These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

DS Men Collegiate Club

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 George Poggemeyer Colorado State University
2 Eli Webster Colorado School of Mines
3 Eli Gadbois UNH
4 Andrew Driscoll UVM Cycling
5 Ben Mackenzie Colorado School of Mines
6 Adrian Hayden UVM Cycling
7 James Adams Auburn Flyers
8 Jonah Freedman Univ of Tennessee
9 Luc Roux University of Colorado Boulder
10 Garrison Stone Clemson Cycling
11 Ryan Harris UVM Cycling
12 Philip Coyle Cal Poly Cycling
13 Soren Poole UVA Cycling
14 Matt Spencer University of Wyoming
15 Evan Kocsis Appalachian State University
16 Camden Gillis Colorado School of Mines
17 Ian Schwing Mount St. Mary's University
18 Cole Billow Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
19 Dillon Rowles Plymouth State University
20 John Weiler Colorado School of Mines
21 Nathan Kleinschmidt Georgia Institute of Technology
22 Elijah Land Clarkson University
23 Luke Leavitt Colorado State University
24 Mason Voyvodic Colorado School of Mines
25 Shawn Alexander Clarkson University
26 Benjamin Nafis UConn
27 Owen Gandt Clarkson University
28 Trevor Schnoor Clarkson University
29 Finn Spooner UConn
30 Reece Baumhoff University of Colorado Boulder
31 Jake Muldoon UVM Cycling
32 Kaz Sosnkowski University of Colorado Boulder
33 Luke Flaxman UVA Cycling
34 James Madden University of Colorado Boulder
35 Joseph Bevilacqua Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
36 Daniel Rieth UMass Cycling Club
37 Dixon Brown Auburn Flyers
38 Alec Bruno University of Arizona
39 Paul Vrouwenvelder Appalachian State University
40 Brandon Barnett Auburn Flyers
41 Ian Mcpoland UMass Cycling Club
45 Josh Billow Clarkson University
46 Matthew Puchniak UVM Cycling
47 Carter Lindblom Virginia Tech

DS Men Collegiate Varsity

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Sterling Colorado Mesa University
2 Dominic Mudry Lees-McRae College
3 Ethan Bergdolt Western Colorado University
4 Jack Spranger Colorado Mesa University
5 Evander Hughes Colorado Mesa University
6 Cameron Mader Brevard College
7 Matthew Leliveld Brevard College
8 Tydeman Newman Colorado Mesa University
9 Brooks Hudson Western Colorado University
10 Luke Villars Fort Lewis College
11 Max Jackson Fort Lewis College
12 Ethan Wright Fort Lewis College
13 Carson Beard Fort Lewis College
14 Travis Poole Colorado Mesa University
15 Jack Brown Brevard College
16 Max Ligman Lees-McRae College
17 Levi Smith Lees-McRae College
18 Joey Salat Western Colorado University
19 Travis Boucherjohn Fort Lewis College
20 Thomas Allison Colorado Mesa University
21 Gabe Holcomb Lindsey Wilson College
22 Sam Kahn Lees-McRae College
23 Tiago Rogier Lindsey Wilson College
24 Colin Burgess King University
25 Ethan Jedlicka Marian University
26 Malaki Caldwell Milligan University
27 Gunnar Ensign Brevard College
28 Max Franklin Fort Lewis College
29 Joshua Trerise Marian University
30 Shannon Himstedt University of Montevallo
31 David Brower Marian University
32 Tyler Baker Western Colorado University
33 Gideon Bezuidenhout King University
34 Jake Hutcheson Truett McConnell University
35 Landon Hoover Lindsey Wilson College
36 Jack Gilbert Lees-McRae College
37 Zack Day Lindenwood University
38 Christopher Muething Western Colorado University
39 Dexter Cahill Piedmont University
40 Luke Slater Western Colorado University
41 Everett Isom Warren Wilson Cycling
42 Elijah Johnson Milligan University
43 Connor Gortney University of Montevallo
44 Nicklas Lindquisthaugen Lindenwood University
45 Richard Carter iii Lindsey Wilson College
46 Jakob Craig Lindenwood University
47 Jaime Quintanilla Lindsey Wilson College
48 Nico Pareja Marian University
49 Samuel Mayer SCAD Atlanta
50 Asa Black Lindenwood University
51 Riley Wrightsman Lindenwood University
52 Pedro Pussieldi Lindsey Wilson College
53 Gus Martens SCAD Savanannah
54 Drake Marks Lindenwood University
55 Cameron Wing Marian University
59 Noah Barton Marian University
DNF Watt Hackney Brevard College

DS Women Collegiate Club

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Avah Cherry Univ of Tennessee
2 Sierra Young Plymouth State University
3 Madeleine Wood Cal Poly Cycling
4 Margaret Griggs UGA Cycling
5 Morgan Kosik UVM Cycling
6 Abigail Arbogast UVM Cycling
7 Sydney Julius UVM Cycling
8 Amanda Vansant St. Lawrence University
9 Sage davis University of colorado boulder University of Colorado Boulder
10 Miriam Rose UVM Cycling
11 Lilly Magnus Clarkson University
12 Megan Kelsch Clarkson University
13 Camille Nichols UVM Cycling
14 Mary Gordon University of Arizona

DS Women Collegiate Varsity

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicole Bradbury Brevard College
2 Breanna Winter Marian University
3 Jazlyn Smith Colorado Mesa University
4 Ariana Soto Colorado Mesa University
5 Sophie Allen Colorado Mesa University
6 Tai lee Smith Colorado Mesa University
7 Violet Cejalvo Marian University
8 Erin Bixler Colorado Mesa University
9 Maria Doering SCAD Atlanta
10 Tessa Greep Lees-McRae College
11 Emma Artz Fort Lewis College
12 Olivia Hyde Brevard College
13 Madeline Glotfelty Colorado Mesa University
14 Mariajose Montoya talavera Piedmont University
15 Oona Nelson Fort Lewis College
16 Mya Ramos Marian University
17 Madelyn Roberson Fort Lewis College
18 Kiara Lylyk Brevard College
19 Olivia Salter Fort Lewis College
20 Aleah Austin Fort Lewis College
21 Zoe March Lindenwood University
22 Madeleine Pollock Brevard College
23 Kathryn Mcdicken Marian University
24 Kelsey Ent Fort Lewis College
25 Abigail Yates Lindenwood University
26 Brianna Jones Western Colorado University
27 Callah Robinson Marian University
28 Mya Dixon Lindenwood University
29 Genevieve Plum Milligan University
30 Gabriella Vides-barry Lees-McRae College
31 Olivia Young Lees-McRae College
32 Aunika Kemp Roanoke College
33 Lilly Campbell Lindenwood University
34 Florencia Haupt Lindenwood University
35 Katie Prowell Piedmont University
36 Emma Frost Piedmont University
37 Piper Yockelson Marian University
38 Hannah Garvey Western Colorado University
39 Camden Mullens Western Colorado University
40 Brennah Griggs Truett McConnell University
42 Megan Lester Lindenwood University