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Men 6th Grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Elliott Humphrey Sur de Charlotte Composite
2 Colin Crombez Sur de Charlotte Composite
3 Holden Harrell Myers Park Thoroughbreds
4 Wyatt Mccaw Lake Norman Composite
5 Tate Olander Guilford Gears Composite
6 John Donnelly Brevard Composite
7 Elliott Cottrell McDougle Middle School
8 Ahren Hertel Chatham County CHAOS
9 Cameron Green Henderson Hellbenders Composite
10 Sylas Dunlap Watauga Middle Composite
11 Will Henry walters Durham County Composite
12 Morgan Watson Smith Middle School
13 Jax Smith Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School
14 Camron Majerus Fayetteville Composite Dirt Grinders
15 Alexander Hopkins North Wake County Composite
16 Loren Cueva Guilford Gears Composite
17 Cam Drake Harris Road Middle School
18 Lincoln Rhodes Phillips Middle
19 Zeke Hahn Cape Fear Fins
20 Aidan Morris Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School
21 Ryder Macmorran Franklin School of Innovation
22 Wilson Barry Culbreth Middle School
23 Guthrie Brown Durham School of the Arts
24 Charlie Sweat Henderson Hellbenders Composite
25 Cadden Glidden Lincoln County Composite
26 Walker Stone Orange County Composite
27 Carter Williams IC Imagine Charter School
28 Jaxon Rodulfo Northern Guilford Middle School
29 Christopher Davis Independent Myers
30 Watson Shumate WilCo Wolves Composite Cycling Team
31 Eli Novak McDougle Middle School
32 Elias Grofic Phillips Middle
33 Matthew Saenz Guilford Gears Composite
34 Aidan Bartone McDougle Middle School
35 Owen Smith Northern Guilford Middle School
36 Samson Pacifici Southern Wake Composite
37 Emmet Lin Phillips Middle
38 Charlie Buchacek Durham School of the Arts
39 David Solem-perkins McDougle Middle School
40 Ben Goldstein Phillips Middle
41 Tyler Johnson WilCo Wolves Composite Cycling Team
42 Parker Levy Guilford Gears Composite
43 Wyatt Blanton Fayetteville Composite Dirt Grinders
44 Kaleb Perez Fayetteville Composite Dirt Grinders
45 Avery Reyes Culbreth Middle School
46 Andres Varon Southern Wake Composite

Men 7th Grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
37 Ryder Bredenberg Chatham County CHAOS
38 Jonah Boggs Phillips Middle
39 Bodie Williams Smith Middle School
40 Miles Burman Southern Wake Composite
41 Manuel Gillespie IC Imagine Charter School
42 Cooper Wichern Harris Road Middle School
43 Tristan Reid Independent DSA
44 Owen Jernigan French Broad River Academy
45 Carter Thomas Onslow County Composite
46 Rio Berry Franklin School of Innovation
47 Noah Kaminski McDougle Middle School
48 Brody Thomas Watauga Middle Composite
49 Adam Miller Southern Wake Composite
50 Oliver Christian Fayetteville Composite Dirt Grinders
51 Andrew Gillis Southern Wake Composite
52 Will Perry William Lenoir Middle School
53 Evren Dalkilic William Lenoir Middle School
54 Andrew Boccolucci Cabarrus County Composite
55 Gabriel Raby Orange County Composite
56 George Poehlman Durham County Composite
2147483647 Unknown Rider

Men 7th Grade A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Vincent Williams Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School
2 Cooper Snowdon Myers Park Thoroughbreds
3 Jackson Timmons Myers Park Thoroughbreds
4 Derek West Smith Middle School
5 Caden Zarins Southern Wake Composite
6 Jack Basl Pisgah Rage
7 Colby Rocco Harris Road Middle School
8 James Albright Durham County Composite
9 Baxter Caress Independent McDougle
10 Nathan Taylor Independent Southern Wake
11 Isaac Schultz Orange County Composite
12 Declan Coffey Caldwell County Composite
13 Van Utsey Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School
14 Cooper White French Broad River Academy
15 Rex Winton Franklin School of Innovation
16 Noah Droke Onslow County Composite
17 Liam Drake Harris Road Middle School
18 Jackson Lamb Henderson Hellbenders Composite

