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Men 6th grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gabriel Vogel R-Cubed NICA
2 Andrew Dickinson Saratoga Shredders Composite
3 Kohta Brutsaert Pleasantville
4 Rory Walker Saratoga Shredders Composite
5 Thomas Oswald Grey Ghost Composite
6 Chase Pellett R-Cubed NICA
7 Cam Fronhofer Grey Ghost Composite
8 Theodore Peck Pleasantville
9 Jeremiah Jones Central New York Composite
10 Elijah Mondics Galena Growlers Composite
11 Ian Pennington Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
12 Macro Leone Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
13 Ari Shapiro Pleasantville
14 Evan Speulstra R-Cubed NICA
15 Owen Nachbar Pleasantville
16 Parker Ruppe Rensselaer County Redtails
17 Ryan Mayen Orange County Crushers Composite
18 William Gibson Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
19 Deen Chowdhry Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
20 Matthew Marcello Chenango Point Shredders
21 William Volks Saratoga Shredders Composite
22 Landon D'ortona Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
23 Austin Davy Chenango Point Shredders
24 Ismail Saidy Rochester Cycling Composite
25 Simon Schmitt Rensselaer County Redtails

Men 7th grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Elliott Fingerlakes Composite
2 Malakai Hagenbuch Galena Growlers Composite
3 Asher Anaya Orange County Crushers Composite
4 Noah Awald Central New York Composite
5 Alex Grimm Rochester Black Bears Composite
6 John Gracey Galena Growlers Composite
7 Evan Price Otsego Composite
8 Mace Conden Central New York Composite
9 Niko Wood-irvin Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
10 Riley Sentz Rensselaer County Redtails
11 Wyatt Allen R-Cubed NICA
12 Joel Bush Central New York Composite
13 Sawyer Goodermote Rensselaer County Redtails
14 Ethan Barnes Watervile Mountain Bike Composite
15 Abel Elson Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
16 Michael Zuniga Grey Ghost Composite
17 John O hara Pleasantville
18 Theodore Aimi Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
19 Carter Newton Galena Growlers Composite

Men 8th grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jackson Goodermote Rensselaer County Redtails
2 Nathan Mcclintic Fingerlakes Composite
3 Francis Tolman Central New York Composite
4 Ryan Burns Orange County Crushers Composite
5 Benjamin Walz Central New York Composite
6 Nathan Corfield Central New York Composite
7 Bruno Jacobs Pleasantville
8 Cameron Dibadj NYCranks Composite
9 Desmond Cheung Rivertowns Racing Composite
10 Aidyn Mclean Central New York Composite
11 Matthew Schultz Pleasantville
12 Quintin Goodemote Central New York Composite
13 Colin Glass Rivertowns Racing Composite
14 Jacob Hukkanen Pleasantville
15 Cyril Sheehan Central New York Composite
16 Elias Glenn Grey Ghost Composite
17 Eoin Schindler Pleasantville
18 Nathaniel Quick Grey Ghost Composite
19 Bruce Ulrich Catskill Claws Composite
20 Rowan Calardo Orange County Crushers Composite
21 Jude Deordio Central New York Composite
22 Dylan Raghavan Pleasantville
23 Trevor Kangas Rivertowns Racing Composite
24 Conor Geary Orange County Crushers Composite
25 Phineas Laput Catskill Claws Composite
26 Dominick Distefano Grey Ghost Composite
27 Henry Fateman Pleasantville
28 Silas Rose Grey Ghost Composite

Men Freshman

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Justin Colt Orange County Crushers Composite
2 Eli Timmerman Central New York Composite
3 Anton Gvozdev Saratoga Shredders Composite
4 Parker Bryant Central New York Composite
5 Riley Higgins R-Cubed NICA
6 Carson Walker Saratoga Shredders Composite
7 Brad Grimm Rochester Black Bears Composite
8 Oliver Empie Otsego Composite
9 Colt Grimm Rochester Black Bears Composite
10 Marshall Pennington Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
11 Jonathan Lobosco R-Cubed NICA
12 Tanner Sandel R-Cubed NICA
13 Aran Mccart Grey Ghost Composite
14 Emmett Kopeloff wilson Pleasantville
15 Paxson Mccumiskey Chenango Point Shredders
16 Amon Oliver Galena Growlers Composite
17 Jonathan Davanzo Pleasantville
18 Elliott Trepanier-peck Rochester Cycling Composite
19 Cooper Scott R-Cubed NICA
20 Noah Peterson R-Cubed NICA
21 Miles Elson Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
22 Aidan Dusenbury-dalto Catskill Claws Composite
23 Collin Bushey Saratoga Shredders Composite
24 Wilson Londagin Pleasantville
25 Noah Starkey Catskill Claws Composite
26 Lucas Griffin Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
27 Ca Usas Saratoga Shredders Composite
DNF Zach Sentz Rensselaer County Redtails

