These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Cobbs Car6on Racing
2 Jamal Jordan Car6on Racing
3 Christopher Brewer Unattached
4 Evan Partington Miller
5 Ken Parker Toxic Haste
6 Francisco Byrne BikeFitRVA p/b Trek
7 Nathan Stover CS Velo
7 Christopher Long Outpost
8 Ryan Johnson Unattached
9 Jose Torres Car6on Racing
10 Ken Mcenaney Project Echelon Vanguard
11 Will Lavoie Miller
12 Richard Crisler Miller
13 Clarence Bassett Car6on Racing
14 Matt Batman Full Spectrum Racing
15 Haywood Bonner Car6on Racing
16 Scott Evans Unattached
17 Neal Fleenor DIRT
18 Wilson Hale Haute Factory Racing
19 Jared Ladia BikeFitRVA p/b Trek
20 Dion Miller Project Echelon Vanguard
21 Tim Morris NA
22 Jh Revere NA
23 Jokorey Robinson 626687
24 Max Rudolph THR/Dak's Bicycle Den
25 George Tryfiates Unattached

Men Pro/Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nolan Church Miller
2 Ethan Morris dcdevo Racing Academy
3 Vincent Smarrelli I Ride 4 David/ECE Racing
4 Presley Evans Miller
5 Chandler Evans Miller
6 Macon Grier Sweet Spot Cycling
7 Jack Klau Miller
7 Wyatt Vigilante I Ride 4 David
8 Ryan Stava Car6on Racing
9 Travis Pyle I Ride 4 David
10 Michael Gallik Miller
11 Cory Scott Cutaway Blanchard's Coffee
12 Coleson Lindsey Unattached
13 Adrian Amos Full Spectrum Racing
14 Brook Ballard District Taco Racing
15 Mike Breitenbach Supper Club
16 Max Broening Unattached
17 Andre Campbell Car6on Racing
18 Brent Carson Sweet Spot Cycling
19 David Cary Sweet Spot Cycling
20 Taylor Clarke Carytown Sound
21 William Cottrell BikeFitRVA p/b Trek
22 Paul Davis Cutaway Blanchard's Coffee
23 William Evans Bikeworks
24 Grant Fanning Crosshairs
25 Sam Farmer Crosshairs
26 Chris Haas THR
27 Eric Howlett Full Spectrum Racing
28 Scott Kozicki District Raco Racing
29 John Kruegler Cutaway Blanchard's Coffee
30 Clark Lavoie Miller
31 Phil Lekavich Sweet Spot Cycling
32 Cole Lewis Unattached
33 Will Massey Supper Club
34 Caleb Mccaskill Unattached
35 Noel Medrano District Taco Racing
36 Richard Morris Full Spectrum Racing
37 Michael Nedd I Ride 4 David/ECE Racing
38 Michael O'leary Car6on Racing
39 Samuel Park Altius
40 Johnny Phan Cutaway Blanchard's Coffee
41 Mike Platania Sweet Spot Cycling
42 George Qadado Outpost
43 Andre Randolph Bikeworks
44 Noah Roberts Project Echelon Vanguard
45 James Schaefer Full Gas Fitness
46 Brian Shields NA
47 Caleb Smith Kelly Benefit Cycling
48 Loic Soares Car6on Racing
49 Daniel Soltan Cutaway Blanchard's Coffee
50 Kirk Sweeney Altius
51 Henry Tambellini Endorphin
52 Joel Waters Formerly Faster
53 John Zaccone Supper Club

Women Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rachel Wilson Sweet Spot Cycling
2 Camille Culbertson Miller
3 Caelyn Bailey Miller
4 Maggie Hopkins Sweet Spot Cycling
5 Denelle Grant Outpost
6 Penelope Albritton Full Gas Fitness
6 Jennifer Klecak Swood Racing p/b Cutaway
7 Meghan Boyle Sweet Spot Cycling
8 Jennifer Chen BikeFitRVA p/b Trek
9 Susan Ann glass NA
10 Mason Hopkins Design Physics Racing
11 Lynn Jeffrey Car6on Racing
12 Rachel Tessier C'ville VC
13 Isabelle Jensen Miller School of Albemarle

Women Pro/Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Farah-dale Morris 1KFlips Racing
2 Erin Silliman Sweet Spot Cycling