Men 8th Grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Lecuyer North Wake County Composite
2 Carlos Garcia Lake Norman Composite
3 Garrett Stover Pisgah Rage
4 Timothy Weaver Cabarrus County Composite
5 Dylan Royster North Wake County Composite
6 Ayden Bray Lincoln County Composite
7 Rex Tobar Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School
8 Kealen Jakushev Henderson Hellbenders Composite
9 Micaiah Eavenson IC Imagine Charter School
10 Noah Irwin Forsyth County Composite
11 Jude Lam Southern Wake Composite
12 Jack Bartone McDougle Middle School
13 Aidan Sexton Cape Fear Fins
14 Oscar Ditter Chatham County CHAOS
15 Laken Vangraafeiland North Wake County Composite
16 Dylan Morrow Stanly Shredders Composite
17 Geddes Crowley Franklin School of Innovation
18 Andreas Trinado Chatham County CHAOS
19 Austin Evans Cabarrus County Composite
20 Ethan Heyworth Myers Park Thoroughbreds
21 Ethan Smoyer Henderson Hellbenders Composite
22 Landon Martin Henderson Hellbenders Composite
23 Corey Sutherland Central Park School for Children
24 Sawyer Barham IC Imagine Charter School
25 Jack Rhodes Phillips Middle
26 Lawson Brooks North Wake County Composite
27 Raleigh Deal Watauga Middle Composite
28 Carter Darnell Independent Imagine
29 Brayden Russell Stanly Shredders Composite
30 Eli Beyer Central Park School for Children
31 Misael Valencia Durham School of the Arts
32 Steven Moyer Southern Wake Composite
33 Gavin Edwards North Wake County Composite
34 Sam Patterson Northern Guilford Middle School
35 Kutter Triplett WilCo Wolves Composite Cycling Team
36 Oliver Marino Henderson Hellbenders Composite
37 Daniel Wood Watauga Middle Composite
38 Noah Moffitt Cape Fear Fins
39 Ethan Green North Wake County Composite
40 Jackson Price Phillips Middle
41 Rodney Hawkins Rowan Rockhounds
42 Kelly Heard Forsyth County Composite
43 Fernando Vasquez Durham School of the Arts
44 Miguel Varela Independent DSA

Men 8th Grade A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bryce Ferguson WilCo Wolves Composite Cycling Team
2 Aidan Flynn Pisgah Rage
3 Greg Mccaw Lake Norman Composite
4 Timothy Arthur Durham County Composite
5 Leif Hastings Smith Middle School
6 Willie Boynton Chatham County CHAOS
7 Jude Fowler Brevard Composite
8 Matthan Droke Onslow County Composite
9 Cade Bray Lincoln County Composite
10 Noah Larkins Durham County Composite
11 Owen Sherman Pisgah Rage
12 Tanner Bengle Cabarrus County Composite
13 Jack Fleming Pisgah Rage
14 Asa Mehler Franklin School of Innovation
15 Titus Epp Southern Wake Composite
16 Cole Warren Lake Norman Composite
17 Bodhi Parker Watauga Middle Composite
18 Samuel Mcbee Brevard Composite
19 Miles Crawford Smith Middle School
20 Mikko Goldstein IC Imagine Charter School
21 Noah Young Durham School of the Arts
22 Vlad Akhmedov Southern Wake Composite
23 Drew Rakowski Cape Fear Barracudas

