These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

SM 1-23

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Theo Gilbertson NZ Cycling Project 0:47:08
2 Max Beitel Sonic Boom Racing
3 Aj Sherer Sonic boom racing
4 Henry York Rio Grande Elite Cycling
5 Michael Bouwkamp Primal - Audi Denver
6 Nicholas Tabares Deschacht
7 Neil Bezdek Pizza Party CC
8 Brady Reed Space City
9 Caleb Schroder Avout Racing
10 Nicholas Gilida Primal - Audi Denver
11 William Allen Feedback Sports Racing
12 Luke Mcconnell Paperboy
13 Christopher J dolan LAT
14 Ryan Witt Primal - Audi Denver
15 August Bailey Primal - Audi Denver
16 Pat Lemieux
17 Mike Swanson Primal - Audi Denver
18 Gwen Jorgensen
19 Jabez Meulemans Primal - Audi Denver
20 Matthias Stehle Team Chalet Colorado
21 Richard Shall Conifer Bike Shop
22 Allison Crow Orion Womens Cycling
23 Katherine Lin Road Crew Coffee Racing
24 Melvin Barrios LAT
24 Justin Stepchuk Pizza Party CC
DNF Tom Lawlor Physio Racing

SM 4-5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lane Willer 0:41:42
2 Sam Walton Reynolds Roofing Racing
3 Martin Osorio Reynolds Roofing Racing
4 Steven Martino
5 Ryan Stewart BlackSwift/Cycleton
6 Carson Bates
7 Carlos Barrios Nick Lopez
8 Chris Persaud Reynolds Roofing Racing
9 Luke Kallner
10 Devin Rhinehart VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
11 Philip Mathys
12 Anna Bondow Flow Formula
13 Nicholas Collier COS Racing
14 Sandy Mouch
15 Brett Tucek Reynolds Roofing Racing
16 Felix Albl
17 Kirby Kelly Ride or Die Racing
18 Brett Hoopes RacerXCycling/Colorado Bike Law
19 Colt Golembeski
20 Anthony Harvey Reynolds Roofing Racing
21 Ryan Bonick Reynolds Racing/R2
22 Daniel Ucros
23 Philip Szalwinski
24 Justin Andrews Physio Racing
25 Darren Blair Primal - Audi Denver
26 Alex Vass
27 Emilie Stewart We Ride 4
27 Anthony Malacrida
DNF Quaine Day Reynolds Roofing Racing
DNF Gary Deaguero
DNF Harold Rucker Bandits P/B Cycle Fast. Creative.