden Pacific Office Automation Cycling DNF
DNF Mack Parshall Tete de la course DNF
DNF John Reynders ACT DNF
DNF Josh Sollitto Premier Racing DNF
DNF Mark Laughery ACT DNF
DNF Noah Arling Gene Johnson Cycling Team DNF
DNF Paul Bourcier Elliston Coaching - Success through Knowledge DNF
DNF Chris Wilson Fount Cycling Guild DNF
DNF Ethan Klein Pacific Office Automation Cycling DNF
DNF Johan Brusa Premier Racing DNF
DNF Kevin Wallin Team Oregon p/b Rodda Paint DNF
DNF Lewis Whiley DNF
DNF Peter Collins Forza Portland Racing DNF
DNF Tyler Aquino Team Oregon pb Rodda Paint DNF
DNF Wayne Brown Apex Racing DNF
DNF Andrew Lynch Gene Johnson Cycling Team DNF
DNF Justin Teutsch DNF
DNF Parker Mckean Fount Cycling Guild DNF
DNF Philip Raschke Fount Cycling Guild DNF
DNF Trenton Starkey Fount Cycling Guild DNF
DNF Xiaohan Zhang ACT DNF
DNF Zachary Gudwin Premier DNF
DNF Zachary Kovalcik Pacific Office Automation Cycling DNF
DNF Theodore Schwartz Premier Racing DNF

Men Senior Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Josiah Langstaff Pacific Office Automation Cycling 2:54:48
2 Colin Staats Fount Cycling Guild 2:54:48
3 Russell Wyatt ACT 2:54:48
4 Clay Allred Cowlitz Racing 2:54:48
5 David Ohair Fount Cycling Guild 2:54:48
6 Finn West ACT 2:54:48
7 Edward Foyle Apex Racing 2:54:48
8 David Takahashi ACT 2:54:53
9 Ryan Havill ACT 2:56:20
10 Ahmed Zuhairy Pacific Office Automation Cycling 2:59:28
11 Oliver Hunt Penn State Cycling Club 3:01:22
12 Austin Duerfeldt Pacific Office Automation Cycling 3:01:22
13 Travis Richardson Pacific Office Automation Cycling 3:02:12
DNF Ivan Robles Fount Cycling Guild DNF
DNF Ryan Styrk Fount Cycling Guild DNF
DNF Angus Rate Apex Racing DNF
DNF Edward Rosenberg DNF
DNF Jeremy Cucco Illuminati Cycling DNF
DNF Brendan Long Apex Racing DNF
DNF Theodore Mclean Illuminati Cycling DNF

Men Senior Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Daniel Barna Dialed Cycling Team 1:49:33
2 Samuel Alexander 1:49:33
3 Rhys Haydon Premier Racing 1:53:33
4 Elias Harkins ACT 1:53:33
5 Corban Nemeth Country Green Turf Farm Cycling w/CBC Racing 1:53:33
6 Nathan Dramer EPYC 1:53:33
7 Jack Hampson EPYC 1:53:33
8 Tyler Truksa ACT 1:56:27
9 Samuel Golan TeamODZ 1:56:27
10 Karl-henry Dossous Dialed Cycling 1:56:27
11 Joshua Little 1:56:30
12 Bryan Howie Gene Johnson Cycling Team 1:58:19
13 Ben Rothacker Apex Racing 2:00:12
14 Ryan Solorzano Apex Racing 2:00:12
15 Gavin Newman EPYC 2:01:51
16 Merrick Gallagher Jerry Baker Juniors 2:01:51
17 Nathaniel Clark Apex Racing 2:01:51
18 Billy Cundiff Country Green Turf Farms 2:20:07
DNF Noel Zayas Apex Racing DNF
DNF Chance Powelson DNF
DNF Christopher Davis Cowlitz Racing DNF

Women Senior Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sara Youmans ORION Racing 2:02:57
2 Rhea Enzian Fount Cycling Guild 2:02:57
3 Brooke Davis Movement Mortgage/Gerks 2:02:57
4 Alycia Staats Fount Cycling Guild 2:02:57
5 Karyn Stern Gene Johnson Cycling Team 2:02:57
6 Julie Strong Mary? 2:11:19
DNF Mackenna Lees Breakfast Racing Team DNF

Women Senior Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sally Moore Breakfast Racing Team 2:05:24
2 Makaela Kroin Country Green Turf Farms 2:05:24
3 Aliya Schenck Gene Johnson Cycling Team 2:11:19
4 Emily Wing 2:12:28
DNF Sara Lim AUTOMATIC Lonely Hearts Racing DNF
DNF Hazel Gull Breakfast Racing Team DNF
DNF Henrietta Watts Breakfast Racing Team DNF