Men Freshman

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jonathan Ashley Southern Wake Composite
2 Carter Langston East Chapel Hill
3 Ethan Jara Durham County Composite
4 Matthew Barbabella Onslow County Composite
5 Owen Jones Chatham County CHAOS
6 Radek Prochazka Chapel Hill High School
7 Cole Harrison Fayetteville Composite Dirt Grinders
8 Berkley Willis Guilford Gears Composite
9 Jacob Emig Cox Mill High School
10 Myles Jermyn Orange County Composite
11 Dane Sorensen Asheville High School
12 Harrison Kirshner Asheville High School
13 Brody Culton North Wake County Composite
14 Noah Brinson Chapel Hill High School
15 Kyle Rocco Cox Mill High School
16 Grady Sawyer Guilford Gears Composite
17 Wyatt Garvin North Wake County Composite
18 Luke Mackenzie Cardinal Gibbons High School
19 Charlie Dwyer Cardinal Gibbons High School
20 Pierson Cook Onslow County Composite
21 Jonathan Ebel Newton-Conover Composite
22 Max Culbreth North Wake County Composite
23 Deegan Crisp Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy
24 Kell Arbogast Brevard Composite
25 Rowen Snow West Forsyth High School
26 Stone Whiteley Cabarrus County Composite
27 Gage Steffens Durham School of the Arts
28 Harper Rea Henderson Hellbenders Composite
29 Cassie Mcgahey Franklin School of Innovation
30 Hayden Mantooth Cabarrus County Composite
31 Mick Logan Henderson Hellbenders Composite
32 Jack Mawhinney Charlotte Catholic High School
33 Parker Troy Southern Wake Composite
34 Hunter Habecker Durham County Composite
35 Erick Justin moaje Durham School of the Arts
36 Roscoe Randall Guilford Gears Composite
37 Max Wolfrum Durham School of the Arts
38 Eliot Dwyer Cardinal Gibbons High School
39 Alex Kopp Cabarrus County Composite
40 Kai Gadde Research Triangle High School
41 Sean Raedeke Pitt County Composite
42 Jacob Avery Cape Fear Rays
43 Slade Stierwalt Henderson Hellbenders Composite
44 Cameron Cilano North Wake County Composite
45 William Allaire West Forsyth High School
46 Will Mulvey Cape Fear Barracudas
47 Alaska Whitehead Watauga Pioneers
48 Trip Sage Guilford Gears Composite
49 Haiden Detmer Lake Norman Composite
50 Jacob Myers Cape Fear Fins
51 Gavin Helbig Cape Fear Fins
52 Tommy Larsen Charlotte Catholic High School
53 Ben Bridges West Forsyth High School
54 Alex Mueller Myers Park Thoroughbreds
55 Ross Rouleau Cape Fear Barracudas
56 Robbie Yarbrough Forsyth County Composite
57 Micah Talicuran Onslow County Composite
58 Levi Lynch Rowan Rockhounds
59 Alex Williams West Forsyth High School
60 Jayce Lee Onslow County Composite

Men JV1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Owen Stallings Johnston County Composite
2 Tj Mascarenas Sur de Charlotte Composite
3 Weston Hill Johnston County Composite
4 William Degele Cardinal Gibbons High School
5 Max Albright Durham County Composite
6 Luke Svoboda-barber Durham County Composite
7 Will Coward Durham School of the Arts
8 Caden Harris Lake Norman Composite
9 Finn Seifert Asheville High School
10 Aidan Estremera Cape Fear Fins
11 Slade Keaton West Forsyth High School
12 Anton Busch Durham School of the Arts
13 Moises Reyna jimenez Cabarrus County Composite
14 Tom Hughes Cardinal Gibbons High School
15 Ayden Severin Onslow County Composite
16 Henry Barrett IC Imagine Charter School
17 Elijah Pedersen Lincoln County Composite
18 Christian Vasquez Durham School of the Arts
19 Joshua Riddle Southern Wake Composite
20 Nickolas Chludzinski Cape Fear Rays
21 Sean May Fayetteville Composite Dirt Grinders
22 Seth Berkowitz Chapel Hill High School
23 Wallace Reed Cabarrus County Composite
24 Connor Nichols Charlotte Catholic High School
25 Chase Horton Southern Wake Composite
26 Aidan Smith Northern Guilford High School
27 Alejandro Lambar Durham County Composite
28 Alex Hamrick North Wake County Composite
29 Judah March North Wake County Composite
30 Colton Whiston Independent Cape Fear Rays
31 Mason Mente Independent Lincoln
32 Jacob Bettinger Guilford Gears Composite
33 Angus Gering Durham School of the Arts
34 Will Naismith Carrboro High School
35 Alex Sloan North Wake County Composite
36 Henry Roney Cardinal Gibbons High School
37 Chase Huffman WilCo Wolves Composite Cycling Team
38 Landon Owens West Forsyth High School
39 Jack Scholtz Guilford Gears Composite
40 Wesley Koewing West Forsyth High School
41 Ryan Gale Northern Guilford High School
42 Sriman Katragadda West Forsyth High School
43 Will Culp Chapel Hill High School
44 Miles Harrington Henderson Hellbenders Composite
45 Matthew Talicuran Onslow County Composite
46 Enoch Mogusu Lake Norman Composite
46 Griffin Tucker Pisgah Rage
47 Jackson Steffens Durham School of the Arts