Men JV

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Trent Gloo Central New York Composite
2 Owen Evans Rochester Black Bears Composite
3 Carter Mooers NYCranks Composite
4 Alex Kemnah Galena Growlers Composite
5 Acacia Delauniere Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
6 Braedan Clarke Catskill Claws Composite
7 Jonsly Sanchez NYCranks Composite
8 Ethan Higgins R-Cubed NICA
9 Eben Perkins R-Cubed NICA
10 Patrick Gilbert Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
11 Jack Hendrickson Chenango Point Shredders
12 Quin Hickey Rochester Black Bears Composite
13 Aiden Schindler Pleasantville
14 Evan Peterson Rochester Black Bears Composite
15 Logan Larocque R-Cubed NICA
16 James Healey Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
17 Skye Harrington Fingerlakes Composite
18 Alejandro Beauchamp Orange County Crushers Composite
19 Lucas Alber Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
20 Noah Lapointe Otsego Composite
21 Matt Munafo Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
22 Daniel Zybert Pleasantville
23 Talon Sprague Orange County Crushers Composite
24 Jeconiah Pawlowski Otsego Composite
25 Ayden Davy Chenango Point Shredders
26 Silvon Simmons Rochester Cycling Composite
27 Lucas Scholl Galena Growlers Composite
28 Gerik Rynski Rochester Cycling Composite

Men Sophomore

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Casco Gendrou Rochester Cycling Composite
2 Henry Grabowski Orange County Crushers Composite
3 Eric Miller Rensselaer County Redtails
4 Santiago Marquez NYCranks Composite
5 Daniel Hancock Saratoga Shredders Composite
6 Grant Brown Catskill Claws Composite
7 Jacob Anderson Pleasantville
8 Jason Wells Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
9 Brayden Hart R-Cubed NICA
10 Nolan Martin Rochester Black Bears Composite
11 Matthew Vian Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
12 Ezra Henderson NYCranks Composite
13 Jonah Goetz Rochester Cycling Composite
14 Haden Borlang Grey Ghost Composite
DNF Mason Campbell Otsego Composite
DNF Drake Malmquist Chenango Point Shredders

Men Varsity

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jon Taber Central New York Composite
2 Oskar Zorn Grey Ghost Composite
3 Peter Del pino Central New York Composite
4 Ewan Macdonald Pleasantville
5 Jaxson Calice Chenango Point Shredders
6 Harrison Dimm Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
7 Landon Kinal Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
8 Owen Letterman R-Cubed NICA
9 John Bednarek R-Cubed NICA
10 Jake Russo NYCranks Composite
11 Sam Griff Pleasantville
12 Max Russo NYCranks Composite
DNF Coen Fierke Central New York Composite

Women 6th grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anna Dickinson Saratoga Shredders Composite
2 Emma Cheung Rivertowns Racing Composite
3 Carmen Hodgson Saratoga Shredders Composite
4 Harriet Mengel Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
5 Annaliese Granroth Fingerlakes Composite
6 Summer Ayer Rochester Cycling Composite
7 Lily Raghavan Pleasantville
DNF Kailyn Corfield Central New York Composite

Women 7th grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anne Bednarek R-Cubed NICA
2 Maggie Heavner Otsego Composite
3 Mckenzie Empie Otsego Composite
4 Charlotte Mcclintic Fingerlakes Composite
5 Margaret Kemnah Galena Growlers Composite
6 Violet Jennings Saratoga Shredders Composite
7 Liddy Breslin Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
8 Michaela Koniowka Rensselaer County Redtails
9 Zoe Mcguire Grey Ghost Composite
DNF Mckenzie Hagenbuch Galena Growlers Composite

Women 8th grade

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paige Civitella Central New York Composite
2 Alexandria Brown Saratoga Shredders Composite
3 Audrey Poole Central New York Composite
4 Ella Komanecky Central New York Composite
DNF Mackenzie Hart R-Cubed NICA

Women Freshman

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anna Yarsevich Saratoga Shredders Composite
2 Kiera Macintosh R-Cubed NICA
3 Lillian Hanna Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
4 Hannah Dinolfo Rensselaer County Redtails
5 Shelby Fronhofer Grey Ghost Composite
6 Andi Downie Rochester Black Bears Composite
7 Lexi Verhagen Rochester Cycling Composite
8 Bridgette Mclane Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
9 Evangeline Rudnick Central New York Composite

Women JV

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chella Galletta Grey Ghost Composite
2 Averi Wigley R-Cubed NICA
3 Aurora Stingel Saratoga Shredders Composite
4 Chloe Brown Grey Ghost Composite
5 Lily Galluccio R-Cubed NICA
6 Chenoa Marquez NYCranks Composite
7 Vida Hendrickson Chenango Point Shredders
8 Mia Currie Galena Growlers Composite
9 Natalie Strzepek Rochester Cycling Composite
10 Erin Fillion Saratoga Shredders Composite

Women Sophomore

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Olivia Brackett Saratoga Shredders Composite
2 Scarlett Winkler Orange County Crushers Composite

Women Varsity

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erin Smith R-Cubed NICA
2 Rhiannon Curtis Saratoga Shredders Composite
3 Talia Hodgson Saratoga Shredders Composite
4 Abigail Romlein Saratoga Shredders Composite
5 Amber Travis R-Cubed NICA
6 Janneke Baks Independent Riders
7 Kathryn Smith R-Cubed NICA
8 Madeline Hanna Niskayuna/Mohawk Composite
9 Emma Jarl Pleasantville
10 Maggie Wu NYCranks Composite
11 Delia Memmer Watervile Mountain Bike Composite
12 Chantal Marquez NYCranks Composite
DNF Emma Mitchell R-Cubed NICA
DNF Louisa Sorenson NYCranks Composite