These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men SM 1-23

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Clancy Groove Subaru Excel Sports 0:44:14
2 Christian Corsello Velovit
3 Aiden Swift Sonic Boom Racing
4 Jabez Meulemans Primal - Audi Denver
5 Luke Mather unattached
6 Henry Dunkleberger Groove Subaru
7 Wyatt Gaulke Paperboy/Conifer Bike Shop
8 Michael Bouwkamp Primal - Audi Denver
9 Neil Bezdek Pizza Party CC
10 Benjamin Sharp Stages Cycling
11 Caleb Schroder Avout Racing
12 Jonathan Pressman Team SHIMANO
13 Ethan Dunham Groove Subaru Excel Sports
14 George Jordan Primal - Audi Denver
15 David Almanzan
16 Michael Dutczak Quack Attack
17 Christian Davis Velovit Racing
18 Michael De sena VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
19 Patrick Warner Stages Cycling
20 Kyle Sterns Full Send Racing
21 Brian Hart Groove Subaru Excel
22 John Mattingly Chalet
23 John Fallon Team Chalet Colorado
24 Calder Daenzer Rally Sport
25 Robert Wade Groove Subaru Excel Sports
26 Ryan Osullivan Full Send Racing p/b Mikes Bikes
27 Aj Sherer Sonic boom racing
28 William Allen Feedback Sports Racing
29 Deniz Warraich Full Send Racing P/B Mike's Bikes
30 Kirk Groves Stem Ciders Racing
31 Hunter Babcock Switching Gears Cycling
32 Dan Reback Groove Subaru/Excel Sports
33 Cyrus Pearo
34 Max Beitel Sonic Boom Racing
35 Emery Legg Great Divide Brewery Racing Team
36 Matthias Stehle Team Chalet Colorado
37 Christopher J dolan Lat Cycling
38 Grant Gipson Reynolds Roofing Racing
39 Mark Gibson Sonic Boom Racing
40 Ben Jendrek VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
41 Mike Swanson Primal - Audi Denver
42 Shannon Fox Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne
43 Chris Bacarisse Primal - Audi Denver
44 Ben Rasich Full Send Racing p/b Mike's Bikes
45 Daniel Rising Stem Cider Racing
46 Keaten Kappes Ardor Racing
47 Nicholas Gilida Primal - Audi Denver
48 Richard Shall Conifer Bike Shop
49 Jonathan Heidemann
50 Justin Stepchuk Pizza Party CC
51 Fredd Corpuz Paperboy
52 Andrew Fields Physio Racing
53 Christopher G doyle
54 Austin Benhuizen Primal - Audi Denver
55 Miles Livermore Primal - Audi Denver
56 Luke Mcconnell Paperboy
57 Brian Mcmanus
58 Matthew Liepke Holy Cow Racing
59 Tony Baca
60 Gardner Desroberts
61 John Herr Primal - Audi Denver
62 Melvin Barrios Lat Cycling
63 Cecelia Casas
64 William Soden Great Divide Brewing Racing Team
65 Keith Hower Primal-Audi Denver
66 Russell Slade Groove Subaru Racing
67 James Dunkleberger Groove Subaru Excel Sports
68 Tom Lawlor Physio Racing
69 Jon Dury Physio Racing
DNF Andrew Schmidt Primal - Audi Denver
DNF August Bailey Primal - Audi Denver

Men SM 4-5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Jackson Primal Audi-Denver 0:38:22
2 Lane Willer
3 Steven Martino
4 Chris Persaud
5 Martin Osorio Reynolds Roofing Racing
6 Tim Blakemore DBC Racing
7 Sam Walton Reynolds Roofing Racing
8 Edwin Feliciano
9 Bill Lehman Groove Subaru Excel Sports
10 Rick Grahn
11 Jason Milliron
12 Ryan Bonick Reynolds Racing/R2
13 Quaine Day Reynolds Roofing Racing
14 Brian Claytor Black Swift / Cycleton
15 Gabriel Anderson Physio Racing
16 Devin Rhinehart VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
17 Ryan Stewart BlackSwift/Cycleton
18 Keith Terwilliger
19 Brett Hoopes RacerXCycling/Colorado Bike Law
20 Samuel Scheurich DBC Racing
21 Carson Bates
22 Chris Mueller Reynolds Roofing Racing
23 Daniel Vedra Stem Ciders Racing
24 Matthew Klick Holy Cow
25 Justin Andrews Physio Racing
26 Corbin Clement
27 Philip Szalwinski
28 Mark Jenkins CG Racing
28 Anthony Malacrida
29 Khem Suthiwan Stem Ciders Racing
30 Matthew Knoeder Old School Industries
31 Ethan Kennelly
32 Karl Kruger Reynolds Roofing Racing
33 Luke Kallner
34 Anthony Harvey Reynolds Roofing Racing
35 Nick Steiner DBC Racing
36 Felix Albl
37 Matthew Blevins Natural Grocers Cycling
38 Colin Burbage
39 Chris Mcmanus Old School Industries
40 Colt Golembeski
41 Calvin Whetstone Purdue Cycling
42 Michel Brossmer Physio Racing
43 Stephanie Shany Physio Racing
44 Jordan Zall Benton Blasters
45 Keren Wallace Reynolds Roofing Racing
46 Madison Shepherd Reynolds roofing racing
47 Blake Peterman
48 Andrea Reynolds Reynolds Racing/R2
49 Joseph San pedro Racer X Cycling/Colo Bike Law
50 Scott Yamada
51 Hunter Hughes Front Rangers Cycling Club-Denver
52 Scott Christopher Front Rangers Cycling Club
53 Michael Smith Reynolds Roofing Racing
54 Jill Mcguire
DNF Eugene Bellavance Old Fat Freds
DNF Osprey Brown DBC Racing