Men JV2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Mcintyre Lake Norman Composite
2 Richard Strahan Onslow County Composite
3 Christian Schmidt Johnston County Composite
4 Alex Tanner Chapel Hill High School
5 Corbin Demolina Cape Fear Rays
6 Grady Stallings Johnston County Composite
7 Bodhi Hriciga East Chapel Hill
8 Jonas Deltano Guilford Gears Composite
9 Ben Whisler Guilford Gears Composite
10 Wilsen Degarmo Brevard Composite
11 Elijah Hitefield Onslow County Composite
12 Davis Darnell Pisgah Rage
13 Aidan Mcgahey Franklin School of Innovation
14 Eric Chebut Durham School of the Arts
15 Kendall Sawdy Burke BearCats Composite Team
16 Gabriel Goldstein IC Imagine Charter School
17 Easton Preslar Stanly Shredders Composite
18 Garrett Cook Northern Guilford High School
19 Logan Jones IC Imagine Charter School
20 Liam Thomas Charlotte Catholic High School
20 Bradley Doriski West Forsyth High School
21 Justin Maston Cabarrus County Composite

Men Varsity

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gus Walker Asheville High School
2 Matthew Edwards Chapel Hill High School
3 Schaeffer Locklear Lake Norman Composite
4 Luke Bourke Southern Wake Composite
5 Sawyer Bartlett Guilford Gears Composite
6 Ethan White Guilford Gears Composite
7 Everett Tucker Burke BearCats Composite Team
8 Brandon Roeder Onslow County Composite
9 Joshua Snyder Guilford Gears Composite
10 Luke Arthur Durham County Composite
11 Julian Arbogast Brevard Composite
11 Jules Arbogast Brevard Composite
12 Elijah Bettencourt Franklin School of Innovation
13 Cade Kiser Sur de Charlotte Composite
14 Jensen Cervati Durham School of the Arts
15 Logan Hoeppner Lake Norman Composite
16 Max Canterbury North Wake County Composite
17 Drew Degarmo Brevard Composite
18 Dustin Vanover Cox Mill High School
19 Ben Allen Myers Park Thoroughbreds
20 Joe Otto Orange County Composite
21 Rowan Mcmullan Franklin School of Innovation
22 Gil Rogerson Carrboro High School

Women 6th Grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Hayden Emerson Pisgah Rage
2 Scarlet Slingsby French Broad River Academy
3 Pippa Whiteley Independent Cabarrus
4 Sara Clemons North Wake County Composite
5 Clara Jernigan Guilford Gears Composite
6 Makayla High Stanly Shredders Composite
7 Bryn Whitner Pisgah Rage
8 Willow Rideout Henderson Hellbenders Composite
9 Lucille Botta Central Park School for Children
10 Adeline Ingram French Broad River Academy
11 Chelsey Johnson North Wake County Composite
12 Maddux Hansel Henderson Hellbenders Composite
13 Esme Minarik North Wake County Composite
14 Emma Dayton McDougle Middle School
15 Ariana Lynch McDougle Middle School
16 Lily Irish Central Park School for Children
17 Chloe Dixon Henderson Hellbenders Composite
18 Claire Karwoski Southern Wake Composite
19 Elanor Turner Fayetteville Composite Dirt Grinders
20 Natalie Day Pisgah Rage

