These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Freifelder Westwood Vel/Trade Manage Capital
2 Bob German CCNS/Pedal Power
3 Ron Larose iii CCNS/Pedal Power
4 Akira Sato Connecticut Coast Cycling
5 Stephan Gray Bethel Cycle
6 Joe Straub Signature Cycles/ DKNY
7 Eric Merrill CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles
8 Joe Kubisek Cheshire Cycle/Epic Velo
9 Chad Dalles Bethel Cycle Sport Club
10 Will Vallar Danny's Cycles / Sebago Footwear
11 Graham Lang CRCA Jr Dev/Orbea
12 Brian Tompkins CCNS/Pedal Power
13 Glen Babikian Signature Cycles/ DKNY
14 #n/a #n/a #N/A
15 Rich Foley CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles
16 Todd Hamel Stage 1 / fusion THINK
17 Peter Hirst Connecticut Coast Cycling
18 Salvatore Abbruzzese CRCA/Blue

Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Zachary Staszak Pawling Cycle & Sport
2 Brett Walker Hammer/FUJI/
3 Rick Magee Bethel Cycle
4 Eugene Doherty Team DC Racing
5 Sam Dodge Stage 1/Fusion Think
6 Kevin Malloy CCNS/Pedal Power
7 Jay Vincent Cycle Center Racing
8 Brian Kelley Pawling Cycle & Sport
9 Pedro Sanchez Dannys Cycles
10 Roger Billharz Hudson Valley Velo
11 Charles Litty Bethel Cycle Sport Club
12 John Romano Bethel Cycle Sport Club
13 Kurt Weber Bethel Cycle Sport Club
14 Mark Salvagin Team Bicycle Doctor
15 Anthony Troiano Unattached
16 Todd Nicotra Connecticut Coast Cycling
18 Jorg Polster Breaking Away Bicycles
19 David Parker Signature Cycles/DKNY
20 Tom Siano Dannys Cycles

Cat 5 Race 1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Denis Adiletti Bethel Cycle Sport Club
2 Andrew Nasca Bikeway
3 Marc Gagliano Unattached
4 Jonathan Bielik Benidorm/Eastern Bloc
5 Brendan Delamere Unattached
6 Jonathan Nash Pawling Cycle & Sport
7 Adam Ritter Stage 1/Fusion Think
8 Nicholas Bartow Unattached
9 Scott Feltmate Bethel Cycle Sport Club
10 Donald Salvino Unattached
11 Eric Goldstein Westwood Velo
12 Andrew Lawson Laurel Bicycle Club
13 Jim Brockway Pawling Cycle & Sport
14 Jeremy Weemhoff Unattached
15 Ralph Pruitt Pawling Cycle & Sport
16 Ryan Anderson Unattached
17 Geert Mol Unattached
18 Brad Cilley Unattached
19 Alec Bernard Staples Bike Club
20 Justin Floch Staples Bike Club

Cat 5 Race 2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Rothwell Unattached
2 Brendan Mansfield Unattached
3 Thomas Thornton Target Training
4 Justin Tyberg Bethel Cycle Sport Club
5 Guido Wollmann Unattached
6 Estaban Sequera Unattached
7 William Regan Unattached
8 Brian Amen Unattached
9 Michael Colabella Connecticut Coast Cycling
10 Michael Buchanan Danny's Cycle
11 Michael Keane Unattached
12 Michael Dimson Yorktown Cycles
13 Kevin Porter Connecticut Coast Cycling
14 Carlos Fonseca Unattached
15 Jim Reid Bethel Cycle Sport Club
16 Gregory Mccoy Unattached
17 Frank Navone Unattached
18 Bart Mcdonough Target Training
19 Matthew Mcpartland Bethel Cycle Sport Club
20 Frank Delio Unattached


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Lynch CL Noonan/Coast to Coast
2 Ben Lubkin Storm Racing
3 Jeremy Storm Storm Racing

Masters 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 M. andrew Ruiz CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles
2 Stephan Gray Bethel Cycle Sport Club
3 Rich Foley CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles
4 Robert Lattanzi CRCA/Sids-Cannondale
5 Todd Hamel Stage 1 / fusion THINK
6 Ted Shanstrom Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team
7 Chris Dimattio Bethel Cycle Sport Club
8 Aaron Wolfe CRCA/South Africa.Net
9 Brett Walker Hammer/FUJI/
10 John Interlandi Stage 1 / fusion THINK
11 Eric Pearce Bethel Cycle Sport
12 Anthony Felitte CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles
13 Gerard O'shea CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles
14 Bill Thompson CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles
15 Thomas Butler CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles
16 Greg Pelican Bethel Cycle Sport
17 Earl Perretti Mountclair Cyclists
18 Matthew Snow Breaking Away Bikes
19 Chris Chapleau Stage 1 / fusion THINK
20 John Romano Bethel Cycle Sport Club


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Justin Lindine TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite Development Racing Team
2 Eneas Freyre TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite Development Racing Team
3 Ronald Fantano Sommerville Sports
4 Jacob Hacker Unattached
5 Anthony Alessio Stage 1 / fusion THINK
6 Jim Thomas Breaking Away Bicycles
7 Chris Fisher Williams Cycling
8 Stephen Badger TARGETRAINING
9 Matt Baldwin TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite Development Racing Team
10 Connor Sallee CRCA JrDev/Orbea
11 Chad Butts Kraft Genie
12 John-paul Kaminski Connecticut Coast Cycling
13 Michael Mcginley Sommerville Sports
14 Gerard O'shea CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles
15 Chris Crowell Stage 1 / fusion THINK
16 Juan Pimentel CRCA/Global Locate
17 Aiden Charles Nerac Cycling
18 Sal Scotto divetta Sommerville Sports
19 David Sommerville Sommerville Sports


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ann marie Miller CRCA/Sanchez-Metro
2 Andrea Myers Team Kenda Tire
3 Rebecca Blatt Team Kenda Tire
4 Elena Leznik CRCA/Radical Media
5 Kathleen Billington Connecticut Coast Cycling
6 Elaine Molinaro Montclair Cyclists
7 Katherine Papilln-rodriguez CVC/Subaru of New England
8 Amanda Braverman Cycle Center Racing
9 Ashley Prine CRCA/Radical Media
10 Eve Mcneill Sunapee/S&W Racing
11 Elizabeth Weemhoff Unattached
12 Elizabeth Mcalpin CRCA/Sanchez-Metro
13 Maria Dumoulin Unattached
14 Leah Oppenheimer Colavita
15 Nina Santiago High Gear/Watchung Wheelman