Women 7th Grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kyra Olander Guilford Gears Composite
2 Anne Neal McDougle Middle School
3 Rachel Lydia goldstein IC Imagine Charter School
4 Claudia Baum Independent McDougle
5 Tess Neville Phillips Middle
6 Addison Zarins Southern Wake Composite
7 Hailey Wesolek IC Imagine Charter School
8 Giuliana Greto Chatham County CHAOS
9 Anna Hitefield Onslow County Composite
10 Isabelle Bland North Wake County Composite
11 Tinsley Yarbrough Phillips Middle
12 Adelaide Stephenson Orange County Composite
13 Scarlett Stierwalt Henderson Hellbenders Composite
14 Danica Wylie Burke BearCats Composite Team
15 Elena Tovell McDougle Middle School
16 Anna Chamberlain American Renaissance School

Women 8th Grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Vivian Atkins Smith Middle School
2 Siana Rehman Lake Norman Composite
3 Kenna Glidden Lincoln County Composite
4 Evelyn Eason Durham School of the Arts
5 Kali Reed Cabarrus County Composite
6 Sita Cooper Watauga Middle Composite

Women Freshman

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matilda Gentry Myers Park Thoroughbreds
2 Sophie Abbott North Wake County Composite
3 Ireland Laxton Watauga Pioneers
4 Rosalie Sharp Asheville High School
5 Alaynah Olander Guilford Gears Composite
6 Abby Stephens Henderson Hellbenders Composite
7 Pri Finkral East Chapel Hill

Women JV1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lydia Herrera Lake Norman Composite
2 Bellarose Grant IC Imagine Charter School
3 Sarah Weaver Cabarrus County Composite
4 Ava Snowdon Myers Park Thoroughbreds
5 Brooke Evans Research Triangle High School
6 Avery Shunk Durham School of the Arts
7 August Nunn East Chapel Hill
8 Lena Preslar Stanly Shredders Composite
9 Ali Otto Orange County Composite
10 Anna Mcdonald West Forsyth High School
11 Celeste Reid Durham School of the Arts
12 Abby Warren Charlotte Catholic High School
13 Amelia Brinson Chapel Hill High School
14 Madi Georgia Independent Caldwell
15 Alexis Lee Onslow County Composite

Women JV2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicole Clamann Chatham County CHAOS
2 Hadley Molnar Southern Wake Composite
3 Cameron Vance Pisgah Rage
4 Riley Pearman Myers Park Thoroughbreds
5 Norah Walker Asheville High School
6 Helena Ferebauer Pisgah Rage
7 Aria Arnholt Watauga Pioneers
8 Naomi Droke Onslow County Composite

Women Middle School A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Karson Kiser Sur de Charlotte Composite
2 Abigail Donnelly Brevard Composite
3 Ella Medlin Pisgah Rage
4 Elisabeth Sawdy Burke BearCats Composite Team
5 Naomi Workman Pisgah Rage
6 Ella Sutton Southern Wake Composite
7 Malaida Rogers Durham County Composite
8 Yunah Park Durham School of the Arts

Women Varsity

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Stella Slingsby Asheville High School
2 Rachel Cathey Watauga Pioneers
3 Isabella Donnelly Brevard Composite
4 Rachel Pellom Durham County Composite
5 Leyla Herrera Lake Norman Composite
6 Mckynah Hitefield Onslow County Composite
7 Maia Reynolds Onslow County Composite
8 Abbie Decker Orange County Composite
8 Piper Shunk Durham County Composite